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Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods

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– **History:**
– Established in 1992 by Sergei Plastininru and Mikhail Dubinin.
– Began with a leased juice bottling line and a loan of US$ 50,000.
– Listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2002.
– Acquired a factory manufacturing Essentuki mineral waterru in 2003.
– Danone considered a takeover of Wimm-Bill-Dann in 2010.

– **PepsiCo Acquisition:**
PepsiCo bought 66% of Wimm-Bill-Dann for $3.8 billion in 2010.
– Deal marked one of the biggest foreign investments in Russia.
– Wimm-Bill-Dann delisted its stock from NYSE in 2011.
– Acquisition completed in stages by December 2011.
PepsiCo uncovered compliance issues post-acquisition.

– **Controversies:**
– Accused in 2016 of using milk from FMD-infected cows.
– Withdrew products from the market as per Rospotrebnadzor requirements.
– Company denied accusations but conducted investigations.

– **Brands:**
– Portfolio includes over 1,000 types of yogurt and dairy drinks.
– Recognized brands: J7 juicesru, 100% Gold Premium, Favourite Garden, House in a village, Jolly Milkman, Agousha (Russian names).

– **See Also:**
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– Lebedyansky JSC.
– Russian fruit juice producer.
Food industry of Russia.

Wimm Bill Dann (Russian: Вимм-Билль-Данн) is one of Europe's largest dairy products companies. WBD produces yogurt, milk, flavored milk, fruit juices, and other soft drinks. It holds a 34% share in all dairy products in Russia, and a 20% share of the fruit drink market.

Wimm Bill Dann Foods
Company typeJoint stock
Founded1992; 32 years ago (1992)
HeadquartersMoscow, Russia
Key people
Toby Denis Maher, Chairman of the Management Board
Dmitry A. Anisimov, CFO
Vera V. Eliseeva, Head of Human Resources
ProductsMilk, yogurts, sour creams, fruit juices
RevenueDecrease US$2.18 billion (2009)
Decrease US$0.201 billion (2009)
Decrease US$0.117 billion (2009)
Total assetsDecrease US$1.49 billion (2009)
Total equityIncrease US$0.703 billion (2009)
Number of employees

Wimm Bill Dann has 30 production sites in 16 cities. The "About our Company" page on the website describes the company's close ties to Russia's cattle and dairy farms. The company's management is both Russian and non-Russian. According to former Plant Manager Vladimir Tambov, the mascot is a mouse.

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