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Is Drinking Cordial the Same As Drinking Water? [Healthy Drinking]

Last updated on August 9th, 2021

is drinking cordial the same as drinking water

Drinking water is important, but are there some drinks like cordials that are the same as drinking water? 

So, Is Drinking Cordial the Same as Drinking Water?

Well, although cordial can be added to water to flavor it without taking away all the benefits of drinking plain water, drinking it is not the same as drinking water.

Because of the added sugar and other artificial ingredients in many of them today, they have much more sugar and won’t make you feel as hydrated as simply having water on its own.

Want to find out more about drinking cordials, and why they are made the way they are?

Then, read on to see all the information about this issue and what you can do about it.

Are Cordials Good For You?

Well, although most people think of cordials as the medicinal drinks that Englishmen drank to help their hearts, they are more like flavored fruit drinks nowadays.

However, with the recent push for healthier drinks, they have taken out the natural sugars and have added artificial sweeteners to reduce the calorie content.

This can be an issue because of the negative associations with sweeteners like aspartame because of the negatives side effects it produces in some people.

Aspartame even has some links to an increased risk of cancer due to high consumption.  

Although they can contain good ingredients that will help your digestion, the amount of sugar in these drinks will often be higher in sugar than you would think and will hurt more than they help.

This is especially when compared to the positive effects of drinking lots of water.

Is No Added Sugar Juice Bad For You?

Is No Added Sugar Juice Bad For You

Many cordials that have flavors like raspberry or cherry come with a label that states it has no added sugar, which looks healthy to most people.

Getting the fruity flavor of the drink without the added sugar sounds like a great thing, but this often means that there are artificial sweeteners instead of natural sugar, which could end up being worse for you

This doesn’t just go for cordials, which can have high levels of sweeteners, but also apply to other fruit juices as well.

Many juices these days can come with similar labels stating that they have less sugar or no added sugar, but they have a high number of artificial sweeteners.

Natural sugar is the better choice of the two because the body digests it slowly. This keeps you feeling full for a longer time and doesn’t cause the sugar levels in the body to increase rapidly.

However, artificial sweeteners are digested quickly and can cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to increase, and it doesn’t allow you to feel as full.

This causes you to want more of the food or drink without getting the same level of health benefits.

So, although no added sugar drinks might seem like a great idea at first, you want to make sure that the beverage doesn’t get rid of the sugar just to increase the use of artificial sweeteners.

This can make them much unhealthier than you first thought.

Is Flavored Water Bad For You?

Flavored water is an alternative to other fruit drinks and sodas because it has a nice flavor and taste, but comes without many of the unhealthier ingredients that these other beverages come with.

So, is flavored water bad for you, or is it a good drink to replace water?

Well, flavored water is a good option for those who want a lower sugar level since many have light flavoring that doesn’t contain much sugar. However, having too many flavored waters could cause problems for your teeth.

That said there are many hidden nasties in some off-the-shelf flavored water so do your research!  just have a watch of this…

The main issue is that the flavorings in these drinks have acidic properties that can cause tooth erosion.

The more enamel that these flavorings erode, the more susceptible your teeth will be to getting cavities and become sensitive to cold or hot temperatures.

The acidic flavoring isn’t the only thing that threatens your dental health, because the carbonation of some flavored waters is also an issue. Most people will not think of carbonation this way, but adding carbonation is the addition of carbonic acid

This lowers the pH balance, which means that it becomes more acidic, and then the addition of the acidic flavoring makes it even more so.

This makes it harsher to your teeth than without carbonation and increases the amount of enamel that is eroded.

Overall, though these drinks are better than soda, they are not the best drink for you.

How Much Fruit Juice Per Day?

How Much Fruit Juice Per Day

So, if cordials and flavored waters are not the best beverages to drink instead of water, what about fruit juice?

It seems like a natural and healthy option that contains calories for daily needs.

Well, fruit juice can contain a lot of sugar, but if it is naturally cultivated then it is better than many other options. Fruit juices have enough fruit in them to count as a full serving of fruit for your diet.

However, because they often have some added sugar too, you don’t want to drink too much of it.

A good serving size is one glass – 150ml – per day.

This will count as a serving of fruit but keeps you from having too much sugar from taking in more than you need.

For the rest of the day, you will want to eat whole fruits and vegetables to get the remainder of the servings and to stay healthy with all-natural sugars that digest at a slower rate.

Cordials As Water

drinking water has benefits

Drinking water has benefits that nothing else seems to give you, and having a cordial in place of water is just not the same.

Although they have some benefits for your overall health, if you drinking a cordial in place of a glass of water, you might still need proper hydration to get all the benefits of having water.

So, should you replace water with cordial on some occasions?

Well, this is something that you could do to get the benefits of a cordial, but you don’t want to do this too often.

Your body needs lots of water and you want it to have what it needs to stay as healthy as possible. Drinking the proper amount of water per day will allow your body to look and feel its best.

Replacing water with cordial will not do that. But, if you want to drink some every once and a while to add some flavor to your day, then this will not be an issue.


Drinking a cordial is different from having a glass of water, and you need lots of water to stay hydrated and keep yourself feeling its best, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any benefits.

However, you want to use them more sparingly so that your sugar intake is not higher than it should be.

You also want to make sure that the amount of water you drink is the healthiest amount for your body, and not go overboard with any single beverage.

Just like with most sugary substances in your diet, they are okay in moderation, just ensure that the majority of your diet is made up of healthier items and drinks, and you will have a healthy body.