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Campa Cola

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– **History**:
– Campa Cola was created by the Pure Drinks Group in the 1970s.
– Pure Drinks Group introduced Coca-Cola into India in 1949.
– Campa Cola and Campa Beverages Pvt. Ltd. dominated the Indian soft drink industry for about 15 years.
– Campa Cola’s slogan was “The Great Indian Taste.”
– The drink’s popularity declined in the 1990s with the return of foreign corporations.

– **Current Operations**:
– Reliance Consumer Products relaunched the Campa brand in 2023.
– The Campa portfolio includes Campa Cola, Campa Lemon, and Campa Orange.
– Reliance Industries acquired the soft drink brand Sosyo from Surat-based Hajoori.
– Reliance Consumer Products Ltd acquired a 50% equity stake in Sosyo Hajoori Beverages Pvt Ltd.
– The Hajoori family continues to own the remaining stake in SHBPL.

– **Gallery**:
– Advertisement for Campa Orange in a 1979 Indian Indrajal Comics edition.
– Campa Cola display in 2023 at Reliance Mart, ISCON Mega Mall, Ahmedabad.
– Campa Cola Orange Flavor in 2023 at Reliance Mart, Mega ISCON Mall, Ahmedabad.
– Campa Cola Aisle in 2023 at Reliance Mart, ISCON Mega Mall, Ahmedabad.

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– **References**:
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– Article by Ratna Bhushan in The Economic Times about Reliance’s Campa Cola.
– Article by Sam Dolnick in The New York Times about the decline of Campa Cola in 2009.

Campa Cola (Wikipedia)

Campa Cola is a soft drink brand in India. It was a market leader in the Indian soft drink market in the 1970s and 1980s in most regions of India until the advent of the foreign players Pepsi and Coca-Cola after the liberalisation policy of the P. V. Narasimha Rao government in 1991.

ManufacturerReliance Industries
Country of origin India
Introduced1977; 47 years ago (1977)
FlavourCola, orange, lime, lime and lemon, lemon
VariantsCampa Cola, Campa Lime, Campa Lemon, Campa Lime & Lemon and Campa Orange
Related productsThums Up, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Sosyo
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