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Can soda give you diarrhea?

Can Sodastream Give You Diarrhea

As a regular Sodastream user, I’m a little curious as to does soda cause diarrhea

I did a little research on can soda cause diarrhea and here’s what I found.

So can SodaStream give you diarrhea?

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition found that carbonated beverages (soft drinks) do not give you diarrhea under normal circumstances.

However, excessive sugar and caffeine intake can give you diarrhea, according to Harvard Medical School.

So if you drink Sodastream sodas in excess,  particularly with higher sugar or sweetener content then that of course could lead to diarrhea you might complain soda gives me diarrhea.

So consume in moderation to save your pants.

If you suspect you have diarrhea because of Sodastream, it’s very unlikely that it was the culprit.

Certain types of nutrients cause diarrhea as well as bacteria and viruses.

So, below I’ll explain can soda water cause diarrhea and more details about the scientific studies that looked into the effects of soda on bowel function.

Can carbonated water cause diarrhea?

Can carbonated drinks give you diarrhea

Can sparkling water cause diarrhea?

There is no scientific evidence that suggests that sparkling water diarrhea induction and one study found that carbonated drinks have no impact on bowel function.

There is a range of reasons why you have diarrhea, however, carbonated drinks for most people do not cause diarrhea.

The causes of diarrhea, according to the US National Library of Medicine are:

  1. Prescription medicine such as antibiotics, antacids, and cancer drugs.
  2. Intolerance to certain foods, such as dairy, or gluten
  3. The flu, norovirus, or rotavirus
  4. Varied diseases
  5. Unhealthy gut health, for example, irritable bowel syndrome
  6. Bacteria in contaminated food or water

Based on this information it is possible for you to have an intolerance for some ingredients in a certain Sodastream flavor.

Or, you might be intolerant of the CO2 gas in carbonated drinks and carbonated water.

A good idea is to try a different soda and see if it’s a particular Sodastream flavor that is causing the issue.

When experiencing diarrhea it’s difficult to know exactly what caused it.

You can hazard a guess, and curse it, but another more reliable way is to use the process of elimination on certain types of foods.

This involves removing a particular food from your diet.

For example, rice and bread, or dairy products. And then monitoring the results.

Oftentimes, you can forget exactly how you felt, so it’s helpful to keep a diary each day about how you felt, and whether or not you had diarrhea.

Doing that will help you to make an educated guess about what could be causing it.

And whether or not it’s caused by Sodastream or other carbonated drinks…

Another good way to see what’s causing it is to see a doctor.

Foods that cause diarrhea

A doctor at the Harvard Medical School has explained that the following foods can give you diarrhea:

Of these sugar, fructose, artificial sweeteners, lactose, and caffeine are typically in Sodastream and carbonated drinks and traditional soda.

For most people, carbonated drinks and carbonated water don’t cause an issue but nonetheless, they can be responsible for diarrhea.

So avoiding Sodastream, and carbonated drinks for some time is a good idea to see if they’re what’s causing it..

Can mineral water cause stomach upset?

Can mineral water cause stomach upset

If you mix certain foods with mineral water then it can cause an upset stomach.

As you may be aware Mentos mixed with carbonated drinks will produce a huge amount of foam, which can upset your stomach. Ice cream also foams up when you mix it with soda.

I haven’t been able to find an exhaustive list of all foods that produce a large amount of foam when mixed with soda.

However, most people can eat almost anything and drink soda with it.

As evidenced by soda being so popular as a drink with a meal.

Soda and mineral water are both carbonated – the extra CO2 that has been added to it, to make it fizzy.

But, soda normally contains a lot of sugar, which is known to cause stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Therefore, the only way you could get an upset stomach from mineral water or regular water is if you drink too much of it at a time, or mix it with food that produces a bit of foam, such as mentos, or ice cream.

Alternatively, you might have an intolerance to some of the ingredients in plain water or mineral water.

Large carbonated drinks such as mineral water, also known as seltzer, sparkling water, sugary sodas, and club soda are NOT known for causing an upset stomach.

Interestingly mineral water has been shown in a scientific study to help with constipation.

And was shown to have more of an effect on alleviating its symptoms than drinking standard tap water.

Constipation, however, is a sign that something in your diet is off. 

And drinking soda water should be a temporary fix until you identify the root cause of your constipation.

Is Sprite good for diarrhea?

Is Sprite good for diarrhea

According to, drinking lots of liquids is good when you have diarrhea.

When you have diarrhea your body can be more dehydrated than normal.

Sprite (fizzy drinks) is caffeine free according to the USDA, and WebMD recommends caffeine-free soda, water, fruit juice, and clear broth for diarrhea.

There are, however, many different causes of diarrhea, and Sprite does not necessarily cure your diarrhea.

It’s only good to drink because it rehydrates your body.

Can coca cola give you diarrhea?

Other sodas also may contain caffeine, such as energy drinks, and Coca-Cola.

Caffeine has been known to cause diarrhea.

So, you should avoid other sodas that have caffeine when you have diarrhea or think you might get it…

Soda’s that have no caffeine are:

But, it’s a good idea to check the label to see whether it has caffeine and sugar content or not because there are many different brands of soda.

And some that previously didn’t contain caffeine now have added caffeine.

Sprite has been rumored to induce vomiting when combined with bananas – in what is known as a banana Sprite challenge.

I wrote an entire article about what that challenge is and whether eating bananas with soda makes you vomit.

Why does soda give me diarrhea?

Why does soda give me diarrhea

Soda can give you diarrhea if you drink too much of it, or consume too much sugar, or caffeine in your diet.

According to Harvard Medical School, the two ingredients in soda that give you diarrhea are sugar and caffeine. 

Switching to sodas that don’t contain any sugar and caffeine can help with the problem. However, traditional sodas cause Heart disease and kidney disease.

Diarrhea is your body’s way of getting rid of toxins from your body as soon as possible.

According to UPMC, one of the leading hospitals in Philadelphia, diarrhea is a way for your body to clear out bacteria and viruses from your intestinal system.

And happens to most people every now and then.


Sodastream can give you diarrhea if you were to overdo it, which can be said for many drinks, however, based on scientific study, Sodastream is not a factor that causes diarrhea on its own

(check out my Sodastream Models ultimate guide here).

Soda can contain caffeine, and sugar which can both cause diarrhea.

But, overall, only a tiny percentage of people will get diarrhea from drinking soda, or Sodastream.

They do have a milk laxative effect as explained in studies that showed that sugar-sweetened beverages or carbonated drinks have been shown to help people with constipation.

The most common ways of getting diarrhea are sugar, dairy, fructose, artificial sweeteners, lactose, gluten, fried or fatty foods, spicy foods, and caffeine.