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– Teem was initially named Duet but changed due to a potential copyright issue with Swifts.
– Three Pepsi-Cola representatives introduced Teem in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1959.
– Teem was distributed primarily in St. Joseph before being sold elsewhere.
– Teem was discontinued in the US and Canada in 1984 due to declining sales.
– Teem was replaced by Lemon-Lime Slice and later by Sierra Mist and Starry.

– Teem was available nationwide in the US by the 1990s.
– Teem is absent in Japan and South Korea, replaced by local brands like Mitsuya Cider and Chilsung Cider.
– Teem is still sold in Brazil, Uruguay, Honduras, Nepal, Nigeria, India, and South Africa.
– In some markets, Teem survived until the 1990s before being replaced by 7up by Pepsi.
Pepsi has a lemon-lime soda monopoly in some countries by selling 7up and Teem together.

– Teem was discontinued in the US in the 1980s and in some markets in the 1990s.
– Teem is still produced in some countries.
– Teem was replaced by other lemon-lime sodas like Sierra Mist and Starry.
– Teem was eventually replaced by 7up in some markets authorized by Pepsi.
Pepsi had a partnership with Ekaterra for producing Teem.

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Teem (Wikipedia)

Teem was a brand of lemon-lime-flavored soft drink made by Pepsi. It was introduced in 1959 as Pepsi's answer to 7 Up. It was discontinued by Pepsi in the world, however it is still available in Africa and some Asian countries where they make it locally.

Teem logo
Product typeLemon-lime drink
OwnerPublic listed shareholding
Countryu.s.Mainly Middle East & Africa
IntroducedApril 10, 1959; 65 years ago (April 10, 1959)
Discontinued1984; 40 years ago (1984) (U.S.)
Related brandsSprite, 7-Up, Slice, Sierra Mist, Starry
MarketsWorldwide (majority in Africa, Indian Subcontinent, & Latin America)

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