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Jaffa (drink)

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– History:
– Hartwall Jaffa introduced in 1949
– Selection expanded to 11 flavors
– Third best-selling soft drink in Finland
– Various bottle types over the years
– Available in cans

– Flavors:
– Original orange
– Musta Appelsiini (Black orange)
– Greippi & Appelsiini
– Mustikka (blueberry)
– Jouluomena (Christmas apple)

– References:
– Nupponen, Sakari article on Jaffa
– Tuominen, Petra article on Jaffa
– Hartwall Jaffa’s tribute to Erik Bruun
– 50th anniversary celebration
– Various online sources

– Marketing:
– Hartwall Jaffa street advertisements
– Collaboration with graphic designer Erik Bruun
– Promoted as suitable for all ages
– Various marketing campaigns over the years
– Strong presence in Finnish market

– Legacy:
– Known for immediate success in Finland
– Iconic Jaffa bottles
– Long-standing popularity
– Cultural significance in Finland
– Established brand in the soft drink market

Jaffa (drink) (Wikipedia)

Jaffa is a popular carbonated soft drink produced in Finland by Hartwall. Jaffa is usually orange flavoured, however different flavours are sold.

Current Hartwall Jaffa logo

The brand is also notable for the numerous popular posters and designs created for it by graphic designer Erik Bruun.

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