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Refill Sodastream : How & Where to Buy C02 – MY ULTIMATE Guide

Last updated on June 15th, 2022

where to Refill SodastreamSodaStream is the solution to having flavored sparkling water on deck and carbonated drinks at all times.

It’s the modern way to enjoy carbonated beverages and Fizzy drinks that you create in the comfort of your own home.

It changes the way you look at flavored sparkling water and is a great way to save money while still enjoying a refreshing carbonated beverage that you’ve created.

SodaStream is a CO2 carbonator that is used to power SodaStream soda machines.

The carbonator adds fizz to your flat water, creating delicious sparkling water for you to enjoy.

Afterward, you can add in pre-mixed flavors or create your syrup to create the perfect flavored sparkling water to sip on.

Here’s how it works.

How Does Refilling Your SodaStream Work?

SodaStream provides a home carbonation system that carbonates water by adding carbon dioxide from a pressurized cylinder to create soda water or sparkling water.

The CO2 cylinder or CO2 bottle that comes with each purchase of a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker can carbonate 60 liters, or 16 gallons, of water.

Some smaller models can also use a 33-ounce cylinder to accommodate the smaller size of the model.

The CO2 Gas cylinders work marvelously and last for quite a long time.

However, they will eventually run out of CO2 and thus you will run out of your delicious flavored sparkling water.

This means that it’s important for you to always be on top of your refills so you can always enjoy a consistent, steady stream of refreshing beverages within the comfort of your own home.

A Commitment to Green

sodastream green recycling

A fabulous ideal that guides SodaStream is its strong commitment to recycling and taking care of our great planet.

SodaStream’s products are marked as “Active Green,” which means that consumers actively reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing and using SodaStream products.

They do this by eliminating the unnecessary waste that would come from their products.

You would think that selling soda machines would produce a lot of waste and be a burden on the environment!

Plastic bottles, caps, and materials, when released into the environment, can be detrimental to us all.

However, SodaStream negates these consequences by minimizing their impact on the environment.

They focus on using reusing CO2 canisters and carbonating bottles.

They offer a gas exchange program to refill your CO2 canisters or Co2 bottle and the plastic bottles they provide with a purchase of a SodaStream machine are also reusable.

Some SodaStream machines even come with glass carafes instead of reusable plastic bottles.

Customers used to be required to mail in their empty canisters to refill them.

Lucky for you, the program has changed and the canisters will be delivered straight to your doorstep and you’ll only need to take a few steps to send off your empties. We’ll take a deeper dive into this process below.

Let’s dive into how and where to refill your SodaStream as well as taking a look at how much you can expect to pay.

Refilling Your Carbonator

SodaStream has streamlined the process of refilling your carbonator.

You’ll have multiple options to replace your CO2 so you can pick the most accommodating for you.

One of their special features is its gas exchange program.

If you’ve run out of CO2, you don’t need to buy a completely new cylinder.

SodaStream provides you with the service of ordering a refill. You can simply schedule a refill online and they’ll mail you a new cylinder.

The only catch is that you must then mail back or return to them your now-empty CO2 cylinder.

If you fail to return your empty CO2 cylinder within 30 days, SodaStream will charge you for the full price of a new cylinder.

You should make it a priority to send back your empty CO2 cylinder within seven days of receiving your newly refilled cannister.

It should also be noted that the gas exchange service does not apply to owners of 130L cylinders.

Here is how the whole process will work:

The Process

First, go online to SodaStream’s website and purchase a refill/exchange for your CO2 cylinder.

The full cost should run you $14.99 plus taxes. You can even enjoy a reduced shipping charge if you order two cylinders or more at the same time.

After you’ve placed your order, it’s time to wait for your carbonation fix to arrive. SodaStream will send you a full cylinder and an email with a link to print a prepaid UPS label.

Once your product(s) have arrived, place your empty cylinder(s) in the box and print off the prepaid UPS label that SodaStream has provided for you.

Once you’ve done that, slap the label on the box.

Once your package is completely and appropriately prepared, simply drop off your empty cylinders at a location for UPS to pick up.

You should do this within seven days of receiving your new cylinders to avoid being charged for a new one.

SodaStream will expect your empties back on time.

This delivery system is a great way to eliminate the hassle of going out and trying to find a place to refill or exchange your CO2 cylinder.

This can be especially frustrating if you’re in a rural area without somewhere nearby that can help you. It can also help save on gas as well as save you time.

It’s a great tool to use to consistently keep your flavored sparkling water flowing through day and night.

Where to Refill Your C02 Cylinder

co2 cylinder sodastream

Of course, you can use your SodaStream’s gas exchange service to refill your cylinders like we’ve gone over before.

However, this isn’t your only option for purchasing refills. SodaStream provides a variety of ways to keep CO2 coming and provide your supply of flavored sparkling water.

If you’re not interested in waiting for the mail to arrive, you can also check to see if there is a retailer near you that sells SodaStream refills or exchanges.

Here’s a list of some of the many stores that can help accommodate your SodaStream needs.


Walmart is one of the biggest retailers worldwide, it also happens to be one of the biggest retailers of SodaStream as well.

However, you should check to see if your local Walmart carries SodaStream exchanges.

You could waste your time driving only to find out that your local Walmart doesn’t carry the products.

Here’s a quick method to check if SodaStream exchanges are in stock:

  • Visit Walmart’s national website and enter your store address in the search field
  • After you’ve brought up your local store, search for SodaStream in their available products
  • Look for “SodaStream exchange carbonators”
  • It should show you whether they are in stock or out of stock
  • Another quick and easy way to check is by simply calling the store ahead of time and checking what their availability on SodaStream products is at the time.
    • Your local Walmart phone number should be listed after you’ve entered your store address


If you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck, Amazon may not be the best option for you.

However, they do provide delivery to most of the U.S. and, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can snag a good deal on shipping.

Because Amazon can’t sell the SodaStream products directly, third-party vendors must do it through Amazon.

This causes a price increase so that the middleman, Amazon, in this case, receives their fair share of the purchase.

This leads to SodaStream CO2 canisters averaging around the $40 mark.

is substantially more than what you would pay through SodaStream’s website.

They offer their products at a rate of $30, and so do most other retailers.

However, if you’re in an extremely rural area and don’t have any retailers around that you can visit to exchange your cylinders, Amazon can be a great option to keep your CO2 supply in full strength.

Other Retailers that May Carry SodaStream Exchanges

  • Staples
  • Bed Bath and Beyond (surprisingly they tend to keep most stores in stock for SodaStream products)
  • Home Depot
  • Costco (only if you’re a member!)
  • Tesco
  • Target

Purchasing Spare Canisters

Consistently having CO2 canisters for your SodaStream products is great, in theory.

However, it can be a difficult task to maintain, especially if you’re limited to one CO2 cylinder.

If you’re restricting yourself to one canister, you’ll quickly realize that it’s impossible to have a tank with CO2 in it at all times.

This is why it’s incredibly important for you to have backup CO2 canisters for when one of your refills is on the way.

A brand new cylinder from SodaStream will hold carbonation for up to 60 liters of carbonated deliciousness.

And, they only cost $29.99 when ordering them online through SodaStream themselves. If you’re going through Amazon, you may find yourself paying more than $40.

By keeping a spare on you, you’ll always have a drink to sip on.

I recommend purchasing at least two spares if you’re a real flavored sparkling water lover, or if you just really dig carbonated water.

It’s also a good idea to at least look into owning a 130-liter tank.

The tank doesn’t qualify for the refill program, but it will provide you with the longest duration of any CO2 canister on the market made for SodaStream products.

The 130-liter tanks are also a perfect item to own as a spare or backup canister.

You can comfortably relax when your 60L canister runs out as you can keep sipping on the good stuff via your 130-liter tank until your exchange arrives via the mail.

Plus, they’re a great bang for your buck. They were only $59.99 and hold more than double the amount of the original canister.

Any way you spin it, it’s almost certainly worthwhile to carry a spare CO2 canister if you’re a real SodaStream fanatic

Refilling Proven to Save Money

does sodastream save you money in the long run

Some people avoid using soda machines such as SodaStream products because they don’t see the point.

Why buy a product to make something that you can pick up at any local grocery store?

It certainly does add steps you must do before you can enjoy your beverage.

However, introducing your low-cost flavoring and using the refillable bottles will save you oodles of money in the long term.

Right now, through Walmart, one bottle of San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral water runs for $1.54 for one 25.3 fluid ounce bottle. That roughly translates to 6.1 cents per fluid ounce.

A CO2 canister from SodaStream will carbonate 60 liters of water for a total price of $29.99, or $14.99 once you’ve started exchanging them.

60 liters of water translates to about 2029 fluid ounces you can carbonate per canister.

We’ll use the $14.99 price as our baseline because you should only be paying full price once when you initially purchase the product.

This means that SodaStream is providing you carbonated water at a staggeringly low price of $0.007 per fluid ounce.

Off the bat, this should be peaking, grabbing, and thrusting your interest into the arms of SodaStream.

You’ll also save money on disposing of wasted materials.

Because SodaStream is so eco-friendly, you won’t have to worry about purchasing any more bottles or throwing away the empty CO2 canisters – SodaStream provides answers for both of those issues.

If you love soda, sparkling water, or flavored sparkling water and hate wasting money on unnecessary expenses, this is a great product to get the best bang for your buck while also letting you get creative with your taste buds.

Make Your SodaStream Carbonator Last Longer

An entire 60 liter SodaStream CO2 cylinder is advertised as providing roughly 60 bottles of sparkling water that you can add flavor to.

If you’re making one bottle of sparkling water a day, a normal canister should last you between eight to nine weeks of use.

However, you can use a variety of tips and tricks to help your CO2 cylinder last longer so you can enjoy your refreshments for as long as possible before needing to purchase another exchange or spare canister.

Use Cold Water. Like, really cold water.

This is likely going to be the most helpful tip you’ll receive in regards to making your SodaStream cylinder last longer as well as ensuring you can immediately enjoy your carbonated beverage after creating it.

If you weren’t aware, CO2 dissolves the best in cold water.

This is why it’s important to have the coldest water available when you’re creating your sparkling water with a soda machine.

If you fail to use cold water and use room temperature water, you can be in for a world of pain or displeasure.

If the water is at room temperature, you run the risk of a lot of CO2 not being able to dissolve into the water.

This means the gas from the cylinder would then be trapped at the top of the bottle.

Guess what happens when you release an excessive amount of CO2 from the top of your bottle?

That’s right, nothing good. You may get a good look at it before your bottle takes flight and pops you right in the eye.

While this isn’t the most likely scenario you’ll run into, it’s a possibility.

Using cold water also means you’ll waste less gas on carbonating water that wouldn’t have been carbonated if you used warmer water.

Allow the CO2 Gas to Settle After Carbonation

Similar to using cold water, letting the gas settle after carbonation will help you preserve the carbonation in your beverage.

When you carbonate your drink, you press and release the button in two-second bursts.

Then, you allow a one-second pause in between each burst. This ensures that the carbonation is thoroughly mixing with the water.

This is the same concept, except you’ll allow the water to settle once you’ve finished carbonating your whole bottle.

Allow the bottle to sit and rest for about a minute before opening your newly-carbonated bottle.

If you don’t allow them time to settle and open the bottle right after you’ve carbonated it, you’ll allow a lot of carbonation that’s still resting within the bottle to quickly escape before it can dissolve into the water.

This means your drink will be less fizzy than appropriate and you’ve just wasted money on unused carbonation.

If you’re wanting to save as much of your CO2 cylinder as possible, always allow time for your bottles to settle after carbonation.

Plus, it will make your drink taste better too!

Only Carbonate Water

Only Carbonate Water

Carbonating liquids other than water tend to use more CO2 than water.

This may include coffee, alcohol, or juice.

This is because other liquids usually have a higher density when compared to water.

This makes carbonation more difficult and it will take more CO2 to fully carbonate your drink.

More carbonation equals less in your CO2 cylinder.

Beyond it being bad for your CO2 usage, using a SodaStream machine to carbonate anything other than water will result in SodaStream refusing any replacements if your machine has been damaged.

SodaStream is made specifically to only be used with water. If you choose to carbonate any other liquid with a SodaStream product, you’ll run the risk of damaging your machine and being left without a paddle on a replacement.

Be sure to only carbonate water in any SodaStream machine in any model, you may regret it and be out of quite a bit of money if you don’t.

Don’t Overcarbonate Your Drinks

This may be a personal preference.

But, in my personal opinion, there is such a thing as too much carbonation. You should be mindful of how much fizz you’re putting into your beverage.

Too much may ruin your drink and waste more CO2 than is necessary.

A quick fix for this is by purchasing SodaStream’s One Touch Electric soda machine model. The One Touch comes with three levels of fizz you can adjust your drinks too.

Simply be mindful of the level you’ve selected and carbonate away.

This will ensure you can get the right amount of fizz for your tastes without ruining your drink or your CO2 cylinder.

If you have a different model that doesn’t come with three distinct levels, that’s not a problem.

SodaStream recommends carbonating your water by pressing down on the block or button in two seconds bursts with a one-second pause in between each burst.

You can experiment with the number of bursts you incorporate into your drinks to find the perfect level of carbonation to your taste. This will allow you to never spend extra CO2 on a ruined drink.

As a guiding principle, SodaStream recommends using four two-second bursts if you’re looking to flavor your sparkling water.

However, they recommend never going above five bursts in total. If you do, you run the risk of over-carbonating your drink and having excess CO2 in your bottle that won’t properly dissolve into the water.

Try playing around with the different amounts of carbonation in your drink to make the most of your CO2 cylinder.

Protecting Your Soda Machine

Preserving, exchanging, and keeping spares of your CO2 cylinder is a great idea. However, it’s all useless if you’re not protecting your soda machine the proper way.

Here are some tips and tricks to preserve your soda machine for years to come.

It Needs To Be Said Twice – ONLY Carbonate Water

This was discussed previously, but it’s a common misconception that you’re able to carbonate drinks other than water.

While it is possible to carbonate other drinks, you should never do it with a SodaStream machine.

You can damage your machine by introducing sticky materials, such as sugar, into it. Plus, you’ll invalidate any returns on your SodaStream product.

Be safe, only carbonate water. Even if carbonated coffee sounds like a good time, it isn’t worth it.

Only Exchange/Refill Your CO2 Cylinders From SodaStream or Licensed Retailers

SodaStream consumers will commonly try to save a bit of money by refilling their CO2 cylinders themselves or through a local, unlicensed dealer. This is a big no-no for several reasons.

Firstly, SodaStream uses licensed CO2 carbonates that are filled with beverage-grade CO2 and comply with exacting FDA standards for food and beverage safety.

If you go to a local filling station, chances are they don’t meet these standards. This means you could introduce toxins into your CO2 – and thus, into your drinks.

Beyond the health risks, using an unauthorized filling machine may cause damage to the carbonator.

If you’ve damaged your carbonator, be warned, SodaStream will not accept any of them for return or Cylinder Exchange.

Finally, using any filling station for your CO2 cylinder that isn’t authorized by SodaStream also violates the User License that comes with the product.

That means your three-year warranty has just gone out the window.

If you’re a smart consumer who’s interested in preserving the life of their soda machine for as long as possible, never exchange or refill your CO2 cylinders from anyone other than SodaStream or a licensed retailer.

Don’t fret, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any options for exchanges and refills.

You’ll find a long list of retailers that are more than likely in your area listed above.

From Walmart to Target, to Bed Bath and Beyond, many retailers sell SodaStream products and exchanges.

Finding someone that isn’t a local filling station shouldn’t be a problem.

In a worst-case scenario, you can easily exchange your canisters via the mail as well. The gas exchange services SodaStream provides should never leave you without access to a fresh CO2 cylinder.

Home Refilling Your C02 Cartridges For Less

This is what you need to do the refill at home– enjoy!