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Can You Make Tap Water Alkaline? Do it at Home

can you make tap water alkaline

Alkaline water has many purported health benefits, but it can be an expensive addition to a routine.

There are only seven natural sources of Alkaline water in the world.

However, there are things you can do to make Alkaline water at home with a bit of investment and preparation.

So, can you make tap water more alkaline?

Yes, you can and thankfully, there are quite a few options to change your tap water to be more Alkaline.

Some are more effective than others, but there are also easy options you can implement in your own home today.

Read on for my 5 options to make yours at home

1. Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda has a PH level of 9. As Alkaline water has a Ph level of 8-9, this makes it an easy addition to your drinking water to help bring the PH level up.

Using ⅛ of a tablespoon baking soda per 8 ounces of water is the recommended quantity.

For gallon jugs kept in the refrigerator, use 2 tablespoons.

2. Use Lemon Juice

While we often think of lemon juice as being an acidic liquid, it is a great way to make water more alkaline. Lemon juice produces basic byproducts when metabolized, helping balance out the body and blood. This method will not raise the PH level of your water but will help your body maintain a better PH balance.

3. Buy PH Drops

PH drops such as Alkalife are a great option. These are easily transportable drops added to water on-the-go. This is a perfect addition to a purse or backpack and is also a great option for travelers who are concerned about the PH balance of their water when abroad.

They also help keep you from needing to transport large quantities of water at once.

4. Install a Water Filtration System

Larger water filtration systems such as whole-house filtration systems and under-the-sink filtration systems will often include mineral balls. The addition of minerals to the water will raise the PH level of the water and provide those all-important trace elements.

An added benefit of a whole-house filtration system is that you can see significant improvements to skin and hair health when showering and bathing in alkaline water. This could be a great option for those with skin sensitivities as well.

Please note that faucet filters and filtered water pitchers will often not provide a significant lift in the PH level of your water.

5. Invest in A Water Ionizer

The best way to have a consistent and healthy Alkaline water supply is to purchase a Water Ionizer. While this can often be quite the investment, these are the same machines used at your local health food store to ionize water.

This is one of the best models to invest in and you can also get this on amazon
This machine transforms regular tap water into Alkaline Water via a process called electrolysis. This separates the negative and positive electrodes in the water. The output includes both basic and acidic water separated.

This highly efficient system can create water with a high PH level efficiency, no additions are needed.

However, it is important not to drink too-high of a PH level of water.

Please ensure that you are aiming for a PH of 8-9 as some machines can produce water with as high of a PH as 12.

While this seems like quite the investment up-front, you will save money buying bottled Alkaline water in the long run. An added bonus? By using glass or stainless steel reusable bottles, you will be helping to save the natural environment from trash pollution and sustain its plastic resources.

What Makes Water Alkaline?

making faucet water alkaline

Alkaline water has a high PH level. The PH level of Alkaline water is usually around 8-9 on a scale of 0-14.

The high basic quality of Alkaline water is thought the help neutralize the acids in the body, making it a healthy addition to people with many health conditions such as acid reflux or diabetes.

Alkaline water also has high mineral content.

These minerals include potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, and other trace elements.

These minerals are an essential building block of your body’s natural processes.

Another important component of Alkaline water is the negative oxidation-reduction potential, also known as ORP. A highly negative ORP value indicates water that has high antioxidant potentials, which are important to keep your body young and healthy.

What is PH and How Does it Work?

PH levels work on a scale from 0-14.

A score of zero indicates a very acidic substance whereas a score of 14 indicates a very alkaline or “basic” substance. Both extremes on the scale are not appropriate for human consumption or handling. However, the middle ranges can have great effect on your health.

Too much acid in your body can be the cause of many health concerns and discomfort.

Acid reflux is a condition that plagues many people.

Also, having highly acidic blood can cause many different health issues such as acidosis.

Acidosis can be a symptom of many different health concerns.

Drinking water higher on the PH scale can help gently balance your body’s PH levels. Many of the foods you eat are more acidic, so you can balance this by drinking Alkaline water daily.

Why is the PH level of Water Important?

Water is the most important component of your body’s daily functions.

Not staying hydrated can lead to weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, and malfunctioning organs. Drinking water can help your body flush out natural toxins that occur from eating and exposure to pollutants.

Drinking water with a higher PH level will help to not only balance the PH level of the blood and body but will also help your body flush those pollutants more efficiently.

This is due to the antioxidant nature of the water.

The body will also heal more efficiently when it receives the important minerals it needs to function. These minerals are essential to keep your body healthy.

What is the PH Level of Alkaline Water versus Tap Water?

Alkaline water usually has a PH balance of 8-9 on the scale of 0-15.

Normal tap water generally has a PH balance of 7.

However, this can vary greatly from place to place.

If the water where you live is more acidic it is important to include Alkaline water in your daily routine.

The higher PH balance of Alkaline water will help to neutralize the acidity in your blood and body more than regular tap water could.

What is the PH Level of Tap Water Near Me?

tap water and alkalinity

While tap water in the US has an average PH level of 7, it can range anywhere from 6.5-8.5.

Knowing the PH level of your local tap water can help you determine the best course of action for you and your family’s health.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not currently regulate the PH balance of tap water, which means it is important to do your research and see if your tap water is at a level that you believe to be acceptable for you and your family.

You can find information about your area’s tap water from a few different sources:
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Water Quality Association will have other information about water quality in your area
  • The Groundwater Foundation has resources for families whose tap water comes from a well
    • It is important to get regular testing to determine groundwater PH balance

Where Do I Get Alkaline Water?

[/su_heading]If you have found that your tap water has a lower PH balance than you are comfortable with, there are many approaches to drinking Alkaline water.

The easiest option can be to buy water sourced from natural alkaline water sources, but this is usually the most expensive option.

Many health food stores have an on-site ionizer and will sell ionized water to you directly. Because it is freshly ionized, this water will have the best PH levels and ORP.

It is beneficial for many families to have a system where they can make their own Alkaline Water.

It can be costly and time-consuming to buy Alkaline water from a store or to order it online.

It is important to take steps towards maintaining your health as well as your family’s. Determining if your drinking water is a healthy PH level is a great first step. When you determine the PH level you can evaluate the different options listed above to find the best options for you.

Remember, even small changes can lead to big improvements in your life and health.

You can test the benefits of drinking Alkaline water by using an inexpensive option such as PH drops or baking soda. You can even try out ionized water by buying gallon jugs at your local health food store.

If you decide that you appreciate the benefits of incorporating Alkaline water in your daily routine, you can invest in a water ionizer.

You will then be able to have high PH water available to you at all times while also reducing your plastic footprint on the environment.

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