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Worst Tasting Soda Of All Time [DISGUSTING FLAVORS]

Last updated on June 26th, 2022

Worst Tasting Soda Of All Time

As excited as we are to find the best soda flavors and brands that we can, there is also a part of us that is irrepressibly curious about which flavors are the most disgusting.

Perhaps you have heard of or tasted a few random sodas, sparkling water, and carbonated water on your travels, but what is considered to be the worst tasting soda of all time?

People have varied tastes and like different things, so some regular sodas and sports drinks are of course an acquired tastes and subjective in nature

However, certain flavors of sugary soda, like mustard, Ranch, and eel, are more likely to be thought of as downright disgusting by the majority of people. 

These are more than just an acquired taste in my opinion.

Most, but not all, of these disgusting soda flavors out there are mostly novelty beverages made specifically with weird and natural flavors to attract attention, not for their flavor. 

They are not consumed in the masses and therefore serve as a novelty & marketing factor only.

Get ready to shake your head, scrunch up your nose, and clutch at a rolling stomach; here are the worst soda flavors out there.

Disgusting Soda Flavors Listed

Disgusting Soda Flavors

  • Bacon
  • Ranch dressing
  • buffalo wing
  • sweetcorn
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • pumpkin pie
  • mustard
  • eel
  • blue cheese dressing
  • spaghetti
  • waffles and syrup
  • butter
  • salty watermelon

These are all actual and disgusting soda flavors available for purchase, unbelievable eh?.

While combing through the worst soda flavors of all time, a few potential hoaxes, like garlic-flavored soda, cropped up, and these have been excluded from this list.

Then there are ranges of sodas that I can only assume (or hope) are deliberately designed as gags, much like the infamous Bean Boozled jellybeans.

I have included these on the list because, as far as I can see, you can actually purchase them should you wish to try them.

Bacon Flavored Soda

As a breakfast food, bacon has amassed quite a cult following, so hopefully, you won’t be offended by the inclusion of this one on the list of disgusting soda flavors.

This soda is a product of a brand or range known as Lester’s Fixins.

There is no official website for this Lester’s Fixins, but if you live in America, you can purchase a six-pack of Lester’s Fixins bacon-flavored soda from Amazon.

There are online rumors that Coca-Cola once had a bacon-flavored soda on the market, but as there only seems to be one photograph of the bacon coke can, the truth of this rumor is doubtful.

Ranch Dressing Flavored Soda

Ranch Dressing flavored soda is another Lester’s Fixins specialty.

The bottle features a giant bowl of Ranch and a side of whole bell peppers—what could be more appealing?

Sure, this popular salad dressing is added to many different non-salad dishes, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere.

That being said, if you have a tendency to take a cheeky swig of dressing from the bottle when no one is watching, then here’s the soda for you—no judgment!

But you will have to buy a variety pack from Amazon to get this flavor; apparently, it’s not as popular as bacon soda, so it’s not sold separately.

Buffalo Wing Flavored Soda

As mentioned, Ranch dressing is not just used for salads; it’s a great accompaniment to buffalo wings.

So, if you’re sipping on your Ranch dressing flavored soda just wishing for the taste of a buffalo wing, then Lester’s Fixins has you covered.

Just open up the variety pack and take out your buffalo wing soda; problem solved!

It’s best not to ask what kind of a mind thinks up a soda flavor like buffalo wings, even if it’s just as a gag. Gag is definitely an appropriate description in this case.

SweetCorn Flavored Soda

In the Lester’s Fixins’ variety pack, you will also get a bottle of sweet corn flavored soda for your…enjoyment?

There’s just not much you can say about sweet corn-flavored soda, so let’s move on.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Flavored Soda

I’m sure that for this one, there will be some division among those reading the article.

There will be those who completely agree that this flavor deserves to be on the disgusting list and those who are marking this Lester’s Fixins product down as a ‘to try’.

The issue is it could go horribly wrong. On the one hand, it might taste like a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

This would confuse your brain because you’re not supposed to drink your PB&J, but the taste may be quite pleasant.

On the other hand, it may taste revolting. Grape or strawberry jelly flavored soda?

Yes, that could work. But adding in the peanut butter is going too far.

Pumpkin Pie Flavored Soda

Once again, readers may disagree on this one.

If you do, and you are keen to try out a pumpkin pie flavored soda, you have more than one option.

Of course, there is the one that comes in the Lester’s Fixins’s variety pack.

But Jones Soda also sells a pumpkin pie flavored soda, as does Maine Root Soda.

Mustard Flavored Soda

Just when you think you’ve reached the end of Lester’s depravity, you get mustard flavored soda.

The bottle says 100% natural, but there is absolutely nothing natural about mustard soda.

If you want to watch a father and son duo taste this beverage, you can watch it here it’s pretty funny.

Eel Flavored Soda

A few years ago, Kimura Inryou, a Japanese brand of soda, released an eel (unagi) flavored soda.

It is made with grilled eel extracts, and needless to say, it garnered quite a bit of attention—possibly more attention than sales.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S enthusiasts may hear the word unagi and think ‘DANGER!’ You wouldn’t be wrong.

I’m not saying this soda is actually dangerous, but the flavor might make you ill.

Unagi soda is not currently listed on the Kimura Inryou website, so they may have discontinued this particular flavor.

Still, I’m pretty certain it existed, even if I’m not sure why.

Blue Cheese Dressing Flavored Soda

You aren’t going to come across a bottle of blue cheese dressing flavored soda at major retail outlets, but it does seem that you can purchase it from specialty online stores.

The range is called W T Heck sodas, and they are aptly named.

Spaghetti Flavored Soda

This is another of W T Heck’s sodas.

What do you say about spaghetti flavored soda?

It’s red in color, it’s not widely available, and it is more than likely disgusting. It has an artificial color for spaghetti resemblence.

Waffles And Syrup Flavored Soda

Waffles and syrup are a classic flavor combo, an excellent breakfast or dessert, and great names for pets. As a soda, however, all I can think of is how sweet it will be.

If you’re keen, though, this is the last of the W T Heck sodas.

Butter Flavored Soda

The only time when butter should be the only flavor is on popcorn.

You certainly should not make butter flavored soda!

Salty Watermelon Flavored Soda

Lester’s, is this you again? You would think, but no.

This particular creation is from none other than Pepsi.

Salt does not make everything taste better! Would you need another drink to quench your salt-induced thirst after drinking this soda?

Worst Sodas Ranked

Worst Sodas Ranked

From least healthy, the worst sodas are: Coca-Cola Cinnamon, Fanta Piña Colada, Surge, Crush Pineapple, Sunkist Pineapple, Crush Peach, Stewart’s Cherries ‘n Cream Soda, Sunkist Fruit Punch, Fanta Pineapple, and Fanta Mango.

Looking at the worst tasting sodas and soft drinks can be quite fun, but what if we looked at the sodas that were the worst for your health?

Eat This, Not That ranked 108 most popular sodas from least toxic to most toxic, calories, sodium, carbs, grams of sugar, chemicals, and additives.

According to this list, the ten worst sodas along with ingredient list of sugar and calories ratio are:

#1 Coca-Cola Cinnamon 240 65 grams of sugar
#2 Fanta Piña Colada 230 61 grams of sugar
#3 Surge 230 56 grams of sugar
#4 Crush Pineapple 190 51 grams of sugar
#5 Sunkist Pineapple 190 51 grams of sugar
#6 Crush Peach 190 49 grams of sugar
#7 Stewart’s Cherries ‘n Cream Soda 190 46 grams of sugar
#8 Sunkist Fruit Punch 180 48 grams of sugar
#9 Fanta Pineapple 180 48 grams of sugar
#10 Fanta Mango 180 48 grams of sugar

Failed Soda Brands

Failed Soda Brands

Hubba Bubba Soda, Orbitz Soda, and Life-Savers Soda are all brands of soda that failed to stand the test of time.

There are some failed soda flavors and ranges, but these were entire brands that failed:

  • Hubba Bubba Soda Brand.
    • This was a short-lived brand of bubblegum flavored soda that existed in the 1980s and early 1990s.
  • Orbitz Soda Brand.
    • This brand existed for less than a year in 1997.
    • It was soda with floating balls of goo, which gave the soda a lava-lamp look.
  • Life-savers Soda Brand.
    • The creators of the popular fruity candy didn’t do so well with their 1980s soda, which bombed shortly after hitting stores.

What Is The Most Successful Soda Company?

What Is The Most Successful Soda Company

The most successful soda company as of 2020 is Pepsi.

Their revenue and stock prices both exceed that of Coca-Cola.

The race is really between Pepsi and Coca-Cola; no other companies are able to contend with these two mega-brands and their cola wars (yet).

They are so neck-and-neck that the chances of one of these companies beating the other for the title of most successful are high every single year.

In 2020, however, Forbes declared that Pepsi was in the lead with greater stock values and higher revenue than Coca-Cola.

Pepsi produce Sugary Drinks that can be harmful to human health.

However, adverse effects start when the sugar consumption exceeds the prescribed limit of sugar per day.

It can cause weight gain, severe tooth decay and risk of obesity.

It is better to consumer diet soda that contain high-fructose corn syrup which is far better than sugar.


There are some pretty revolting soda flavors out there, but what we should be thankful for is the fact that most of these are novelty sodas.

Their creators were not likely thinking that they had just released a soda that would rival the likes of a Coke Classic.

These weird flavors can make for a great party, though.

If you are speaking about the worst sodas, you can’t ignore the worst in terms of health benefits.

Based on the information provided by Eat This, Not That, the worst soda for you is Coca-Cola Cinnamon.

Not all soda brands make it as long as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and the like.

Some fail shortly after launching, as with Orbitz, Hubba Bubba, and Life-Savers sodas.

As of 2020, Pepsi holds the title of most successful soda company.