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Can You Carbonate Orange Juice? [Using Sodastream]

Can You Carbonate Orange Juice

The general procedure for making your own sodas is to carbonate the water and add some syrup.

However, I was wondering whether you can carbonate orange juice.

I did some research and here’s what I found.

As a general rule, you can carbonate orange juice.

However, you need to carbonate it very slowly because it produces a lot of bubbles.

A SodaStream is a popular device for carbonating liquids, but they recommend not to carbonate anything other than water as the excess foam that gets created can damage a SodaStream machine.

It still works though, you just need to be extra careful and you need to carbonate it a little bit at a time.

And overall it ends up taking longer than carbonating water.

It’s also possible to get a similar drink by using concentrated orange juice and adding it to soda water.

Juice concentrate doesn’t taste as good because the juice isn’t as fresh.

But, it’s much easier to make carbonated orange juice.

Whether you want to know if fizzy orange juice is safe to drink, whether you can add juice to sparkling water, and if you can sweeten sparkling water with sugar, this article will cover everything you need to know about carbonating orange juice.

Is Fizzy Orange Juice Safe To Drink?

Is Fizzy Orange Juice Safe To Drink

Orange juice on its own is healthy and refreshing.

However, when you carbonate it, it tastes different, and you may be wondering how healthy it is. 

looked into whether it’s safe to drink and here’s what I found.

As a general rule, fizzy orange juice is safe to drink.

Orange juice on its own contains citric acid, which is a weak acid that gives orange juice a bitter and tangy taste.

When you add CO2 to the orange juice by carbonating it, some carbonic acid forms which make the orange juice even more bitter.

However, the amount of carbonic acid is very low, and not more than what you’d find in an orange or other citrus fruits like lime and grapefruit.

The stronger and more flavorful the orange juice the better the fizzy orange juice will taste.

But, at the end of the day, there aren’t any known harmful effects from drinking fizzy orange juice.

And overall it has the same effect as drinking a glass of soda water, and a glass of orange juice separately.

Can You Add Juice to Sparkling Water?

Can You Add Juice to Sparkling Water

Sparkling water on its own tastes very bland and is slightly bitter.

So, you may want to improve its flavor by adding some additional ingredients to it such as juice. But, does it work and how does it taste?

On the whole, you can add juice to sparkling water.

The juice will taste like watered-down juice but also be slightly fizzy.

The one drawback of adding juice to sparkling water is that it isn’t as fizzy as sparkling water on its own.

It also isn’t as flavorful as juice on its own.

For that reason, carbonating juice creates a much better-flavored drink.

But, there is a trade-off, and that is that it takes longer to carbonate juice than to simply add juice to sparkling water.

A common variation that is quite delicious is to add lemonade like Sprite or 7Up to orange juice.

If you use more soda it will be fizzier but will have a weaker juice flavor.

And if you use more juice and less soda it will have a stronger juice flavor but won’t be as fizzy.

I personally like around 50% orange juice, and 50% lemonade.

You can experiment, and adjust how much of each you use based on your personal taste preference.

What Happens When You Put Sugar in Sparkling Water?

What Happens When You Put Sugar in Sparkling Water

You may have seen various experiments where soda will produce a foam fountain when you add certain things to it.

And therefore, you may be wondering if adding sugar to sparkling water causes a chemical reaction.

Here’s what happens when you put sugar in sparkling water:

Overall, nothing happens when you put sugar in sparkling water.

The sugar will sit on the surface of the soda water briefly before absorbing the soda water and falling to the bottom.

There will be a very minor amount of foam when you mix it into the sparkling water to dissolve it.

When you add sugar to soda water and mix it the sugar will completely disappear as you mix it in as sugar dissolves in water.

But, be careful not to mix it too vigorously as you will lose some of the fizz.

Sugar is a great way to improve the flavor of sparkling water.

And you can also add lemon, and lime juice, or whatever flavors you like to make it taste EVEN better.

There is well-known flavored soda water called La Croix, which you may have heard of.

Some people absolutely love it, whereas others say that the flavor is far too weak.

And are of the opinion that you definitely need to add more flavor to it.

And adding sugar and juice is a great way to do that.

I looked at this topic in-depth and wrote an article about why some people find that La Croix tastes bad.

You can read it – why does La Croix taste bad.

Can You Sweeten Sparkling Water?

Can You Sweeten Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is slightly bitter, and on first taste, you’ll likely think it needs to be sweeter and have more flavor.

Whether you can make it sweeter might not be something you’ve tried.

In general, you can sweeten sparkling water.

Sugar, honey, or artificial sweeteners can be used to sweeten it.

You can also sweeten it using fruit juice.

Adding sweeteners and other flavors made from fruit and plant extracts make sparkling water taste similar to a standard soda.

As you may know, you can make your own soda by adding syrup to sparkling water.

There are a few different brands that make syrup, and one of the most popular is SodaStream.

Interestingly, you can also use cordials like Kool-Aid in sparkling water to create a soda.

As far as what flavors you can add to sparkling water the sky’s the limit.

You may prefer the taste of honey as a sweetener, or like the way, sugar tastes in soda.

Homemade sodas are generally called craft sodas.

To make your own craft sodas you can make your own syrup by boiling down fruit and sugar to make a concentrate.

You can then add the concentrate to sparkling water.

I wrote an article that gives an exact recipe for how to make your own soda syrup.

As well as other interesting info about craft sodas.

Read it here: link, what is craft soda.

Can You Put Apple Juice in a SodaStream?

Can You Put Apple Juice in a SodaStream

Fruits are very different from one another. Some are really sweet, while others are sour and tangy.

It’s possible to carbonate orange juice, but can you put apple juice in a SodaStream?

As a general rule, you should not put apple juice in a SodaStream.

SodaStream states that you should only carbonate water with a SodaStream.

It will, however, work, the only thing you need to do is ensure you only pump gas into it a little bit at a time.

But, if you do it slowly and wait for the foam to go down you can eventually carbonate it.

The main issue with carbonating apple juice and other juices with your SodaStream is that it produces a lot of foam.

If you were to use your SodaStream as you would when carbonating water the foam will quickly build up and create A LOT of pressure.

The foam will fill up the bottle and make its way to the top of the bottle where it will put pressure on the nozzle.

And as a result, it can break your SodaStream.

But, as long as you’re careful, and don’t allow the foam to build up and create pressure inside the bottle you can carbonate apple juice.

Here’s a short video of a guy carbonating apple juice using his SodaStream:

In my opinion, sparkling apple juice tastes amazing.

The best brand of carbonated apple juice I’ve found is Appletiser which is made by Coca Cola.

The only ingredients it has are 100% apple juice.

Other apple sodas tend to only have a very small amount of apple juice or contain artificial apple flavoring.

Can You Carbonate Fruit With a SodaStream?

Can You Carbonate Fruit With a SodaStream

I was wondering about other things you can put in a Sodastream besides liquids, and I was curious about whether you can carbonate fruit in a SodaStream.

Here’s what I found…

On the whole, it’s not recommended to carbonate fruit in a SodaStream.

Sodastream advises to only carbonate water.

Liquids are the easiest for the CO2 gas to penetrate and dissolve.

But, if you add some juice or water to the fruit and add the gas slowly you can carbonate fruit using a Sodastream.

Another common method to make fizzy fruit is to use dry ice, and it’s very simple to do.

You add dry ice to the bottom of a cooler/ice chest.

Also known as a chilly bin and put fruit in a rack above the dry ice.

You then leave the fruit to soak up the gas produced by the dry ice. Here’s a short video that shows how to make it:

In my opinion, the easiest way to enjoy fizzy fruit is to add some fruit-flavored soda or soda water to a bowl of fruit.

Although the fruit isn’t technically fizzy as you eat it, you’ll get the fizziness of the soda in each mouthful and it will have the same texture as carbonated fruit.

But, it’s much faster to make.