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How Does an Alkaline Water Machine Work? [Better than Pitcher?]

How Does an Alkaline Water Machine Work

Natural alkaline water is deemed to be good for you to drink, since it contains minerals.

You might be thinking of getting an alkaline water machine and you may also be thinking…

How does an alkaline water machine work?

Is it complicated to use the machine, or is it something you can use daily to create alkaline water full of rich minerals to fuel your body?  In this post i’ll aim to cover off your queries

By hooking an alkaline water machine up to your faucet, you can easily remove chemicals, add minerals, and increase the pH content of the water you consume.

By doing this, you will not be consuming acidic water, so you will adding minerals to your body, which makes the benefits of drinking alkaline water even higher than if you were just drinking regular tap water.

In short – I think an alkaline water machine is a worthwhile investment for me and my family and you may find that to be the same too.

It can be just as important as taking a daily multivitamin, as the minerals you consume in alkaline water are going to have a similar effect on your body.

You will never feel like you are tasting dirty water full of chlorine, as that will all be filtered out by your alkaline water machine.

How does an Alkaline Water Pitcher Work?

An Alkaline Water pitcher helps your water taste soft and pure.

While it is not the same as any old water pitcher, an alkaline water pitcher is similar to a regular pitcher of water, it just filters things differently and adds minerals.

Instead of just removing chemicals like many standard water filters and pitchers, an alkaline water pitch also adds nutrients and minerals.

Here are the ways in which an alkaline water pitcher works:
  • The first thing they do is to reduce the amount of chlorine in the water. You want to take anything bad out of the water before you add anything good. There is no sense in adding a lot of healthy minerals if you are still consuming chlorine and acidic water.
  • An alkaline water pitcher then replaces that chlorine by adding minerals to the water.
    • These minerals make it taste good and help your body.
    • Think of drinking alkaline water as if it was another way to consume vitamins.
    • Vitamins help your body flourish, and so does consuming the minerals that alkaline water has to offer.
  • The amount of minerals that an alkaline water pitcher adds is directly related to what’s already in your water. It will not add an unsafe amount, and will not add more than is necessary.
  • Once the water is in the pitcher, you can leave it in the refrigerator and have a source of cool, alkaline water whenever you desire.
  • If you’re looking for a recommendation then i’d go for this Invigorated Water Pitcher on Amazon

What is the difference between an Alkaline Water Machine and an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

What is the difference between an Alkaline Water Machine and an Alkaline Water Pitcher

A machine is a more complicated, and more expensive, version of an alkaline water pitcher… Or maybe it is the pitcher that is the less complicated, cheaper version of the alkaline water machine.

A machine lets you control specific amounts of pH in your water.

Instead of a pitcher that you pour water into and put in your refrigerator, an alkaline water machine can rest on the countertop and connect directly to your faucet. Once you get it set up the first time, you do not have to think about it again, and will just have a regular source of alkaline water.

If you buy a house and plan on living in it for decades, invest in a home alkaline water machine.

You will never have to worry again about the quality of the water you are consuming, or the pH content in your water.

If you are a bit more of a nomad, do a lot of traveling, or move around a lot, an alkaline water pitcher could be the better option because it is more portable.

Consider too, that if you do a lot of long-distance traveling, you can potentially fit an alkaline water pitcher in your suitcase, so no matter where you go, you will be able to produce alkaline water.

Given how important hydration and vitamins are when you are traveling, this could be something important for you to consider depending on how frequent a flier you are.

Do Alkaline Water Pitchers really work or are you just drinking regular water?

Absolutely, they do work.

If your goal is to increase the pH content, the mineral content, and drink alkaline water instead of acidic water then you should use an alkaline water pitcher an alkaline water machine to ensure you are drinking the highest quality water possible.

A pitcher might not be as effective as an alkaline water machine since it is not connecting directly to the faucet.

An alkaline water machine can do all of the electrolysis before the water is even poured, making it a smoother process.

With a machine, you might not even realize that the process is occurring.

You can run the water right from your faucet and get the desired intention without first pouring it into a pitcher, putting in the refrigerator, and pouring a drink of water later.

Any time you are creating alkaline water in your own home, whether via a machine, via an ionizer, or via a pitcher, that is likely going to be a better option than buying alkaline water at the store.

At home, you can control specific amounts of pH in the water, and you can fine-tune your water to be exactly how you want it.

If you are buying from the store, you must trust that the content in the bottle is exactly what they say it is. And, you might not always be able to find the same brands at the same store, so you will not be able to remain consistent.

Is a Brita Water Pitcher the same as an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Brita was pitchers do not, as a rule, make alkaline water.

They are just removing chlorine and any residual pesticides in your water, but they are not adding minerals or affecting pH content like an alkaline water pitcher will do.

A Brita is also like putting a filter in your refrigerator or attached to your faucet.

Just a plain filter is going to remove chemicals, which is great, but it is not going to add anything.

In order to affect acidity versus alkaline, you need to use a pitcher or machine specifically designed to do so.

If you are in a pinch, you can still use a Brita water filter like this one.

At least you can know that some of the bad things will be taken out of the water. You will be drinking fewer bad chemicals with a Brita filter than if you were just drinking regular tap water.

That said, it is not the same as an alkaline water pitcher.

Unless you are using a specific alkaline water pitcher, you will not be balancing the pH content of the water or adding the minerals that are found in alkaline water.

If you have the choice between the two, always choose an alkaline water pitcher over a Brita water pitcher.

Hard versus Soft water for creating Alkaline water

When you are trying to create alkaline water at home, does it matter if you are starting with soft or hard water?

Softer water is going to have less pH to begin with than hard water, so your alkaline water machine, ionizer, or pitcher is going to have a little bit more work to do than if you were starting with hard water in the first place.

You can successfully turn any water into alkaline water no matter if it starts as hard or soft. That said, it is easier if the water is already hard.

By definition, hard water starts off as more alkalinized than soft, so it is easier to achieve the desired pH with hard water than with soft.

If you are starting with hard water, you might not think that your alkaline water machine or pitcher is actually working.

This is because it will not need to create many minerals, so it will not be working as hard as if your water were soft and it needed to add more minerals.

Do not be concerned if your water is hard or soft. You can get the same end result, good alkaline water, with either hard or soft water.

Your machine or pitcher might have to work a little harder with soft water, but that’s ok, that’s why you bought it in the first place!

Final Verdict on Alkaline Water Machines

You have been hearing for decades how good drinking water is for your health, and that’s not wrong.

However, drinking alkaline water is purported to be even better than regular water, and a machine or a pitcher can help you make alkaline water with ease.

So if you are on the fence, it is absolutely worth it to make the investment in a source for creating your own alkaline water at home.

And if you’re looking for a recommendation then check Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 on Amazon.

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