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How Many Pepsi Are Sold a Day?

How Many Pepsi Are Sold a Day? - 1

Pepsi is one of the most well-known sodas and is a household name in virtually every corner of the world.

Pepsi is one of the USA’s largest companies, making beverages and snack foods. In this article, I will explain how many Pepsis are sold daily.

On average, 154 million Pepsi’s are sold per day internationally.

This is calculated based on an average serving size of 12 oz (360 mL), which is the size of a regular-sized can of Pepsi. In the USA, there are 85 million Pepsi’s sold per day.

The number of Pepsi’s sold daily varies by country and region.

Below, I will provide a breakdown of how many Pepsis are sold in each region of the world so you can see how they compare with each other, how the number of Pepsi sold per day corresponds to the number of Coke sold per day, as well as, what age bracket consumes the most Pepsi.

Does Coke or Pepsi Sell More?

Does Coke or Pepsi Sell More?

Coke and Pepsi are the two most popular colas in the world, and you find them in virtually any convenience store or supermarket.

As well as at many different restaurants.

But, below is who sells more, Pepsi or Coke.

Coke sells more than Pepsi. Two times more Coke is sold than Pepsi.

Also, the Coca-Cola Company sells 50% more of all the brands of soda they own compared to PepsiCo, not just Coca-Cola.

Of all sodas sold, 46.3% are made by Coke, whereas Pepsi makes 25.6%.

There are roughly 213 million sodas made by the Coca-Cola Company sold per day internationally.

Whereas there are 118 million PepsiCo, Inc. sodas sold per day around the world.

No concrete data exists for the amount of Pepsi sold in each region. Therefore, it’s necessary to do some rough estimates based on the data available.

It’s reported in the Pepsi annual report that Pepsi beverages sales make up about 45% of the total revenue of PepsiCo, with the remaining 55% made up of income from the sale of snack foods such as Doritos and Cheetos.

They state in their annual reports that the percentage of their total beverage sales in each of these regions is:

  • Latin America – 10%
  • Europe – 16%
  • Africa, Middle East, and South Asia – 8%
  • Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, and China Region – 6%

Based on these percentages, the total Pepsi sold in each of these regions per day is:

  • USA – 154 million 12 oz servings
  • Latin America – 7 million 12 oz servings
  • Europe – 11 million 12 oz servings
  • Africa, Middle East, and South Asia – 5.5 million 12 oz servings
  • Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, and China Region – 4 million 12 oz servings

The 5 most popular sodas in the world ordered are:

  1. Regular Coke (Coca-Cola Classic)
  2. Diet Coca-Cola
  3. Pepsi MAX
  4. R Whites
  5. Regular Pepsi

According to CGA Research (source).

They provide data on how much of these are produced each year on average in liters in the USA.

Here’s a table where I have converted this info into oz and 12 oz cans.

Soda Liters Sold per year Fluid oz sold per year 12 oz servings sold per year
Coke 43,000,000 1,500,000,000 122,000,000
Diet Coke 33,000,000 1,100,000,000 93,000,000
Pepsi Max 25,000,000 840,000,000 70,000,000
R Whites 21,000,000 706,000,000 59,000,000
Pepsi 20,000,000 677,000,000 56,000,000

However, it’s important to point out that their numbers are significantly lower than those published from other sources such as

When I looked into it, it appears that this could be because the numbers are only based on the USA and not internationally. So, I looked a bit further into it.

Here is what I found:

PepsiCo, Inc. states some key numbers to arrive at the total amount of Pepsi sold each day:

  • They make, on average, $79 billion annually from all sales
  • 45% are from beverages like Pepsi
  • 32% are from sales in North America only

On the high end, this would mean that, of all the PepsiCo sales, about $11 billion for all beverages.

Given that a 12 oz can is around $0.50 to $1.00 on average from stores like Walmart and Amazon, it means that roughly:

11 billion to 22 billion 12 oz Pepsi servings are sold daily.

Which is 30 million 12 oz servings of Pepsi sold per day.

When you total this to account for international sales – a similar number arrived at about 100 million 12 oz servings of Pepsi per day.

Soft drinks companies do not state the exact number of sodas they sell.

In my opinion, this is because it’s complicated to report accurately.

How Many Cokes Are Sold in One Day?

How Many Cokes Are Sold in One Day?

Coke is THE most popular soda. It’s served virtually everywhere.

So, here is how many Cokes are sold a day every day.

On average, 333,312 – 12 oz (360 mL) servings of Coke are sold daily.

It is around double the amount of Pepsi sold in a day.

It is given in 12 oz servings, which is an average-sized can of Coke.

But Coke is sold in many different-sized cups, cans, and bottles.

For example, at fast food restaurants, there are various-sized cups.

Small bottles are also designed to be consumed rather quickly, and huge bottles for a family or event.

Or to be consumed over, say, a few weeks.

The reason for this is, is that the data available only lists the amount of Coca-cola sold in fluid ounces.

Therefore, I have converted it into servings to make it easier to visualize.

How Many Sales Does Pepsi Make?

How Many Sales Does Pepsi Make?

There are many different beverage brands owned by PepsiCo, Inc, such as Pepsi, Pepsi Max, and Mountain Dew.

PepsiCo, Inc. also makes snack foods, accounting for about half of Pepsi’s sales.

Below is how many sales of regular Pepsi PepsiCo makes and how much revenue Pepsi generates in total.

On average, 154 million sales of Pepsi sodas per day of Pepsi. Or 56,210,000,000 (56 billion) Pepsi’s per year.

PepsiCo, Inc’s yearly revenue is, on average, $79 billion.

But this includes beverage sales and convenient foods such as Doritos corn chips.

PepsiCo sells what they call convenient foods.

It’s a bit broader than snack foods and includes oats and dips.

But also include snack foods like corn chips, potato chips, and oat bars.

The sales of beverages, such as sodas, juice, and convenience foods, are split roughly.

Roughly half of their yearly revenue is from convenience foods, and the other half is from beverages, such as their flagship soda – Pepsi. Funnily enough, regular Pepsi is not PepsiCo’s best-selling soda.

Pepsi Max is. As you may know, Pepsi Max is a regular Pepsi with no sugar but slightly more caffeine.

Pepsi and Coke both do marketing.

For example, some corner stores are entirely sponsored by Coca-Cola, and the entire outside of the store is made up of Coca-Cola signage.

Also, as you are likely aware, Pepsi previously sponsored the Super Bowl Halftime show for ten years.

But, they recently did not renew their contract with the NFL.

I explained how much Pepsi paid to sponsor the Super Bowl, half time show, and more info about the previous Super Bowl sponsors and who the new sponsor is in this article about why Pepsi sponsored the Super Bowl.

What Is the Number 1 Selling Soda?

What Is the Number 1 Selling Soda?

Soda companies regularly try new flavors to see how popular they are.

But many flavors are consumer favorites and aren’t going anywhere soon. Here is what the number 1 selling soda is.

Coca-Cola is the number 1 selling soda.

Followed by Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, R Whites (a British brand of lemonade), and Pepsi.

In the USA, Coke sells, on average, 333,312 – 12 oz (360 mL) servings of Coke per day. So, 1 in 2 people in the USA buy a serving of Coke daily.

Here’s a table that shows the best-selling sodas and how much more each soda sells compared to the number 1 selling soda – Coke.

Soda 12 oz servings sold per year Percentage of regular Coke sales
Regular Coke 122,000,000
Diet Coke 93,000,000 77% of regular Coke sales
Pepsi Max 70,000,000 57% of regular Coke sales
R Whites 59,000,000 48% of regular Coke sales
Pepsi 56,000,000 46% of regular Coke sales

The table shows that other than Diet Coke, the next most popular sodas sell about half of what Coke does.

Therefore, Coke sells about double what the other most popular sodas sell.

This means that stores and restaurants that sell Coke need to allow twice as much shelf space and storage for regular Coke – also called Coca-Cola Classic.

Recently I compiled some data to see what people said when asked whether they prefer Coke or Pepsi.

Interestingly, what people said differed from what the sales numbers suggested.

I summarized this in detail in this article about which is better: Pepsi or Coke.

Therefore, there must be another reason Coke sells far more than Pepsi. In my opinion, this could be because:

  • More people drink Coke from restaurants like Mcdonald’s than buy it in stores
  • More data needed to be collected for the survey

At many restaurants, sodas made by Coke are the only option. Such as Coke, Fanta, and Sprite.

Examples are Mcdonald’s and Subway.

This could account for the difference in which soda is the most popular.

The other exciting thing is that Pepsi Max is slightly more popular than regular Pepsi.

Pepsi Max is a sugar-free version of Pepsi but also has slightly more caffeine.

Here is how much caffeine is in regular Pepsi compared to Pepsi Max:

  • Regular Pepsi – 53 mg per 12 oz (360 mL)
  • Pepsi Max – 69 mg per 12 oz (360 mL)

It is possible to be addicted to caffeine and other ingredients in sodas such as Pepsi.

I covered this in more detail about if it’s possible to be addicted to Pepsi Max .

How do soda sales compare to energy drink sales?

Some energy drinks, such as Red Bull and Monster, are trendy and widely available.

These brands are also well-known because they sponsor events like the UFC.

But, energy drinks sales are still far behind sales of regular sodas.

The most popular energy drink is Red Bull, the 10th most famous carbonated beverage.

Here’s how it compares to Coca-Cola Classic and Regular Pepsi:

Another way of putting it is that there are six times more sales of Coca-Cola Classic than Red Bull and three times more Pepsi sales than Red Bull.

Who is Bigger: Pepsi or Coke?

Who is Bigger: Pepsi or Coke?

Coke and Pepsi are often thought of as competitors, and many people have a preference for Coke over Pepsi.

They are both huge companies, but here is which is more significant: Pepsi or Coke.

Pepsi is bigger than Coke. PepsiCo, Inc., the beverage company that makes Pepsi makes around $79.5 billion annually in revenue.

Whereas, The Coca-Cola Company, which owns Coke, makes around $42 billion in revenue.

But, more sales are made of Coke than Pepsi, explained below.

PepsiCo is more significant than the Coca-Cola company because PepsiCo also makes what they call convenient foods.

These snack foods and similar products include foods like corn chips, dips, cereal, and snack bars.

Such as Quaker Oats and Doritos. These account for about half of the yearly revenue that Pepsi makes.

It is a separate division of Pepsi that is called Frito-Lay.

While the beverage division of PepsiCo is called PepsiCo Beverages North America (PBNA).

The Coca-Cola Company, on the other hand, does not make snack foods.

One company is a partner with the Coca-Cola company and produces bottles and cans of sodas owned by Coke on their behalf, which also makes snack foods.

PepsiCo also has joint ventures with bottling companies, but PepsiCo owns all the convenience food brands.

This company is called Coca-Cola Hellenic.

But, they are a partner and not owned by the Coca-Cola company.

Although PepsiCo makes more revenue than the Coca-Cola company, Coca-Cola makes more retail sales of Coke than Pepsi.