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**History of Cocktails:**
– The term ‘cocktail’ first appeared in 1803 in The Farmers Cabinet in the United States.
– Jerry Thomas published a bartenders guide in 1862 with 10 cocktail recipes.
– The term ‘cocktail party’ was coined in 1917 by Julius S. Walsh Jr.
– Cocktails gained popularity during the Prohibition in the U.S. (1920–1933).
– The rise of mixology in the early to mid-2000s contributed to the cocktail culture.

**Types and Usage of Cocktails:**
– Cocktails typically contain alcohol but can vary in ingredients.
– A highball is a mixed drink with a distilled spirit and a mixer.
– Duos contain a distilled spirit and a liqueur, while trios add cream or cream-based liqueur.
– Zero-proof or mocktails are mixed drinks without alcohol.
– Ingredients in cocktails can include sugar, honey, milk, cream, and herbs.

**Etymology and Development of Cocktails:**
– The origin of the word ‘cocktail’ is disputed.
– Cocktails traditionally consisted of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters.
– By the 1860s, cocktails started including liqueurs.
– The Old Fashioned cocktail is an example of a drink made the old-fashioned way.
– Various theories suggest the word ‘cocktail’ may have originated from different sources.

**Impact and Trends in Cocktails:**
– Cocktails have become staples in restaurants and popular culture.
– Cocktail recipes are widely shared online and covered in tourism magazines.
– The concept of cocktail in a can became popular in the U.S. by 2023.
– The cocktail culture has evolved, incorporating traditional and novel ingredients.
– The first cocktail party was allegedly thrown in 1917, marking a significant social event in cocktail history.

**Additional Resources and References:**
Liquor portal and The Museum of the American Cocktail.
– Lists of beverages, cocktails, IBA official cocktails, and national drinks.
– References to cocktail-related articles and publications.
– Further reading suggestions from cocktail experts and historians.

Cocktail (Wikipedia)

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink or non alcoholic mixed drink. Most commonly, a cocktail is a combination of one or more spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as juices, flavored syrups, tonic water, shrubs, and bitters. Cocktails vary widely across regions of the world, and many websites publish both original recipes and their own interpretations of older and more famous cocktails.

A martini served in a cocktail glass
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