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List of hot drinks

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**Traditional Hot Beverages:**
– Asiático: Hot drink from Cartagena, Spain with coffee, condensed milk, and cognac
– Atole: Traditional hot corn-based beverage from Mexico and Central America
– Bajigur: Hot and sweet beverage with coconut milk and palm sugar from West Java, Indonesia
– Bandrek: Traditional hot, sweet, and spicy beverage from West Java, Indonesia
– Blackberry demitasse: Cocktail made from blackberry brandy, cognac, and lemon juice

**Specialty Hot Drinks:**
– Butter tea: Tibetan drink made from tea leaves, yak butter, water, and salt
– Cannabis tea: Infused drink prepared by steeping cannabis plant parts in water
– Caudle: British thickened alcoholic hot drink like eggnog
Coffee: Various historical accounts of its origin
– Hot egg drinks: Popular in the US in the 1900s, made with fruit flavorings, egg, malt, or wine

**Hot Beverages with Alcohol:**
– Hot buttered rum: Mixed drink with rum, butter, spices, and hot water or cider
– Irish coffee: Cocktail with hot coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey, and cream
– Hot toddy: Mixed drink with liquor, water, sugar, and spices served hot
– Rüdesheimer Kaffee: Alcoholic coffee drink from Germany
– Sake: Traditional Japanese beverage made from fermented rice, served hot

**Unique Hot Beverage Varieties:**
Herbal tea: Made from infusion of herbs, spices, or plant material in hot water without caffeine
Hot chocolate: Consists of shaved or melted chocolate, heated milk or water, and sugar
– Mate cocido: Traditional drink in Southern Cone cuisine prepared by boiling yerba mate
– Mulled wine: Red wine with mulling spices and raisins, first recorded in 1st century Rome
– Salep: Turkish beverage made from tubers of Orchid species, served with cinnamon

**Regional Hot Drinks:**
– **Indonesia:**
– Bandung: Made with condensed milk and rose syrup
– Wedang jahe: Traditional ginger drink
– Bajigur: Sundanese warm drink made from coconut milk, palm sugar, and pandanus leaves
– Sarabba: Traditional drink from Makassar made with egg yolk, sugar, and spices
– Wedang secang: Javanese drink made from secang wood
– **India:**
– Masala chai: Spiced milk tea
– Filter coffee: Well-known Indian hot drink
– Kashmiri Kahwa: Traditional green tea with saffron and cardamom
– Badam milk: Sweet almond-flavored milk
– Saffron milk: Made with saffron strands, milk, and sugar

List of hot drinks (Wikipedia)

This list of hot drinks comprises drinks that are typically served hot. Drinks are liquids specifically prepared for human consumption.

A hot bowl of champurrado as served at a Mexican breakfast
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