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Can You Ship Soda Overseas? [Mail Cans, Plastic Bottles, USPS]

can you ship soda overseas

Have you ever wondered if you can ship soda overseas?

Yes, you can ship soda overseas.

Shipping soda, food, and perishable items overseas are complicated; in some cases, it could land you in trouble with the law if done incorrectly.

There are some concerns when shipping soda overseas, such as carbonation and container material.

Soda can be shipped overseas but in very specific conditions to prevent damage to the container or an accidental explosion from the carbonation.

If a soda explodes in the mail and it damages property, the companies involved could come after you aggressively for damages, which is why you should always take care when shipping soda overseas.

In this article, we will go into detail about the specific ways you could ship soda internationally and the risks that could be involved in shipping soda overseas so you can prevent any pitfalls in your attempt to obtain your favorite soda from another country or send a familiar soda to a relative overseas.

I also have a handy video resource walking through some hints & tips further down.

There are a few different reasons why you may want to ship soda internationally.

You may want to order a foreign soda from another country, or you may want to send a soda to a family member overseas or deployed in the military.

Whatever your reason for shipping soda overseas, stay with this article to find out everything you need to know about shipping soda overseas without shipping delays.

Legal Restrictions of Shipping Soda

shipping liquids and sodas internationally

The first thing you should consider when shipping soda overseas is its legality, especially in Muslim countries.

It may seem silly that it is illegal to ship soda or alcoholic beverages overseas in some cases, but there are many legitimate risks associated with shipping any sort of food overseas for health and safety.

The first legal factor to consider about shipping soda overseas is the specific customs laws of that country and destination countries.

The United States strictly prohibits the shipment of certain items overseas, such as certain kinds of weapons,  hazardous materials, and drugs, but food is another thing that the government closely regulates when it comes to shipping. Under the correct conditions, it is legal to ship soda overseas in most cases.

If you are unsure of whether or not it is legal to ship a soda to a certain country, you can call their customs department, or there are also online resources such as this article that can help you figure out whether or not the destination countries will allow foreign soda.

When it comes to shipping food and drink items to the United States, it is generally required that the FDA approve the food or drink items and the Food and Drug Association and be labeled in English.

In most cases, as long as the soda is properly labeled and packaged according to the food and liquid regulations of the countries in question, you can safely and efficiently ship soda overseas to any of the desired destination countries.

It may require a longer shipping process, however, which could affect the carbonation of the soda as well as the flavor of the soda, especially if the temperature of the soda is warmed and cooled throughout the transport.

If you are unsure of the legal regulations for shipping soda, you should call the customs department.

You can also consult with the shipping carrier you plan on using to see if they have any recommendations or procedures in place to recommend for safely and legally shipping soda internationally.

What if the soda explodes during shipping?

Can you mail soda

Can you mail soda?

One of the biggest concerns with shipping soda overseas is what if it explodes during shipping.

Soda is a carbonated beverage, and as the temperature of the soda rises and falls, it can create a pressurized environment within the bottle or can that can cause the liquid to “explode” or squirt out everywhere.

If this happens during transport, it could be expensive for you because you would be liable for any damages that the liquid spill causes.

When shipping soda, there are procedures you can follow to prevent the soda from exploding during shipping or at least make sure that if the container does break that none will be able to leak out of the package, damaging other packages or equipment that you could be liable for.

Tips For Shipping Soda Overseas

This section of the article will give you some of the best tips for shipping liquids overseas.

Soda is considered a liquid, and as a carbonated beverage, extra care should be taken to prevent any sort of accidental property damage from a damaged soda bottle.

These tips for shipping soda internationally can be very helpful if you are wondering how to ship soda overseas.

Shipping Regulations May Vary by Carrier and Country

The easiest and fastest way to find out if you can ship soda overseas is to ask your shipping carrier.

They will have the most updated laws and regulations regarding shipping, and it is important to remember that FDA regulations and customs laws can change daily, so even if you have shipped soda before you may want to check to see if the requirements have changed.

The FDA and the US government prevent the shipment of a certain food, liquid, and other perishable items overseas, and shipping carriers have a detailed list of what is and is not allowed so they can advise you accurately about the specifics of how to package your soda or if it is allowed to be shipped at all.

Can You Ship Soda With Major Shipping Carriers?

For most of the major shipping carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS, you can ship soda legally under certain conditions.

Here are some tips for shipping soda with major shipping carriers.

Waterproof Packaging

How to ship a 12 pack of soda

How to ship a 12 pack of soda?

If you want to ship a package containing soda or another liquid with Fedex or another major shipping carrier, you must bottle the soda in a watertight container with a leak-proof lid that snaps or screws on.

In addition to the primary waterproof packaging, such as a waterproof bottle or can, there needs to be secondary waterproof packaging.

The secondary waterproof packaging is another layer of protection in case the bottle or can leaks.

Absorbent Material

The soda, which is bottled or canned, and then packaged in yet another waterproof container such as a plastic bag or canister, then must be padded with enough absorbent material to absorb the entire contents of the soda container in case it leaks.

You can use any sort of absorbent material, such as cotton stuffing or paper towels, just as long as it is enough to absorb the totality of the soda if it does spill.

The Box for Shipping Soda

amazon shipping box

The outer box for the container should be sturdy enough that the soda will not be affected by the jostling of transport and any of the changes in temperature.

It is up to the person preparing the package for shipment to ensure that the outer box is sturdy and high-quality enough to withstand the shipping process.

USPS requires that the box for shipping triple packed if it is a liquid container greater than 4 oz., which most sodas are, which means that the soda not only has to be packaged in a waterproof container but it also needs to have three layers of waterproof pacing around it in addition to the bottle or can and the corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping.

Consider the Price of Shipping Soda Overseas

One Reddit user commented that shipping four sodas overseas cost about $70, more than any other international shipping fee they had ever paid.

There is a premium fee for shipping soda overseas for a few reasons.

Shipping regulations for liquids require that the sodas be packaged in enough absorbent material so that if the bottle breaks or leaks, it cannot leak out of the package and damage other property.

The cost of shipping materials is one thing to consider when you are considering shipping soda internationally.

Another reason why shipping soda overseas is more expensive than sending a regular package, or even a package with food items such as candy, is because the sodas are carbonated and need to be handled specifically to make it from one country to another without losing the carbonation or flavor.

If you are shipping more soda, it will be more expensive because you will have to pay for more shipping materials and more complicated transport.


After reading this article, we hope you understand how to safely and legally ship soda overseas.

To prevent legal issues or accidental property damage, check with the customs office and the mail carrier when shipping soda overseas.

If the correct protocol is followed, your soda should make it overseas without any changes in flavor or quality and without leaking, spilling, or having a pressurized explosion during transport.

The proper protocol will avoid potential damage to property that you could be liable for.

A lot of the major shipping companies do not have a clear protocol established on their websites for what kind of perishable materials are allowed to be shipped because these laws can change almost daily, which is why we recommend asking the shipping carrier and the customs departments of the countries that are involved.

The laws may vary from country to country, so just because it is legal for you to ship a soda out from your country does not mean that the customs in their country will accept it, and vice versa.