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How Many Calories Are In Pepsi? [Sugar & Nutritional FACTS]

how many calories are in pepsi

Ever wondered how many calories are in Pepsi(beverage company)?

Each amount of calories is different depending on how many ounces you drink (12 oz. can or 20 oz. bottles).  

Let’s break down how many calories from fat you might be consuming while drinking a regular Pepsi.

Exactly how many calories does Pepsi have?

A 12. Oz can of Pepsi is 150 calories.

Compare that to its 16 oz. counterpart, which has 200 calories even. As you might notice, the extra 4 ounces in a serving of food contributes to add on 50 calories.

There are four different types of bottle sizes that Pepsi is available in:

  • 20 oz. (250 calories)
  • 1 Liter (436 calories)
  • 1.5 Liter (654 calories)
  • 2 Liter (872 calories)

What you’ll notice on the labels of Pepsi bottles is that the calories will appear to be lower.

However, if you look closely at the Nutrition Facts, it’s based on 8 fluid-ounce servings.

For example, a 1-liter bottle of Pepsi will read 100 calories.

However, that’s per 8 fluid ounces.

So, you must clearly notice this fact to count calories if you are on a low-calorie diet.

There are slightly 33 ounces in 1 Liter. At best, 1 Liter of Pepsi will have well over 400 calories because of artificial sweeteners as per Approximate Values written on Actual Product Packaging. They doesn’t use any natural sweeteners.

The 1.5 Liter bottles just up it well over 200 calories sitting in at around 650 calories.

Finally, a 2 Liter Bottle of Pepsi totals out to about 870 calories.

Even if the Nutrition advice and facts give you the entire amount, it’s easy to do the math and figure out how many calories in Pepsi, grams of sugar, and carbs you are taking in from drinking Pepsi.

Did you think we were looking at just cans and bottles?

how many calories are in a can of pepsi

Well, if you’re a fan or diet soda drinker of fountain sodas that you guzzle down at your local 7/11 or Circle K, you might want to pay attention to what we have to share with you next.

But first, let’s see how many grams of sugar you might be consuming in that one can or bottle of Pepsi. It will help to adjust your daily diet.

How many Calories are in Pepsi?

Obviously, there’s sugar in Pepsi like other Sugary Drinks. But the question is: how much?

Let’s once again revisit our cans and bottles example so you get a good idea of how many grams of sugar and artificial sweeteners you might be consuming.

The amount might just surprise you. Let’s start out first with the nutritional values of cans:
Ounces Sugars Added Sugars
12 41g 41g
16 55g 55g

We’ll be taking a look at two different types of sugar: total and added sugars, plus artificial sweeteners.

Let’s focus on the latter for the moment.

Typically, the most common added sugar found in sodas like Pepsi max is high fructose corn syrup.

It is among the most common artificial sweeteners.

However, Pepsi has an option where it contains real sugar (which means there is cane sugar instead of HFCS).

What you’ll notice from the chart above is that total sugars and added sugars are the same amounts in grams and exactly how many calories are in a can of Pepsi.

Pepsi Throwback Sugar Test

What’s the difference?

Well, you have your natural sugars like fructose, sucralose, regular sugar, artificial sweeteners, and so on. Added sugars as we mentioned are something like your HFCS.

It’s difficult to tell exactly how much sugar is in these cans of soda in total. But we can bet that you might not be consuming just north of 100 grams of sugar in one can.

Let’s turn our attention to our bottles of Pepsi in Actual product packaging and see how much sugar is in each:
Ounces / L Total Sugars Added Sugars
20 oz 69g 69g
1 L 116g 116g
1.5 L 143.5g 143.5g
2 L 216g 216g

Starting off with the 20-ounce bottle, there are 69 grams of total sugar in one bottle.

A liter of Pepsi will contain about 116 grams, while its 1.5 Liter counterpart will have more than twice the total sugars compared to a 20-ounce bottle.

Lastly, the 2-liter bottle has 216 grams of sugar.

By now, you see a pattern here.

The more you consume, the more calories and sugar intake you’re having.

And if you’re known for pounding a bottle or two of 1 Liter Pepsi, you’re probably shocked at how much sugar you’re taking in. Other than the sugar they also contain a considerable amount of Phosphoric Acid and citric acid.

Let’s take a look at Pepsi in the fountain soda, more specifically in the sizes of 32 and 20 ounces, respectively.

How Many Calories Is A 32 Oz Pepsi (excluding Diet Pepsi)

How Many Calories Are In Pepsi

Many ask, how many calories in Pepsi exist?

The first size we’ll be taking a look at is 32 ounces.

This is typically your large-sized fountain sodas at your local convenience store.

A 32-ounce cup of Pepsi is roughly on par with a 1 Liter bottle. But the former has slightly fewer calories. How many exactly? About 410 calories to be exact.

Add that with what you’re having to eat along with it your low-calorie diet and you’re probably consuming a lot of calories altogether.

How Many Calories Are In 20 Oz Pepsi? (not Diet Pepsi)

how many calories in a pepsi

Is the amount of calories in a 20-ounce fountain Pepsi the same as its bottled counterpart?

The answer is yes. You get 200 calories in one 20-ounce of Pepsi regardless of whether you drink it in a fountain cup or a bottle.

It’s further proof that no matter how much you consume, any way you slice it you still consume the same amount of calories, total sugars, carbs, and more.

How Many Calories In a Can Of Pepsi?

A Pepsi 12-ounce can contain 150 calories. These are written on the label of calories in a can of Pepsi.

Compare this to its 16-ounce equivalent, which contains exactly 200 calories.

As you may have observed, the additional 4 ounces in a portion of food adds 50 calories.

So, the standard can of Pepsi diet soft drink adds 150 calories to your daily calorie intake.

One can of Pepsi calories alters your calorie diet for Weight Loss.

Final Thoughts On Pepsi Calories

Now that you know how many calories in a Pepsi(calorie beverages) container of various sizes, one thing is for certain: there are a lot of calories and sugar in it no matter how much your caloric intake takes in.

A lot of calories and sugar in your everyday diet is not a good thing.

So it’s important for you to consume soda in moderation or cut it out completely if you are looking for a healthier alternative beverage with Healthy Foods.