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Bartending terminology

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**Bartending Terminology:**

– ‘Straight up’ and ‘up’ refer to shaken or stirred alcoholic drinks served without ice in a stemmed glass.
– ‘Straight’ means a single, unmixed liquor without water, ice, or mixer.
– Clarification may be needed to distinguish between ‘straight’ and ‘straight up.’
– Top-shelf bourbon is often labeled as Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.
– Neat drinks are a single, unmixed liquor served without chilling or mixing.
– ‘On the rocks’ means liquor poured over ice cubes in rocks, highball, or Collins glasses.
– A twist signals adding citrus zest to a cocktail as a garnish.
– Cocktails are usually served chilled, but some can be served with or without ice.
Vodka can be stored below freezing due to its high proof.
– A chaser is a mild drink consumed after a shot of hard liquor.
– Bartenders spoon is used for stirring cocktails and measuring ingredients.
– A salty rim enhances the taste of certain cocktails.
– Shaken cocktails are aerated and textured.
– A dash is equivalent to 1/8th of a teaspoon.

**Bar Tools and Equipment:**

– Jigger: A bartending tool used to measure and pour liquid ingredients.
– Muddle: To crush or mix ingredients together using a muddler.
– Twist: A piece of citrus peel used as a garnish for cocktails.
– Float: To layer a less dense ingredient on top of a drink.
– Shaker: Used to mix ingredients by shaking.
– Strainer: Tool used to separate ice from the cocktail when pouring.
– Bar Spoon: Long-handled spoon used for stirring and layering drinks.
– Citrus Zester: Tool for creating twists and garnishes from citrus fruits.
– Julep Strainer: Specifically designed strainer for straining stirred cocktails.

**Popular Cocktails:**

– Margarita: Made with tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur.
– Old Fashioned: Whiskey-based cocktail with sugar and bitters.
– Mojito: Rum cocktail with mint, lime, sugar, and soda water.
– Martini: Classic cocktail made with gin and vermouth.
– Negroni: Equal parts gin, vermouth, and Campari.

**Mixers and Garnishes:**

Tonic Water: Carbonated mixer often used in gin and tonics.
– Simple Syrup: Sweetening agent made from sugar and water.
– Angostura Bitters: Aromatic bitters used to add flavor to cocktails.
– Maraschino Cherry: Sweet cherry used as a garnish.
– Olive: Often used as a garnish in martinis and other cocktails.

**Techniques and Methods:**

– Shake: Method of mixing ingredients by vigorously shaking with ice.
– Stir: Gently mixing ingredients in a glass with a bar spoon.
– Double Strain: Using a fine mesh strainer to remove small ice chips from a cocktail.
– Layering: Technique of pouring ingredients in a way that creates distinct layers.
– Flame: Method of expressing citrus oils over a flame to release aromas.

Various unique terminology is used in bartending.

A martini served straight up with an olive
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