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Portello (soft drink)

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– Distribution:
– Portello has been manufactured in Australia since the late 19th century by various companies.
– In Uganda, a grape-flavored soft drink named Portello was popular in the late 1940s.
Fanta Portello is currently sold in Sri Lanka by The Coca-Cola Company.
– A similar drink called Portellosv was created in northern Sweden in the 1920s.
– Different varieties of Portello are produced by Kirks, Billsons, and other brands.

– See also:
Cream soda is a related soft drink.

– References:
– Aygee Gippsland’s Portino information can be found on
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– Cordial Portello details can be accessed at
– A book titled “Rsvp Rice and Stew Very Plenty” by Rahemtulla and Fairweather is related to Portello.

– Categories:
– Portello falls under British soft drinks category.
– It is classified as a fruit soda and a non-alcoholic beverage.
– Portello is among the soft drinks category.
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Portello (also known as Portino and Ruby Mello) is a carbonated grape and berry flavored soft drink. Its rich, fruity flavour can be compared to port wine (which inspired the drink's name) or cola. It is believed to have originated in London, England in the 18th century, before spreading to colonies of the British Empire.

A bottle of River Port portello
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