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What Is Double Cola Soda? [History & Is it Still Made]

What Is Double Cola

What is even better than one bottle of cola? A bottle of double cola.

If you want to find out more about the soda that promises a “double measure” and “double pleasure,” then you are at the right spot.

Double Cola is a southern soda drink manufactured in Chattanooga (Food City), Tennessee, by the Double Cola Company.

However, that name has not always found a use for the company.

In a bid to compete against other soda giants like Royal Crown Cola (RC Cola), Pepsi Cola, and Coca-Cola, the brand decided to double a 6-ounce bottle into a 12-ounce. [source]

In this article, we will be answering questions about Double Cola’s interesting history and questions about its taste and content, so buckle up and enjoy the ride with us.

Double cola history

What Is Double Cola

The birth story of Double Cola began when two former Chero-Cola employees. Charles D. Little and Joes S. Foster founded the Good Grapes Company in 1922 in Huntsville, Alabama, to market the good grape brand.

That same year, later Charles D. Little moved to Food City or Chattanooga. [source]

In 1924, Joe Little created a cola drink or soft drink called Marvel classic cola.

Reformulation later occurred and was renamed Jumbo Cola

In 1933, the Double Cola product was launched and became immensely popular because its 12-ounce bottles doubled the amount contained in other soda bottles and cola formula.

Although Double Cola was initially only available in the broader area of the South, it grew so much in popularity that it became a distinctive part of Southern Indiana culture – all the way in the Midwest.

Today, their main factory is in Evansville. They even have a soccer field called the Double Cola Soccer Fields.

Over the years, the company has experimented with different flavors and produced them, including a diet version of the soda for people who want fewer calories but still want to enjoy the delicious flavor of their favorite drink.

Another bestseller is the citrus drink Ski Soda.

The jumbo-sized and larger bottles version has expanded to include fruit-flavored sodas like blue creme soda, fruit punch, peach, pineapple, real orange,  strawberry, fruit punch, and root beer.

It has become a high-profile drink. Not bad for a product first marketed as a lower-cost option for other sodas or soda pop in the soft drink business.

What Makes Doube Cola Unique?

What Makes Doube Cola Unique

Part of what makes Double Cola unique and popular among soda lovers is its consistency.

Since its inception in 1933, it has maintained the same formula and has remained the same.

Soda lovers know what to expect and do not have to worry about any new shocking tastes and jumbo flavors.

Unlike some other soda brands that have changed their recipes, Double Cola remains true to using its original kola nut flavor and a secret recipe that sets it apart from its competitors.

In order to ensure that every single batch maintains the same quality, Double Cola Company-USA soda is produced ​in small batches to ensure they can do a quality test for every batch and assure that the consumers enjoy nothing but the best of flavors they are accustomed to tasting. [source]

The long and short of this is that Double Cola Company-USA is unique and has remained popular on grocery store shelves because it is a trustworthy brand that fosters the strongest confidence among its soda-loving customers.

What Does Double Cola Taste Like?

What Does Double Cola Taste Like

Even though they all have the same base ingredient, there is almost no other similarity in tastes between Double Cola and other cola brands like Pepsi, RC Cola, and Coca-Cola soft drinks.

True Double Soda lovers can instantly tell which glass contains their favorite flavor of fruit soda in a blind taste test.

Because it has double the cola content (pun unintended), it has a bolder cola flavor that takes center stage and puts the sweetness on the backseat.

People who take cola sodas for cola taste will enjoy having a taste of this Double Cola Company soda.

It is not as sweet as other brands due to the reasons above and has more moderate carbonation that does not distract from the cola taste.

If you don’t like sodas that burn as they travel down your gut, then you should consider trying a Double Cola Company soda.

With its perfect balance of sweetness and carbonation, as well as its combination of all-natural spice flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange juice,  and kola nut, everyone is sure to enjoy a bottle down to the last sip.

What Ingredients Are in Double Cola Soda?

What Ingredients Are in Double Cola Soda

The ingredients in regular double cola bottle include carbonated water, Tonic water, caffeine, high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, natural flavor, caramel color, and gum acacia.

On the other hand, the Diet Double Cola Soda and Cherry SKI contains carbonated water, phosphoric acid, caramel color, potassium citrate, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, potassium benzoate (preservative), citric acid, and natural and artificial flavors. 

Do they still make double cola?

Is Double Cola Still Made

Is double cola still made? Yes, after over a century of production, Double Cola Company soda joins the concise list of some of the oldest sodas in production which has a familiar taste. With annual revenue of 21.1 Million Dollars, there is enough incentive to continue production. [source]

You can buy Double Cola soda from any Cracker Barrel store closer to you. It has a special space on grocery store, use the Double Cola store locator, or you can order online from their website or any other online store that sells sodas and enhance their fountain sales in entire city.

Which Came First RC Cola Or Coke?

Which Came First RC Cola Or Coke

Both of these cola drinks originated in Georgia, Columbus.

However, Coca-Cola existed first before the creation of RC Cola. In fact, a disagreement with Coca-Cola led to its origination.

Coca-Cola was formed in the year 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton. 

At that time, one of its biggest distributors was Hatcher Grocery Company, owned and managed by Claud Hatcher (who was a pharmacist and grocery wholesaler) and his father.

In the early 1900s, the Hatchers sold so much Coca-Cola with distinctive taste to their customers that they felt they deserved a better incentive from the company – like a discount or commission.

Anything that would show that the Coca-Cola company appreciated and acknowledged its contribution to its growth.

However, because he knew that Coca-Cola was the most popular soda in the entire country and didn’t have any competitors to knock them off, the local Coca-Cola representative denied the request.

Due to frustration, Hatcher vowed that he had bought his very last case of Coca-Cola, and he would develop his cola brand that would give Coca-Cola a run for its money.

In 1907, Claud Hatcher produced the first batch of the Royal Cola (RC) citrus soda. 


Where is double cola made?

Double Cola is a brand of soft drink that is made by the Double Cola Company, which is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. The Double Cola Company was founded in 1933 and has been producing its popular Double Cola beverage for nearly a century. The company also produces a variety of other soft drinks, including Diet Double Cola and Crush Grape soda.

Double cola near me

Double Cola is widely available in the United States and is known for its unique flavor and retro-style packaging. The brand has a loyal following and is popular among those who enjoy traditional, old-fashioned sodas. In addition to being sold in the United States, Double Cola is also exported to other countries and can be found in some international markets.

FAQs About Double Cola Soda

FAQs About Double Cola Soda

How much sugar is in Double Cola Soda?

Double Cola Soda contains 39g of added sugars or cane sugar in its 12 fl. Oz can, which is about 78% of the recommended daily value.

However, if you would prefer less sugar in your drinks, the diet version, Diet Double Cola Soda, has zero sugar.

The good thing is that you can still enjoy the excellent quality taste associated with Double Cola Company Soda.

Does Double Cola Have Caffeine?

Double Cola Soda in the soda market, has 36 mg of caffeine per 12 fl. Oz. For context, regular Coca-Cola has 34 mg, and Diet Coca-Cola had 46 mg. PepsiOne has 57.1 mg and regular Pepsi has 37.5 mg. RC Cola has 43mg.  

How many calories are in Double Cola Soda?

There are 160 calories in each 12 fl. oz can.

If you prefer to have fewer calories, the Diet Double Cola Soda has zero calories and is safe enough for you to consume.