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Bottling line

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Beer Bottling Process:
– Bottling line involves filling beer into bottles, capping, labeling, and packing.
– Bottles are depalletized, rinsed, and filled with beer and inert gas to disperse oxygen.
– Labeling machine applies labels and lot numbers for traceability.
– Different types of bottling machinery are available based on scale and automation.
– Bottled beer is warehoused and ready for sale.

Wine Bottling Process:
Wine bottling process is similar to beer bottling but with different bottle volumes and shapes.
– Corking machine compresses corks into bottles while vacuuming air to create a negative pressure headspace.
– Fill height detector and metal detector may be used in bottling lines.
– Capsules and labels are applied to wine bottles before packaging.
– Alternative closures like screw caps are available for wine bottles.

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Bottling line (Wikipedia)

Bottling lines are production lines that fill a product, generally a beverage, into bottles on a large scale. Many prepared foods are also bottled, such as sauces, syrups, marinades, oils and vinegars.

A modern beer bottling line
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