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– Production History:
– tuKola was produced at Los Portales facility in Guane, Pinar del Río Province until the 1980s.
– Production was taken over by Empresa de Bebidas y Licores de Pinar del Río.
– The transition in production occurred in the 1980s.
– The change in production facilities aimed to streamline operations.
– Empresa de Bebidas y Licores de Pinar del Río managed production post-1980s.

– Packaging Options:
– tuKola is available in 355 ml cans.
– It is also sold in 330 ml bottles.
– The soft drink comes in 1.5 liter plastic bottles.
– The various packaging options cater to different consumer preferences.
– The range of sizes allows for versatility in consumption scenarios.

– Market Presence:
– tuKola is a notable player in the cola market.
– The brand has established a presence in the soft drink industry.
– Its availability in different formats enhances consumer accessibility.
– The product competes with other cola brands in the market.
– tuKola’s market reach extends to various regions.

– Product Variants:
– tuKola offers a standard cola flavor.
– There may be variations in the formulation across different packaging.
– The brand may introduce limited-time or seasonal variants.
– The core product remains the classic cola flavor.
– Product variants cater to diverse consumer tastes.

– Growth Opportunities:
– There is potential for expanding tuKola’s product line.
– Exploring new flavors could attract a wider consumer base.
– Introducing innovative packaging designs may enhance market appeal.
– Collaborations with other brands could lead to product line extensions.
– Market research can identify growth opportunities for tuKola.

TuKola (Wikipedia)

tuKola (Spanish pronunciation: [tuˈ]) is a cola brand produced and marketed in Cuba by Los Portales S.A., a joint venture with Nestlé Group.[citation needed]

tuKola can
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerLos Portales SA
DistributorCiego Montero
Country of origin Cuba
ColorCaramel color e-950
VariantstuKola Light (tuKola Dietética)
Related productsRefresco Naranja (Orange Soda), Refresco Gaseosa (Lime Soda), Refresco Piñita (Pineapple Soda), Refresco Mate, Agua Tónica (Soda Water)
WebsiteLos Portales: products
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