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– **History**:
– Edward K. Thompson was asked by S. Dillon Ripley to produce a magazine for the Smithsonian.
– Thompson aimed to stir curiosity, present relevant history and art, and cover social progress, science, and technology.
– The magazine turned a profit in 1973 and reached a circulation of over one million by 1975.
– Don Moser and Carey Winfrey succeeded Thompson, with Michael Caruso as editor-in-chief until 2019.
– Debra Rosenberg and Terence Monmaney are the current executive editors.

– **Events held**:
– The American Ingenuity Awards recognize innovation in arts, sciences, and technology since 2012.
– Winners include Bryan Stevenson, Elon Musk, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Jeff Bezos.
– Presenters have included Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Nye.
– The American Ingenuity Award was created by Jeff Koons.
– Future Con is an annual conference for science and science fiction enthusiasts.

– **Museum Day**:
– Smithsonian organizes Museum Day with free limited admission to museums in all 50 U.S. states.
– In 2018, over 1,400 museums participated.
– Free admission is for the ticket holder plus one guest, specific to the chosen museum.
– One ticket per person is intended, unlike International Museum Day.
– Smithsonian Magazine provides detailed circulation data and historical information.

– **Notable Contributors**:
– Bryan Stevenson, Elon Musk, and Lin-Manuel Miranda are some of the notable award winners.
– Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Nye have presented awards.
– Jeff Koons created the American Ingenuity Award.
– Debra Rosenberg and Terence Monmaney serve as executive editors.
– Smithsonian Magazine has featured various renowned personalities.

– **Impact**:
– Smithsonian Magazine has successfully engaged readers in history, art, science, and technology.
– The American Ingenuity Awards highlight innovation in various fields.
– Museum Day promotes access to cultural institutions across the U.S.
– The magazine’s events like Future Con inspire young people’s interest in science and science fiction.
– Notable contributors and presenters have added prestige to Smithsonian events.

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