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Is Vimto Good For You?[Sugar, Calories & Ramadan]

is vimto cordial good for you

You might know what a cordial is, but have you ever heard of Vimto Cordial? and are you wondering whether this is a healthy drink or not?  Let’s get into it.

Is Vimto Cordial Good for You?

Well, though this drink offers a good boost of energy for those who have low energy levels, the high amount of sugar makes it a less-than-healthy option.

The strong flavor and sweetness make these soft drinks popular, but the sugar levels are not a healthy energy source for your body.

Want to find out more information about why this cordial is not the best thing for you? Then read the rest of this article to see why this drink isn’t the best for you, and why it is still so popular.

What are Vimto Drink Benefits?

If this drink doesn’t offer a ton of great health benefits, then you might be wondering why it is so popular.

Well, the reason for this is that Vimto Cordial is a drink that is commonly had during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan.

Places like the United Kingdom and the Middle East that have a large Muslim population see high numbers of Vimto being sold during this time. So, why does this happen?

Well, for those who don’t know, Ramadan is a month-long tradition for Muslims where they fast from sun up to sun down. This is in honor of a prophet being given the first chapter of the holy book known as the Qur’an.

Why do people drink Vimto during Ramadan



Because of this, Muslim followers fast and don’t consume any food or drinks during the day.

Instead, they eat and drink during the night, but only after the sun has set.

Because of this fasting, their bodies can become more tired or fatigued from daily activities throughout the course of the day.

When the end of the day comes, they may start to feel very low on energy.

Drinking Vimto Cordial- a carbonated drink, since it has a high level of sugar and flavor, is ideal for giving your body a boost of energy after a day of not eating. it’s an energy drink for Muslims.

This is a major benefit of having this drink during a time when your body needs more energy.

For those who are not Muslim, it can do the same for those who have very physical work and need the same boost of energy to get through the day.

Or, you can drink sparkling water before a special event to ensure that you will have plenty of energy throughout the day. These were major Vimto benefits.

Are Cordial Drinks Bad For You?

Are Cordial Drinks Bad For You

There are many types of soft drinks and sugary drinks that come with lots of health warnings and issues when you drink them, but when it comes to cordials, they still seem to be better than others.

This is because the original cordials were medicinal drinks that were consumed for health purposes.

That has changed throughout the years as many have become, or stayed, alcoholic, but they still come with digestive effects that help your stomach after multiple-course dinners.

However, just because there are some health benefits to drinking cordials in moderation, this doesn’t mean that you want to have one often, or in place of healthier drinks.

This is largely due to the high levels of sugar that are in these types of beverages.

The amount of sugar can be as much as three teaspoons in every glass.

This amount of sugar is excessive and can have negative health effects on your body, especially if drunk often.

So, although all sugary items are plenty healthy when eaten or drunk in small amounts, a cordial is not good for you.   

That said there are sugar-free options available but do check the ingredients and assess for sweeteners.

What is the Best Cordial to Drink?

what is vimto

What is Vimto?

There are many different cordials out there, and all of them vary. Some are alcoholic choices and used in cocktails, but others are still meant for mainly medicinal use.

There are also various flavor options to choose from that give you a large number of choices to pick from. So, with all these choices, which is the best cordial to drink?

Well, when it comes to a cordial, you want to look at the added sugar to make sure that the sugar is all-natural and that the flavor is from fresh fruit. you can drink the juice of grapes and other fruit drink.

If these two things are found in a cordial, then you will have found a healthier option that will have plenty of taste.

One of the best options for cordials is the Rocks Organic Cranberry Cordial. This option is made from all-natural fruit and is certified organic.

This means that the cranberries are what make the cordial sweet, and a bit tangy, without having to add a ton of extra sugar.

Also, because there is a lower amount of added sugar, you can use it to make different mixtures without worrying too much about blood sugar spikes.

Cranberries are not super sweet on their own, so if you don’t like the taste of the cordial on its own, you can mix it with a sweeter fruit juice for a one-of-a-kind drink mixture.

And, because it is organic, those who are on an organic diet will still be able to enjoy the fresh flavor of the cranberry without all the added sugar.

This makes a great choice for all people.

Vimto Vs Other Cordials

Although Vimto has its uses, it is not as healthy because it can cause Weight gain of an option as organic choices like the Rocks Cranberry Cordial mentioned above.

However, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t have it at all.

Is vimto good for weight loss

Is Vimto good for weight loss?

As mentioned earlier, those who fast find it to be a great choice for them during Ramadan, and followers of other religions who fast may find it a good option as well.

Also, men and women who have issues with staying energized might find that this beverage helps keep their bodies moving and their minds focused.

However, you don’t want to have too much of a good thing.

Even though there are some benefits to drinking Vimto Cordial, you can’t afford to do so too often.

High amounts of sugar can affect your weight and functions of the body like brain functions related to blood sugar levels. So, if you do drink it, don’t do so often.

Is Vimto Healthy?

Is vimto bad for you

Is Vimto bad for you?

Vimto has some great uses some, but overall, it is not considered a healthy beverage and quick energy boost for the average person.

High amounts of sugar intake can affect your body in many ways, and many of them are negative. There are many Vimto drink side effects linked with its high sugar content.

So, if you insist on drinking cordials because you enjoy the flavor, then do so infrequently. This will ensure that you are not taking in too much sugar at a time to affect the normal functions of your body. Try to drink plenty of plain water instead of fizzy drinks.

And, if you want to have a bit of cordial but want to also use it to make a cocktail, then try to add a liquor that is not flavored or heavily sweetened because of artificial sweeteners and add some club soda to the mix to help water it down a bit. Pregnant women can also drink fizzy drinks but in low quantities.

This will keep the flavor of the Vimto Cordial intact but cuts away at the high sugar levels so you won’t feel a sugar high from drinking it.

However, if you are using it as an energy boost during fasting, just make sure to fill up on water as well.