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Does Pepsi Make You Poop?

Does Pepsi Make You Poop?

Some people find that certain foods make them go poop, and many foods are known to have a laxative effect.

Pepsi is one of the most popular sodas in the world.

Today, I will cover whether Pepsi makes you poop.

As a general rule, Pepsi does not make you poop.

A small percentage of people have an intolerance to Pepsi, which gives them diarrhea and/or causes them to poop.

But, there are no ingredients in Pepsi that cause it to make you poop unless you consume more than two 12 oz (360 mL) cans of Pepsi.

Diet Pepsi does not have this effect because the sugar content in Pepsi makes you go poop when you drink a lot of it in a short amount of time. Some foods can also cause diarrhea.

Below, I will cover if Pepsi can cause diarrhea and if Pepsi is good for constipation.

Does Pepsi Cause Diarrhea?

Does Pepsi Cause Diarrhea?

Most foods and beverages when consumed in excess over a short amount of time, cause diarrhea.

Having diarrhea occasionally is normal, but knowing what foods trigger it is good because diarrhea can be inconvenient.

So here is if Pepsi causes diarrhea.

In general, Pepsi does not cause diarrhea.

But, it does cause diarrhea if you consume more than 3 regular-sized cups of Pepsi in about 6 hours, which is equivalent to 24 oz (0.7 liters).

If you do, you will consume a very high enough amount of sugar which triggers diarrhea.

Harvard Medical School has stated that various nutrients in food can have a laxative effect (give you diarrhea).

If you consume more than a certain amount of these chemicals, they will typically trigger diarrhea.

It’s the body’s natural response to expel the excess amounts of these nutrients from your body.

Diet Pepsi does not make most people poop or get diarrhea because it has no sugar.

And is instead sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

The only two of these nutrients/chemicals that are in Pepsi are sugar and caffeine.

The caffeine in Pepsi is not high enough to trigger diarrhea unless you drink a considerable amount.

And is beyond what a person would typically drink.

For example, if you drink Pepsi instead of water for a whole day.

But, the amount of sugar in Pepsi means that if you consume more than 2 regular sized cans of Pepsi, or 3 cups of Pepsi it will typically cause diarrhea.

Sugar is made up of fructose and sucrose.

Harvard Medical School says 40g of fructose or more daily will usually cause diarrhea.

Sugar is about 50% fructose and 50% sucrose.

The amount of sugar in a 12 oz can of Pepsi is 39.8g.

So, 1 can of Pepsi contains about half the amount of fructose that will cause diarrhea.

Therefore, drinking more than 2 cans of Pepsi will give you enough fructose to provide you with diarrhea.

But, as you may know, many other foods contain a high amount of sugar such as candy bars, and chocolate.

Therefore, depending on how much sugar you consume from other foods daily, 1 can of Pepsi can be enough to give you diarrhea.

Is Pepsi Good for Constipation?

Is Pepsi Good for Constipation?

The symptoms of constipation are typically uncomfortable and painful because you have the urge to poop, but when you sit down to go, it won’t come out.

Afterward, you still feel like going poop but can’t.

There are a few remedies that relieve constipation, such as, laxatives, that work within 30 mins or so; however, here is if Pepsi is good and helps with constipation.

Pepsi is good for constipation.

But only if you consume more than 24 oz (0.7 liters) of Pepsi.

If you do, the high amounts of sugar in Pepsi will typically trigger diarrhea which can pass a bout of constipation.

More than 80g of sugar will trigger diarrhea but is not recommended for constipation.

Here’s a video that shows how constipation forms:

Medical professionals have found there is a recommended amount of sugar a person should consume each day (source).

Based on the research, they have found that consuming more than this consistently leads to poor health. The amount they recommend is in the range of 36 grams per day.

One 12 oz can of Pepsi contains 38.9g of sugar.

Therefore, you should only consume

Pepsi causes constipation to pass every so often.

And it should not be used if you have a health condition that limits the amount of sugar you consume, such as diabetes.

The ideal way to pass constipation is to drink plenty of water and fruits and vegetables.

Except for starchy root vegetables like potatoes – because they have a low water content.

Or to take medications such as laxatives.

Water is processed quickly by your body, from your stomach to your digestive tract, and will build up pressure in your bowel behind the stool, causing constipation.

As a result, it will lubricate it, and soften it, allowing you to poop it out.