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How to Set Up SodaStream Fizzi One Touch In 5 Steps

How to Set Up SodaStream Fizzi One TouchIf you’ve got a new soda stream fizzi One Touch, you’re likely excited to begin creating your own custom sodas.

But although these machines are easy to use, careful setup is required to ensure that each bottle of soda is made correctly.

These machines use cylinders of compressed CO2 gas, and this gas can explode if you don’t set everything up perfectly before trying to fizz up some cold water.

So how do you set up a SodaStream Fizzi One Touch?

There are five simple steps OF sodastream installation you can follow to get your new soda maker ready to produce tasty beverages of many different flavors and fizziness levels.

The Sparkling Water Maker is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, so anyone can follow these five steps and start right away and without practice.

Setting up this soda maker primarily revolves around installing the CO2 cylinder properly and learning how to fill and place a bottle of cold water at the perfect point for optimal carbonation.

Here is a quick video overview on how to use sodastream fizzi  but some more detailed instructions are below.

There’s a slight learning curve when it comes to using the various control buttons, but after a few tries, you should be able to carbonate your beverages to the perfect level for your tastes.

So keep on reading.

How to use sodastream one touch?

To begin, unbox all of the pieces of your soda stream fizzi. One Touch and set them out on a flat surface.

A countertop or kitchen table is usually ideal for operating your Sparkling Water Maker, as this provides stability for the machine and helps the carbonation process to work as intended.

It lets you hold the soda stream set up in place if necessary, too.

Your light fizz or Fizzi One Touch box should have a carbonating bottle and a CO2 cylinder.

The cylinder should be full of CO2 gas and have enough to create up to 60 L of sparkling water.

Be sure to never take the CO2 cylinder out or replace it in the sparkling water maker when the carbonation bottle is slotted into place.

There should also be a power adapter that fits into standard electrical outlets and which attaches to the Sparkling Water Maker.

The Sparkling Water Maker apparatus should have a set of three carbonating buttons at the top, a Snap-Lock beneath the front “head” of the device, a carbonating tube that extends about 1 inch downward in a vertical line, and a bottle rest tab behind the carbonating tube.

It’s a good idea to investigate your soda maker and check for all of these components before you try to make it work.

If any of these components are not present or are broken, you should send the soda maker back immediately to get a replacement and not proceed to the carbonating process.

All of the pieces are needed to ensure the safe operation of the machine and prevent an explosion of CO2 gas.

Take the back cover of your soda maker off; to do this, press the top of the back cover and pull it away from the body of the rest of the Sparkling Water Maker.

Keep the cover in an easy-to-reach place, as you will replace it soon.

Step Two

Next, take the CO2 cylinder and remove both the seal and the cap from its top.

This should only require a slight twist of your wrist and doesn’t take much upper body strength.

Use a butter knife if you do have difficulty removing the seal and cap.

Tip the Sparkling Water Maker forward using one hand and be careful not to push it totally onto the side.

With your other hand, insert the CO2 cylinder into the back of the soda maker by placing the bottom of the cylinder into the slot first.

The cylinder should look vertical while the Sparkling Water Maker should be at a slight angle.

Push the cylinder forward until the entire cylinder is entirely encased in the Sparkling Water Maker apparatus.

You should hear a snap as the cylinder slides into place.

There won’t be a lot of wiggle room by design.

The cylinder is supposed to fit just inside without leaving space for it to jostle when you make your next carbonated beverage.

my homemade soda

Image courtesy of Wil Taylor @ Flickr

Step Three

After that, pull the Sparkling Water Maker back to an upright position so that its bottom is totally flat on the countertop or table surface.

The cylinder should still be in the cylinder holder; use a hand to keep it in place if necessary.

Now you’ll want to take the cylinder and push it up into the valve slot above the top of the bottle.

This will look like any other valve and requires you to twist the carbonating cylinder in order to create a seal. You’ll want to screw the cylinder to the right while pushing it upwards at the same time.

It’s a lot like using any other type of screw.

You should only use your hand to tighten the carbonating cylinder and screw it into place.

Using tools could lead to you exerting too much pressure on the cylinder or on the valve itself and cause a rupture or leak in the future.

The valve is not incredibly durable and is designed to let you remove the carbonating cylinder easily and with just a few twists.

This is because you’ll be replacing the carbonating cylinder fairly often if you drink carbonated beverages every day.

Your carbonating cylinder should stop rotating once you have twisted it far enough into place.

You don’t need to twist it so hard that you hear the soda maker or valve creak or complain.

Step Four

Now it’s time to plug the soda maker into a power source.

Take the power cord included with your SodaStream purchase and double-check that the cord runs through the slots cut into the soda maker apparatus at the base of the Sparkling Water Maker.

You should also check the cord for any kinks or cuts that might affect its power transfer or which might be a safety hazard while the soda maker is in use.

If everything looks good, plug the power cord into the nearest outlet.

We’d recommend finding an outlet that is easy to reach as you may wish to detach the soda maker when you are not using it so that it can’t accidentally be turned on and CO2 gas can’t be wasted.

After you’ve inserted the power plug into your chosen outlet, you should check the SodaStream machine buttons.

If the soda maker is receiving power, the buttons will light up.

You should only ever use the power adaptor that came with your SodaStream purchase.

Other adapters aren’t designed to funnel the correct amount of power to your Sparkling Water Maker from a standard outlet.

If your power cable breaks at any point, contact the manufacturer for replacement or try to find a replacement cable online that’s been made for SodaStream machines.

Step Five

Finally, it’s time to replace the back cover of the soda maker. Find the back panel wherever you stored it and reinstall it by sliding the upright tab at the bottom of the cover plate into the rear base slot.

There will be a small gap at the bottom of the soda maker where this tab is supposed to fit.

If done correctly, the tab will snap into place as you push the backplate into the correct position.

This will seal the carbonating cylinder in place.

At this point, you’ve finished setting up your SodaStream Fizzi One Touch.

4 different soda flavors

How to Use the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch

Whether you’ve used SodaStream machines before, or you’re brand-new to this experience, let’s go over how to operate the Fizzi One Touch correctly so that each carbonated drink tastes as good as possible.

To begin, you’ll want to take your officially licensed carbonating plastic bottle.

These are usually either 1 L or 0.5 m in capacity, depending of course what came with your fizzi bundle or if you picked up an accessory bottle separately.

IF you did buy some bottles separately then be sure to check out this article to understand what bottles you can use with a SodaStream.

Regardless, these bottles will have a clear fill line indicated near their neck.

This line is there to ensure that enough space remains during the carbonation process to prevent excessive strain from being placed on the bottle.

This small gap allows CO2 gas to collect safely, rather than push at the bottle’s sides.

It also makes the satisfying “hiss” sound that you probably associate with ice-cold soda.

Fill your bottle to the designated line with cold water only.

It’s important that you only use cold water since it can hold more CO2 gas and will result in a fizzier beverage.

Warm water will work in a pinch, but your carbonated drink won’t be as bubbly as you like and the mixture of flavors might not be what you intend.

You can use filtered water or tap water.

Filtered water will likely taste better but neither type should have much of an impact on carbonation.

Once you’ve filled your water bottle, check the bottle rest tab of the soda maker.

It should be angled slightly toward you if you look at the soda maker from the side.

If it’s not, simply pull the bottle rest tab forward slightly until you hear a light-clicking sound.

Note that the bottle rest tab is distinct from the carbonation tube. This should not be pulled or jostled under any circumstance.

Instead, the tube will naturally follow the angle of the bottle rest tab as you pull it forward.

Next, insert the carbonating bottle neck into the rest tab so that the side of the bottle presses against the tab at a leaning angle.

If you push the bottle up and toward the soda maker correctly, the neck of the bottle should catch with the Snap-Lock function and lock everything into place.

It will hold the bottle in a vertical position and be suspended about half an inch or so above the base of the soda maker.

This is the perfect position for your water bottle. If your water bottle touches the bottom of the soda maker base, water may splash out when the carbonation process begins.

Everything is been measured perfectly for this exact position by the manufacturer.

Now it’s time to carbonate! At the top of the soda maker, you’ll notice three glowing buttons.

Each of these designates a different carbonation level, but you should use them differently depending on the size of the bottle you have locked into place.

1 L SodaStream bottles should use the buttons as follows:

  • The left button produces a light amount of fizziness
  • The middle button produces a medium fizz
  • The rightmost button will generate a high amount of carbonation

Meanwhile, the 0.5 L bottles should use the buttons like so:

Either way, the carbonation process will begin as soon as you push one of the three buttons. At this point, you can step back and watch the show.

Do you have an Aarke Soda Maker?

I put together an article on whether Sodastream bottles work with the Aarke.

Small pieces of ice might appear in the water during the carbonation process if your water is very chilled.

Don’t worry about this; it’s completely normal and a result of the carbonation changing the temperature of the water to a slight degree.

The ice should melt once carbonation is complete.

You might also hear some gas release during the process.

This is totally normal and is just the sound of the carbonation cylinder releasing pressure from the back of the soda maker.

The button you pressed will flash slowly as a carbonate your water bottle, then/quickly once the carbonation is finished.

If you like, you can push the same button again to double your fizziness level without removing the bottle.

You can also cancel the carbonating process by pressing the same button you began with.

Using these two methods, you can experiment with different level of carbonation and achieve a fizziness that’s unique to your tastes.

To remove your new bottle of carbonated water, simply pull the carbonating bottle towards you gently.

The Snap-Lock ring should keep holding the bottle for a short angle until it is tilted fully forward at about a 45° angle.

At this point, the pressure at the tip of the bottle will release in the trademark hiss of a soda beverage.

flavored carbonated waters

Image courtesy of Sayo ts @ Flickr

The bottle will be released from the Snap-Lock at this point. Be careful not to pull too hard as you might break the Snap-Lock by accident.

Sometimes, it takes an extra few seconds for all of the pressure to carefully dissipate and the Snap-Lock to release.

This is also normal; simply be patient and your bottle should be released without having to exert much muscle power.

You can also gently push the bottle back into the vertical position and try again.

Sometimes it takes a little wiggling for everything to release properly.

To complete your beverage, you can now feel free to add any of the SodaStream drink mix flavors to create your own custom soda or enjoy sparkling water with a unique taste.

You can also drink the carbonated water plain to create a kind of club soda.

To mix flavor, hold your carbonated bottle at a slight angle and pour the desired flavor into the soda water.

Keeping the bottle at an angle will help the flavor to disperse to the bottom of the container.

Close the cap and gently shake or swirl your bottle around to ensure proper flavor mixing.

Safety Tips

As you can see, using the One Touch is really easy.

With just “one touch” of the carbonating buttons, you can have a new bottle of soda ready to go in just seconds.

But these soda makers often inspire a desire for experimentation, so let’s go over some safety tips to ensure that there won’t be any kitchen catastrophes.

For starters, you should never try to carbonate water that has already been flavored.

This is because flavored water has a different carbonation point than plain cold water.

The resulting carbonating levels preprogrammed in the soda maker may cause some water to splash upwards and make a huge mess.

By the same token, you should never try to carbonate any other beverage besides regular water with your soda maker, at least starting out.

It’s certainly possible to carbonate such beverages as wine, juice, or tea, but you should practice making the standard flavored soda beverages first.

If you do decide to carbonate something other than plain water, a good rule of thumb is to fill your bottle slightly less than the fill line suggests.

This leaves enough room to hopefully minimize any mess.

But whatever you do – dont try to carbonate milk!

If you need to move your sodastream setup, remove the carbonating cylinder before doing so.

The cylinder keeps its seal through the valve in the back of the machine. Jostling the machine can rupture the seal and cause you to lose valuable CO2 gas.

You should also only ever remove the carbonating cylinder when your soda maker is unplugged.

Never try to remove the cylinder while the machine is dispensing CO2 gas.

If you need more information then check out SodaStream’s own support documentation