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Drink industry

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– Largest beverage companies worldwide in 2021:
– AB InBev – Belgium
– Nestlé SA – Switzerland
– The Coca-Cola Co. – United States
PepsiCo Inc. – United States
Starbucks Corp. – United States

– Further reading:
– “Principles of Food, Beverage, and Labor Cost Controls” by Paul R. Dittmer and J. Desmond Keefe – John Wiley & Sons – 3 December 2008
– “Fermented Beverage Production” by Andrew Geoffrey Howard Lea and John Raymond Piggott – Springer – ISBN9780306472756
– – Misc.

– Source:
– Beverage Production. 2010-06-07. Retrieved 2013-05-21
– Entreprises de boissons: ventes nettes Monde. Statista (in French). Retrieved 2023-11-12

– Companies:
– Heineken N.V. – Netherlands
– Diageo PLC – United Kingdom
– Suntory Holdings Ltd.

– Topic:
– Drink industry

Drink industry (Wikipedia)

The drink industry (or drinks industry, also known as the beverage industry) produces drinks, in particular alcoholic beverage, ready to drink and soft drink products.

Drink production can vary greatly depending on the product being made. explains that "bottling facilities differ in the types of bottling lines they operate and the types of products they can run". Drinks may be bottled in glass, plastic or in can. Innovations in the drink industry, catalysed by requests for non-alcoholic drinks, include Hot-fill or cold-fill, drink plants, processing, and packing.

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