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Craft soda

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Small Quantities:
– Craft soda is produced in small quantities from natural ingredients.
– Often made with alternative sweeteners and minimal preservatives.
– Innovation in raw materials and flavors is common.
– Producers are typically small, independent, and may start locally.
– Market share in the US was 1% in 2015.

Notable Producers:
– Ale-8-One established in 1926 in Kentucky.
– Brooklyn Soda Works based in Brooklyn, New York.
– Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company in Delaware.
– Sprecher Brewery in Wisconsin acquired WBC and Green River brands in 2021.

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– Drink portal.
– Artisanal food.
– Craft brewery and microbrewery.

– Craft soda market size valued at USD 537.9 million in 2016.
– Craft soda noticed in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2018.
– Articles from USA TODAY, Washington Post, and BBC News discuss craft soda trends.
– Books such as “The Kentucky Encyclopedia” and “Fizz: How Soda Shook Up the World” provide insights.
– Market analysis reports on craft soda consumer demographics and distribution channels.

Further Reading:
– Study on consumer proximity and brand loyalty in craft soda marketing.
– Related topics include Cola wars, list of soft drink producers, and soft drinks category.

Craft soda (Wikipedia)

Craft soda is a soft drink that is produced in small quantities from natural ingredients. Craft soda is in most cases made with sweeteners other than sucrose (sugar) or high-fructose corn syrup and contains sparing amounts of preservatives. Craft soda is often innovative in terms of raw materials and flavors.

Hand-crafted cream soda

Some of the literature adds that craft soda producers need to be authentic and small, or even local market only, and independent of major soft drink companies. Still, those big companies are trying to capitalize on the popularity of these types of drinks with craft soda-like products.

Craft soda is a certain trend in the US , with a market share of 1% in 2015, but in 2018 it also became noticeable in the Netherlands and Belgium. An American market researcher estimated the world market value for craft soda in 2016 at USD 537.9 million and expected sales in this segment to increase sharply.

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