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Do French Drink Soda?

What soda has the least caffeine

Different countries have different drink preferences.

For example, France is well known for its wine culture.

But, is soda popular in France? I did some research and here’s what I found.

As a general rule, sodas in France are very popular French drinks and it’s easy to find them in any bar or convenience store.

They have all the well-known soft drink brands such as Coke and Fanta.

But, certain flavors like ginger ale, or root beer aren’t widely available, and you need to buy them from specialty stores.

Sugary drinks with simple syrup are popular in French regions like in other parts of the world.

Soft drink consumption behavior remains persistent despite high soft drink prices and city-level taxes.

The French soda tax came forward in 2012 for French regions that changed the price of drinks.

This tax was applicable at the national level to all sugary drinks and simple syrups that increased retail prices and Average Prices. However, these flavored syrups or simple syrup have adverse health effects.

Tax implementation cover drinks of all kind including diet drinks, soft drinks purchases, fruit juices like orange juice, Italian soda, Carbonated water, and other such drinks.

The French soda Tax on prices or tax on soft drink prices is paid by manufacturers, heavy purchasers, and importers at the national level. It had a direct effect on the overall Price Of Drinks.

Whether you’re interested in what the most popular sodas are in France, what different French brands of soda there are, and how people typically drink soda in France.

This article will cover everything you need to know about whether they drink soda in France.

What is a popular French soda?

What soda has the least caffeine

Well-known soda and soft drink brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola are made in the USA, however, are there any brands of French soda that are popular?

A popular French soda is Orangina, which is a lightly carbonated soda or Carbonated water that contains lemon, mandarin, grape juice, and grapefruit juice

Other well-known French sodas are:

In France, the most consumed sodas on average are:

Soda brand How many people said they drink it the most
Coca-cola 61%
Schweppes 33%
Orangina 30%
Fanta 21%
Sprite 17%

(source: link)

As you can see, in France French people consume Coca-Cola Company’s coke the most.

And the third most popular soda – just behind #2 – is Orangina which is a French-made soda.

French soda water brands

French soda water brands

Soda water or sparkling water is not everyone’s favorite drink, but it is a nice alternative to plain water and doesn’t have sugar like a standard soda – which is good if you’re trying to watch your calories. 

But, what soda water brands were invented in France?

On the whole, the most popular french soda brands or French drink brands also make soda water or sparkling water. Some examples are:

  • Auvergant
  • Breizh
  • Badoit

Interestingly, the international or national-level famous soda water brand Perrier is made and sold in France.

Perrier is carbonated, but you may be wondering whether it is naturally carbonated.

I did some research into this question and wrote what I found in this article is Perrier naturally carbonated article, as well as, other interesting information about Perrier.

Definitely, check it out if you’re interested in the Perrier brand of soda water

Standard bottled water is also popular in France, and there are many companies that make it such as Evian, and Crystalline.

Evian is also usually easy to find internationally, however, you won’t typically come across other French bottled water outside of France unless you buy it from a specialty soda website.

How much is soda in France?

How much is a soda in France

Because some drinks are popular in France they can be cheaper to buy than in other countries.

But, how much does it cost on average to buy a soda in France?

On average a soda in France costs around €0.50 in retail price which is around $0.60 US dollars of the retail price of drinks – depending on the exchange rate – for a 330 mL can (11 fl. oz.).

This is based on the soda, orange juice, and soft drink prices in a big supermarkets such as Carrefour which is the biggest supermarket chain in France.

As you may know at a corner store, or convenience store similar to a 7-11, the soft drink prices can be slightly higher.

This shows that the retail prices of soda in France on average are slightly higher than the retail prices of soda or soft drinks prices in the USA. This might be possible due to the tax on prices.

Tax on prices has a great role in altering the real prices of products.

However, high soft drink prices and an Increase In Juice prices do not affect soft drink purchases and soft drink consumption.

Where you can typically get an 11 fl. oz. can (330 mL) for $0.30 US cents retail price.

The price is according to what can be bought at Walmart.

Do French people drink Coke?

Do French people drink Coke

Coca-Cola Company soda is one of the most popular sodas in the world.

It has been featured in many movies, and TV shows, and has been around for around 100 years.

But, do they drink Coke in France?

On average, Coca-Cola Company soda is the most popular soda in France, and around 60% of people in France rate it as the soda they drink the most (source: link).

Coca-Cola Company is widely available in France, as well as other popular Coca-Cola Company brands such as Fanta and Sprite.

There are also many France-based brands of soda that make cola-flavored soda and other soda flavors like orange, lemonade, and grape juice.

But, of all the sodas that French people like the most, only one France-based brand – Orangina is in the top 5 most popular sodas in France.

The rest are internationally-based brands such as Schweppes and Coke.

Fizzy Water or Bottled Water also has a bad Health Impact, especially when you add flavors and sugary content to it.

Coca-Cola Company produces soft drinks, juices, and sodas or Italian soda that contain high sugar which has adverse health effects.

So, an Increase In Juice or orange juice Consumption Levels and sugary drinks levels can have Adverse Health Effects on the human body like diabetes, high blood sugar levels, and even heart disease.

Related questions:

What is french soda?

French soda is not much different from regular soda drinks.

Club soda (or seltzer water), flavored syrup, and ice are combined to make regular soda.

When half and half are added to the regular soda, it produces French soda.

What do people call soda in french?

French is a somewhat easy language to learn because a lot of the words are borrowed from English.

But, what is the French word for soda?

As a general rule, the French word for soda is the same word – soda.

However, soda or soft drink in french is pronounced a bit differently. 

The last syllable ‘da’ is emphasized and sounds like the ‘da’ in the word dart, like a dartboard.

Rather than sounding like the ‘der’ in the word under as it’s pronounced in English.

It also has a prefix such as, ‘un’ or ‘le’.

For example, people will call it ‘un soda’ or ‘le soda’.

what is a french soda

What are the most popular drinks in France?

Some of the most popular drinks in France are:

french soft drinks that contain alcohol:

Non-alcoholic drinks:

It’s generally accepted that French people LOVE wine, but the exact amount that French people drink and soft drinks purchase vary from person to person.

On average, French people drink the equivalent of 1 can of soda every 3 days (source: link).

Or, an average of 100 mL (3.5 gallons) a day.p[]\