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What is Grass Soda? [Flavor, Taste & Ingredients]

What is Grass Soda

Pushing the limits of acceptable flavored foods is fun and bold if you’re an adventurous eater – or drinker.

If you can get jalapeno ice cream, cucumber potato chips, and seaweed crackers, why not push the envelope?

Crossover food flavors are one thing, but since Harry Potter made ear wax jellybeans a possibility, no flavor has been safe.

So why not grass soda? Yes, there really is such a grass flavored soda drink, and it’s made by Rocket Fizz, who brought you bacon-flavored soda as well.

Grass soda is a green carbonated soda beverage flavored to taste like lawn clippings. It does not contain any grass or plants at all.

Like most soda pops, grass soda contains water, sugar, flavorings, and colorants.

Novelty sodas are a thing.

If you’re still drinking mainstream cola flavors, you’re seriously missing out.

There is a whole world of adventurous tastes out there for you to try – and we’re not only talking out-there food flavors either.

Ever watched a cow and wondered what your lawn tastes like?

No need to chew on your grass clippings – try a bottle of grass soda.

Grass Soda History

Grass Soda History

Described as a ‘craft soda’ rather than a novelty soda, grass soda is a soft drink produced and sold by American candy and soda makers Rocket Fizz.

Rocket Fizz specializes in apparently undrinkable, inedible flavors and can be relied on for the most outrageous gags you can imagine.

Grass soda forms part of their 500-stong unique flavors range, including their best-seller, bacon flavor, and butterscotch, coffee, ranch dressing, and even buffalo wings soda pop flavors.

Grass soda is best associated with their swamp and dirt-flavored soft drinks.

Grass soda should not be confused with Yeo’s Grass Jelly Drink, a Malaysian beverage containing pulped mint leaves and based on a popular Asian dessert.

It’s also not the same as Dry Soda Lemon Grass, a kind of soda water intended as a mixer.

What does grass soda taste like?

What does grass soda taste like

Labeled ‘Mowed and bottled in the USA’, grass soda makes a bold claim about tasting like grass clippings.

The clear liquid is the bright green color of a beautiful lawn, yes.

And the label has a beautiful close-up image of clipped grass on it.

Being one of Rocket Fizz’s soda pops i.e grass soda pop, this is not an ordinary soda just labeled ‘grass soda’ as a joke – it is intended to taste like grass. What does grass taste like?

But is it delicious or just gross?

The first sip

Who hasn’t nibbled on a tender shoot of grass, lying on the lawn on a sunny day? Well, that’s what the first sip of grass soda tastes like – just better.

Imagine the scent of freshly cut grass in a soda. Rather than earthy and vegetable-like, it’s sweeter than expected, with an almost syrupy, jellybean flavor.

Grass soda is definitely not a natural flavor, so don’t expect wheatgrass or lemongrass.

After a few sips

On drinking a few more sips, the flavor of grass soda develops into something surprisingly fruity and floral, with herbal notes.

The taster could pick up hints of basil, and later lime, green bananas, and even kiwifruit.

On the whole, because it is so sweet, grass soda’s flavor is more reminiscent of grass rather than truly tasting like grass (and be honest, we’ve all tasted grass as curious kids).

It’s like what you’d imagine grass would taste like if it were a fruit.

Grass soda has a totally unique flavor and really can’t be compared to any regular or traditional soda flavors (except maybe cream soda at a real stretch of the imagination).

Grass soda drinks smoothly, with no scratch, catch or tickle in the back of the throat.


The aftertaste is surprisingly robust and sugary, with an overtone of green apples.

The grassy taste is a little lost in the powerfully artificial aftertaste – but you just take the next sip to get it back. Grass soda is highly carbonated; therefore, it can be gassy.


Grass soda doesn’t have a potent smell, and you have to take a good sniff to get much fragrance.

That said, the smell of the soda is grassier than the actual taste, rather like putting your head into a gently scented heap of lawn clippings – it does give the vibe of a summer’s afternoon mowing grass.

What is grass soda made of?


What is grass soda made of

Spoiler alert: Grass soda is not made of grass.

Dirt soda ingredients

It contains no plants whatsoever, not even for color, so trying to make your own grass soda with lawn clippings and water liquidized together will not taste the same at all, could contain bugs and dirt, and will definitely be hazardous to your health.

As with other Rocket Fizz soda beverages, grass soda contains mountain spring water and pure cane sugar, with no additional preservatives.

The listed ingredients are carbonated artesian spring water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, and Yellow 5 and Blue 1 colorants.

The beverage has been flash pasteurized.

Is soda grass a health beverage?

Is grass soda a health beverage

If you think grass soda is a healthy wheatgrass shot, think again.

Containing no plants, this is not a healthy beverage at all but a sugary, fizzy soda.

It is alcohol-free, caffeine-free, fat-free, and low in sodium (1 %).

However, one 12 fluid ounce bottle contains 170 calories and 43 g of carbohydrates, 42 g of which are sugar.

That totals 14 % of your daily carbohydrates in a single serving (355 ml). There is no way grass soda counts towards one of your five-a-day fruit or vegetable servings.

Should I buy grass soda?

Should I buy grass soda

If you’re a cow, a goat, a kid under the age of 10, or really like a strong, artificially fruity beverage, this grass soda is your next favorite drink.

It’s best-drunk freezing, with lots of ice, and is utterly refreshing after you’ve just mowed the lawn and haven’t had time for a shower yet.

Creative drinkers might want to combine grass soda with alcohol – like grass vodka

for a crazy cocktail concoction, but the flavor is a bit strong to make a decent mixer.

For most people, grass soda is too sweet and downright weird-tasting, reminding them of wet grass or soap.

In general, grass soda is best kept for pranks and gags, like the grass soda challenge you can check out on YouTube. It’s legitimately drinkable enough to finish the bottle, but grass soda will be a once-off taste experience for most people.

The packaging is cute, so as a collectible or a bar decoration, grass soda is a worthwhile buy.

Grass soda near me

Grass soda can be purchased at Rocket Fizz stores in the United States or ordered on Amazon and several other online stores worldwide and delivered to your home.

Search for ‘weird and surprising soda pop’, and you’ll find it.

It is sold as individual bottles, rather than a six-pack, which gives you a clue – it’s a single bottle gift, not a drink you’d take to a party.

What should I try next?

What should I try next

Where do you go after trying grass soda?

Rocket Fizz also makes dirt soda, so pair the two for the whole garden experience.

Other plant-flavored sodas from around the world are tree bark, fungus, and guarana.

Or you could go for the truly bizarre and try bloody nose, barf, and dinosaur dung flavors.

The world really is your oyster: not sure if there’s an oyster soda pop, though.


Grass soda is one of the weirder soda flavors out there, with a taste that reminds you of grass but doesn’t quite capture the leafy flavor of the clippings themselves.

Still, grass soda is a fairly tasty, drinkable beverage with a sweet, fruity taste that is actually quite refreshing.

Best enjoyed as a gag drink, though, as are many of Rocket Fizz’s other novelty items, grass soda is an excellent once-off buy.