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OpenCola (drink)

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– **Background**:
– Original version 1.0 released on 27 January 2001 by Grad Conn, Cory Doctorow, and John Henson.
– Current version is 1.1.3.
– 150,000 cans of the drink were sold.
– Opencola, a Toronto-based company, became more known for the drink than the software.
– Laird Brown attributes the drink’s success to a widespread mistrust of big corporations.

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– **References**:
– MIT Technology Review article by Paul Heltzel (9 April 2001).
– Digital Journal article by Malyn (18 February 2007).
– Wired article by Ian Steadman (13 April 2013).
– – Soft Drink Formula – Internet Archive.
– OpenCola Soft Drink Recipe PDF by Amanda Foubister (2001).

– **External links**:
– Wikibooks Cookbook has a recipe/module on OpenCola.
– Wikimedia Commons has media related to OpenCola.

– **Miscellaneous**:
– OpenCola was intended to explain free and open source software.
– The drink’s recipe includes instructions for homemade soda water.
– Opencola used peer-to-peer searching for information on the web.
– OpenCola was meant to be a promotional tool.
– OpenCola’s recipe is still available even though Opencola closed in 2003.

OpenCola (drink) (Wikipedia)

OpenCola is a brand of open-source cola whose list of ingredients and preparation instructions are freely available and modifiable. Anybody can make the drink, and anyone can modify and improve on the recipe. It was launched in 2001 by free software P2P company Opencola, to promote their company.

Introduced2001; 23 years ago (2001)
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