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What are Dr Pepper Products? (23 Flavors & Brands)

Dr Pepper Cherry Soda Can

So the other day I was enjoying another ice-cold Dr. Pepper Soda (one of my favorites) whilst browsing for soda syrup recipes for this blog and I thought to myself, why not try and recreate this classic beverage(iconic beverage) Dr. Pepper drink at home?

then THAT got me thinking well what other sodas do they do – maybe I could recreate a whole bunch of them and stick that into a series.  So I had to go do some research to find out more about this sweet taste classic beverage Dr. Pepper the brand, and the company.  Here goes

So What Sodas are in Dr. Pepper?

There are 10 Soda Flavors within the Dr. Pepper brand (soft drink maker) that are listed as

FlavorSizeSugarCalorie s
Original20 fl oz65g240
Diet Original20 fl oz00
TEN20 fl oz4g20
Cherry20 fl oz70260
Diet Cherry20 fl oz00
Caffeine Free Original20 fl oz65g40
Diet Caffeine Free Original20 fl oz00
Cherry Vanilla20 fl oz63g40
Diet Cherry Vanilla20 fl oz00
Cane Sugar20 fl oz25g100

Charles Pepper was an American physician who bounded with Dr.Pepper actually, 50 brands are under the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group corporation portfolio including 8 that are distinct Sodas. 

Dr Pepper Drink Vintage Sign

Those 8 additional Soda brands are

7-UP1920Company’s roots go back to 1920s, when C. L. Grigg set himself to create a distinctive soft drink that would prove irresistible to the nation’s consumers.
Big Red1937America’s original and best-selling “deliciously different” red soda
A&W1919Roy Allen’s root beer grew along with America’s drive-ins and car culture to become one of America’s great classics.
Canada Dry1904Created by a Canadian pharmacist and chemist John McLaughlin, Canada Dry gained much of its popularity during Prohibition as a mixer.
Crush1916Orange Crush can be traced back to 1906, but things really kicked off in 1916 when Clayton J. Howell partnered with Californian Neil C. Ward
Diet Rite1958Introduced by the Royal Crown Co. as the first diet soft drink. With this revolutionary introduction, health-conscious soft drink lovers were finally given a choice
Hires1876Hires Root Beer was created by an entrepreneurial pharmacist named Charles E. Hires, who discovered a delicious herbal tea made of roots, berries, and herbs while on his honeymoon.
IBC1919IBC has provided great-tasting sodas with the unique heritage of good old-fashioned fun. IBC quickly became renowned for its premium quality and satisfying richness, and it was often imitated but never equaled.
Oringina1936When a certain DR Tigo aptly used Spanish oranges to make a soft drink and called it “Naranjina” it was later picked up by a Frenchman Leon Beton who then adapted the name to become “Orangina”
RC Cola1905RS Cola has distinguished its self from other Cola’s since its inception – and carries a cult following sill today
Schweppes1783Born from an experiment on dissolved carbonation with water dating back to the 11700s – we can thank Jacob Schweppe for pioneering soda as we know it today.
Squirt1938Herb Bishop is the man the can be thanked for bringing this non-carbonated and popular drink at a time when America was going through the great depression.
Stewarts Root Beer1924An entrepreneur at heart. Frank Stewart was a school teacher but had the drive and enthusiasm to go out and make something of himself and deliver us one of the world’s best-tasting root beers.
SunDrop1947Charles Lazier (A salesman) brought us this cool citrus-flavored soft drink during the fun 50s
SunKist1893The origins of the name go back over 100 years when US citrus growers used the SunKist trademark as an indicator of premium quality fruit.
Verners1866 Not many realize that Verners ginger ale was actually a result (or accident) of a newly concocted drink that was left in an oak cask and forgotten for years due to James Vernor being called off to war!

Now we’re straying a little here but let me quickly cover some of the other NON-SODA brands under this soft drink behemoth. 

All that before we get into some juicy bits on their relationship with Coca-Cola Company (soft drink maker) AND the inside scoop on the ingredients to make up your own Dr pepper products at home.

Dr Pepper Museum

Image Courtesy of Bobby Light

What Are The 23 Flavors In Dr Pepper?

What are Dr Pepper Products

Nobody actually knows this so let’s be honest, it’s very much a secret.

ALL the Keurig Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper classic flavor recipes you’ll see online are people really taking educated guesses and tests of essential vitamins in it for additional flavors.

Classic beverage Dr Peppers’s original secret recipe classic flavor (iconic taste)  is as guarded as the Coca-Cola Company is. 

In fact, it’s said that the ingredients are split into 2 lists and held separately in 2 separate security vaults in texas so that No one individual can ever be in control of the entire recipe at any one time. Although, phosphoric acid is added to this sugar soda.

With all that said though – the following are what is rumored to be on the list of ingredients AND if you make a go of trying to make your own Keurig Dr. Pepper (popular drink) at home you’ll find these essential vitamins. fruit flavors (delicious flavors) combinations are very good  and close to the original:

So here goes the 23 flavors of dr pepper:

Allspice Cinnamon Nutmeg
Amaretto Clove Raspberry
Birch Coriander Sarsaparilla
Blackberry Dandelion Sassafras
Burdock Ginger Spikenard
Caramel Grape Vanilla
Cherry Juniper Wintergreen
Chocolate Licorice  

Go give a try to these 23 dr pepper flavors( artificial flavor.) of dr pepper at home – make your syrup flavor combination and then just add your carbonation by using regular soda water or a carbonation system like SodaStream.

Diet dr pepper iconic beverage flavors are also available in markets. 

The diet Dr pepper provides a calorie-free version with similar dr pepper 23 flavors with fructose corn syrup and a delicious taste to regular Keurig Dr Pepper.

Moreover, diet Dr pepper is free from real sugar.

You can choose diet Dr pepper if you don’t want sugar content in your drink.

However, diet Keurig Dr. Pepper contains artificial sweetener aspartame.

Dr Pepper Products List And Other DR Pepper brands

ClamatoJuice1966 A drink seen as an innovator for what become an entirely new 'brand' of drinks, the "Seafood Blends". Clamato, the spicy juice
Hawaian PunchJuice1934Hawaiian Punch is a tropical island drink made with all natural fruit flavor and juices. Including tropical flavors such as Guava, Papaya, Pineapple, Passion fruit as well as the usual citrus flavors such as lemon, lime and orange. Seen as the premium standard for this category of soft drink.
MOTTSJuice1842 Bringing Families the very best in natural fruit juice goodness since 1842
Real Lemon & LimeJuice1933Everyone recognizes the RealLemon & RealLime bottles in the store. The distinctive citrus fruit flavored bottles have been serving up real fruit juice since 1933
Nantucket NectarsTea1989 Nantucket Nectars a booming Inc 500 business before it was snapped up by the Snapple group was started one evening when the 2 university friends Tom Scott & Tom First began mixing juices and selling to boats in Nantucket, Massachusetts
SnappleTea1972A shout out to Brooklyn for bringing the world Snapple. A simple idea brought to us by 3 friends, Hymen Golden, Leonard Marsh and Arnold Greenburg who decided that there was a real opportunity to be had by doing something a little different with fruit.
Straight Up teaTea2008What more can you say, this is straight up natural all goodness tea with 3 levels of sweetness. There are no artificial ingredients just natural but sweetened tea. You have three varieties of sweetness and then come in black tea, green tea and rooibos teas.
Deja BlueWater1997Green water - well not actually green but a purified water that is taking a steps to being much more eco-friendly than others manufacturers. They employ low plastic engineering and eco-friendly labelling processing that takes huge steps toward protecting our environment.
PenafielWater1948A small and modest family brand started by the Penfield family in Mexico that went on to become a huge drinks brand across all of Mexico.
All SportSports1993 A premium sports drink that delivers maximum hydration will also delivering a essential vitamins such as Vitamins C,B3, B6 and B2.
VenomEnergy2002Venom Energy is an energy drink available in Black Mamba (regular), Mojave Rattler (low calorie), Death Adder (fruit punch) and Killer Taipan (mango) flavor. The ultimate energy drink with a rea l bite and punch. With a range of flavors with deadly snake monikers such as the Taipan (mango), Death Adder (fruit Punch), Mojave rattler (lower calorie options) & the original Black Mamba.
Yoo-hooMilk1928 A long standing American favorite - the yoo-hoo chocolate milk drink bought to us by Mr. Natale Olivieri in 1928.
glass bottles of dr pepper

Image Courtesy of Mike Mozart

Is Dr Pepper a Coke Product Or Pepsi Product?

This is a question I’ve seen come up a lot.

Is Dr pepper part of the Coca-Cola Corporation or Coca-Cola Company?

The short answer is NO it’s not, however, Keurig Dr Pepper classic beverage has a colorful and complex relationship with the Coca-Cola Company in Soft Drink Pepper Cherry Industry, let me explain.

Dr. Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper classic soda actually preceded the Coca-Cola company (soft drink maker) and there has been a bit of a rivalry and ensuing trade battles and court cases over the years in the soft drink industry.

They actually went to court in 1951 where Coca-Cola Company tried to sue them under a trade restriction liability as a result of coke continuing to sell at a nickel – which was well below the cost of manufacturing. 

They do today however share bottling plants or carbonated water plants and there is some cross-over in regions as far as distribution goes – but they are still separate entities.

They also tried to merge in 1995 but that was blocked by the FTC on concerns of a possible monopoly across Pepper Zero or pepper-flavored soft drinks.

So, this Coca-Cola Company-Dr. Pepper Merger was not possible to happen.

Is Dr. Pepper a laxative?

This rumor has been around for a LONG time, due to people believing that the original recipe contained prune juice.

The origin of the rumor has been subject to speculation and most notably that a delivery driver for a rival soft drink brand started this so as to stop stores from stocking it!  unbelievable.

This silly story actually gained movement on the basis that Prune juice has been known to help with constipation due to its own laxative properties.

It was then perpetuated like an old wives’ tale where people started advising that if you were to actually heat up a Keurig Dr. Pepper and drink it then you’ll get those quick bowel movements associated with laxatives, but these are just FALSE.

The company themselves have gone to great lengths to dispel this rumor by actually releasing product content a brochure that stated the recipe included 23 ingredients but prune juice is NOT one of them.

You can fact-check this yourself on their corporate websites FAQ section

Old vintage Dr. Pepper wall mural

Image Courtesy of AnyJazz65

Is Dr. Pepper And Mr. Pibb The Same Thing?

No, they are not the same thing.

Whilst they may have similar qualities and tastes ( cherry-like, and black cherry, or Pepper Cherry Zero)  they are indeed different and owned by 2 very different companies in the soft drink industry.

They are drinks or sugar soda (Pepper Cherry) that can be very divisive to taste buds- almost like people picking their football side and will have nobody challenge or question their viewpoint on it!

To be honest, I like both but do agree that Mr. Phibb doesn’t really have that long lingering aftertaste as Keurig Dr Pepper or Dr. Pepper does – but still, they are both great drinks.

There’s more to this drinks rivalry then you and I picking sides.

In fact, Mr. Phibb was created by Coca Cola and some say it was done as a result of not being able to buy up Keurig Dr Pepper in the first place when Coke was buying up and taking the majority share of the soft drink and root beer market.

Featured Image Credit: Erin @ Flickr