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What Can Coke Dissolve? [Penny, Meat, Drains]

What Can Coke Dissolve

There has been a ‘myth’ floating around that Coke can dissolve a quarter, and I became interested in what Coke can dissolve.

So, I did some research, and here’s what I found.

So, what can coca-cola dissolve?

Coke can dissolve anything that can dissolve in water.

The myth is that you can dissolve a quarter or a nail in a glass of Coke.

But, it has been debunked through experiments and nothing happens even if you leave it in for 7 days.

Coca-Cola is a mild gastric acid, however, and there are various other ways it can be used.

Read on to discover what Coke can be used for around the home and what are coke dissolving things.

Will Coke dissolve a penny?

Will Coke dissolve a penny

So, the question is can coke dissolve a penny?

Coke will not dissolve a penny, because the acid is not strong enough to ‘melt’ the penny in coke.

Coke has similar dissolving properties to water.

Some people have claimed that they dissolve sugar and salt faster than water.

But, this has yet to be proven in an experiment.

Can Coke Dissolve a Nail?

Here’s a video of an experiment a guy did where he left a nail in a bottle of Coke for 7 days. What do you think, will coke dissolve a nail?

After penny, the question is can coca cola dissolve a nail?

Metal is a very hard substance, according to Pop Science.

An acid that is capable of melting a penny is Hydrochloric Acid (HCl).

Each acid has its own strength based on some complex chemical formulas.

The acid that is found in Coca-Cola and other carbonated drinks is Carbonic acid.

It forms from the mixing of CO2 gas with H2O, to form H2CO3 a weak acid, in the opinion of

The strength of carbonic found in soda is about the same as citric acid which is found in citrus fruits like oranges and mandarins.

The amount of carbonic acid found in Coca-Cola is around 0.22%, as I showed in the article I recently wrote about whether San Pellegrino is healthy.

will coke dissolve a nail

Can Coca-Cola dissolve meat?

Can Coca Cola dissolve meat

Coca-cola will not dissolve meat.

It does, however, make a great meat tenderizer, according to Southern Kitchen.

Coca-cola does however have a range of uses around the home, such as defrosting a windshield and cleaning tiles.

Coca-Cola and fresh orange juice make a terrific marinade for steak, pork, and venison.

And is used in a tonne of different recipes.

The mild acid in Coca-cola weakens the surface of the piece of meat making it softer.

And the sugary flavor also creates a caramel finish once it’s cooked.

How do you neutralize Coke?

How do you neutralize Coke

The fastest way is to heat it in a saucepan.

The extra heat makes CO2 evaporate out of the drink faster.

Slower methods are to shake up the bottle and then release it, repeatedly.

Or, simply leave it open to the air by leaving the lid off or pouring it into an open container.

 This also works for any soda and not just Coke.

Some people prefer to drink Coke flat because it’s easier to swallow.

Can Coke unclog drains?

Can Coke unclog drains

Coke can help to unclog drains because it is a mild acid.

However, the most effective way to unclog drains is using a plunger, a drain cleaner, or a toilet brush – which is a strong flexible piece of wire that you stick down the drain.

Coke to unclog drain is very ineffective.

Sometimes oil and grease can harden in your drain.

So, a good step to try is to use boiling water.

This will help melt the oil and get it moving again.

However, because the blockage isn’t moving, even if it’s been softened your drain won’t clear.

This is where a plunger really shines.

It creates a huge amount of movement in the pipe.

Which causes the water to rush back and forward loosening the material.

Does Coke get oil off a driveway?

Does Coke get oil off a driveway

Coke can remove 1% to 5% of oil stains and blood stains because Coca-Cola contains a mild acid.

However, it’s very ineffective.

A good way to remove an oil stain from a driveway is to scrub it with baking soda and water according to Good Housekeeping.

Here’s a video of a guy trying out Coca-Cola on the oil stain on his patio with very little effect:

The acid in Coca-Cola isn’t strong enough to dissolve the oil, you need to bring out the big guns.

In the opinion of Better Homes & Gardens, the best way to clean oil off a driveway is to use a detergent and/or a pressure washer.

A pressure washer is very effective and means you don’t have to use so much elbow grease – excuse the pun.

Can Coca-Cola clean mold?

Can Coca Cola clean mold

Coca-Cola is effective at cleaning mold, according to Cradiori. co.

They claim that you can add coke to a load of laundry to remove mold from the fabric.

This has also been confirmed by the Home Handyman.

 Interestingly claims that the mild acid in Coca Cola like other soft drinks can also remove rust, and calcium deposits.

The general procedure is to use a cloth dipped in Coca-Cola and wipe down the surface.

Depending on how bad the mold is you can also scrub it with a brush.

Just be sure not to use a brush that’s too stiff that it will scratch the surface you’re trying to clean.

They also say that it can be used to clean showerheads, and surfaces in the bathroom.

Does Coke disinfect?

Does Coke disinfect

Coca-Cola does kill a wide range of bacteria and microorganisms because of its acidic properties of a common type of phosphoric acid content.

According to BCN research laboratories, only aciduric bacteria, molds, and yeast can survive the low pH.

However, they say that these are rarely a health concern.

These bacteria can spoil Coca-Cola and other sodas if left to grow.

This occurs most in sodas that have fruit juice in them and leads to discoloration, and an unpleasant taste.

Standard soda and soft drinks such as Coca-Cola don’t have any nutrients that bacteria, mold, and yeast can feed on to survive.

So, it is effective as a disinfectant with the presence or concentration of phosphoric acid.

Does Coke rot your teeth?

Does Coke rot your teeth

According to Bamboo Dental, a 9-time winner of the Welsh Dental awards, Coke does rot your teeth.

Bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugar that’s left behind when you drink Coke and secrete acid that erodes your teeth.

Coca-Cola is also mildly acidic which slightly erodes your human teeth and damages Tooth Enamel.

Bamboo Dental also says that the dye that is used in Coca-Cola contains glucose, which they say contributes to tooth decay.

The official Coca-Cola Administration and  Coca-Cola website say that any foods containing sugar cause tooth decay, and Coke is no different.

They advise consuming it as part of a balanced diet and to consult a dentist if you have any concerns.

Dental One Associates, a website created by many qualified dentists say that sugar combines with saliva and bacteria and produces plaque.

When plaque is left to sit on the teeth it can dissolve enamel.

To avoid this they recommend brushing your human teeth as soon as possible after eating.


Coke (diet soda) doesn’t dissolve anything that hot water can’t.

But, owing to the fact that it’s mildly acidic it can be useful for cleaning mold from fabric, and around the home.

It is a common myth that Coke dissolves nails or coke dissolves pence.

However, this’s been proven to not happen.

Also, carbonic acid – which is what gives Coca-Cola its dissolving qualities – is a weak acid. And not strong enough to dissolve metal.

An acid capable of dissolving metal found in a penny or a nail is hydrochloric acid.

But, the weak acid in Coca-Cola is useful as a mild disinfectant.

Coca-Cola rots your teeth when the sugar gets left behind in your mouth and turns into plaque.

So, brushing your teeth soon after drinking is recommended.