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Are Capri Suns Safe To Drink? [Ingredients & Nutritional Health]

Are Capri Suns Safe To Drink?

Capri Sun has been, and possibly it is, one of the most popular juice amongst kids and one of the top choices from parents.

But are Caprie Suns safe to drink?

There have been several complaints by parents for instances of mold and other suspicious things inside the juice pouch. What is the absolute truth?

Typically, Capri Sun is safe to drink.

There are little to no instances of sicknesses or health problems derived from drinking Capri Sun.

However, there have been instances of mold inside the pouches.

Additionally,  there are concerns about the high sugar content.

Is Capri Sun that bad, or the problems with it were only a few scattered instances? This article will cover all there is to know about Capri sun.

What is Capri Sun?

What is Capri Sun

Even though the juice is known worldwide, it came from Germany in 1969.

The name Capri was chosen after the known Italian island called Capri, indeed.

Hans-Peter Wild owns the private company that created Capri Sun.

The juice arrived in the U.S. only in 1981 and received distribution by a licensed Kraft Heinz company.

The juice distinguishes itself from the others because of the typical pouch containing the product, which was different from similar products already in the market and unique.

A typical pouch contains 177 ml of juice (7 U.S. fl oz), and it has 50 calories.

Here is a regular pouch content of Capri Sun:

Capri Sun Ingredients Capri Sun Nutritional Values
-Filtered Water


– Concentrated Juice(depending on the juice)

-Citric acid

-Natural flavor

-High Fructose Corn Syrup (only in a few types of juices)

-Fruit ( for example, apple, orange, etc. depending on the juice)

– Sodium 15 mg

– Total Carbohydrates:  Sugars 13 grams


Each pouch has a trapezoidal profile when filled, and it becomes rectangular when flat.

The bottom is almost flat so that it can stand straight when placed on a surface.

Each pouch comes with a straw.

How Many Capri Suns Can You Drink a Day?

How Many Capri Suns Can You Drink a Day

Capri Sun ingredients are typical ingredients found in an average juice, such as concentrated juice, water, and sugar.

Additionally, Capri Sun comes also with an organic version.

The main concern is the sugar content.

In order to know how much Capri Sun you can drink a day, it is necessary to understand how much sugar is too much and what limits you should keep in mind regarding sugar.

Standing to the American Heart Association, a person should not exceed six teaspoons of sugar per day, or 24 grams of sugar for a woman, and a maximum of 9 teaspoons or 36 grams of sugar for a man. Since

A Capri Sun pouch contains 13 grams of sugar.

If you follow the daily recommended limits, you should not drink more than 2 or 3 Capri Suns per day, providing you are not consuming any other food or drink containing sugar. (3,4)

How Unhealthy Is Capri Sun?

How Unhealthy Is Capri Sun

Several concerns have come up over time regarding if Capri Sun is healthy or not.

The main problems are the mold forming from time to time in some of the pouches, the high sugar content, and the formation of fungi in the juice.

Capri Sun has a history of mold problems.

Some customers have found masses of an unknown substance obstructing the straw, or they have experienced alcohol or slightly carbonated taste.

When inspecting more closely, it has come to view that it was a mold formation.

Capri Sun has released a statement explaining that mold formation can happen with natural products that do not contain preservatives, especially if there is a hole in the pouch.

They did not resolve the problem in full, besides providing a look-through bottom on each pouch so that a customer can detect any suspicious mass and dispose of it.

Another research discovered the presence of fungi in Capri Sun, which raised concerns amongst consumers.

However, the main problem remains with the high sugar content.

The product targets kids and young people mainly, and the sugar content in each pouch is considered too high for them.

The high fructose corn syrup content in some of the juices and sugar, when consumed for long periods, can create side effects such as:

  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Obesity and Weight Gains
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Excess Acid Uric (Gout)
  • Slow mental function


Is Capri Sun Healthier Than Soda?

Is Capri Sun Healthier Than Soda

100 ml of Coca-Cola contains 10.6 grams of sugar, not far from the 7.3 grams for 100 ml of Capri Sun.

Based on these facts, Capri Sun is just as healthier than a soda.

It contains just a bit less sugar than a typical soda and no additional nutritional elements.

Any nutrition coming from fruits gets damaged by pasteurization or other processing methods.

Juice may have some vitamins and phytonutrients that soda does not have.

However, not many juices retain any nutritional value coming from fruits due to the processing.

On average, when we compare a soda and 100% fruit juice, here is what are typical results:


  • It contains 55% high fructose corn syrup on average.


  • It contains 65% high fructose corn syrup.
  • Low nutrients due to the pasteurization (the heat depletes the nutrients)
  • No fibers


Does Capri Sun Need To Be Refrigerated?

Does Capri Sun Need To Be Refrigerated

Capri Sun doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

The pouch design intends to keep the content safe and cool, even when not refrigerated.

In fact, Capri Sun Pouches are produced by bonding layers of plastics and aluminum together.

In this way, they can preserve the content better.

But, Capri Sun can go in the fridge for those who like to drink cold juices.

Additionally, Capri Sun juices can last for about a year if the packaging is not damaged.

Juices are considered perishable fruits, and they do not have a long life after opening.

If you accidentally open the package, it is considered safe to drink for 2 hours from opening at room temperature.

Juices are considered perishable fruits, and they do not have a long life after opening. (10)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

  • Can Capri Sun make you sick?

Capri sun can make you sick if you drink too much of it in a short time.

The sugar content can create problems with your liver and blood pressure and make you feel sick.

It is essential not to go over the daily recommended sugar intake to avoid health problems.

  • Is it safe to drink expired Capri Sun?

Capri Sun can last for at least a year; after that, it is not safe to drink Capri Sun.

Additionally, since the product doesn’t contain preservatives, it is essential to check the package for any sign of damage or holes.

  • Is it OK to drink Capri Sun every day?

It is OK to drink Capri Sun every day, as long as one doesn’t drink more than three poaches a day, so keep under control of the sugar intake.

Even though it is OK to drink Capri Sun every day, it is not suitable for one’s health in the long run.

Capri Sun has a great flavor, but it doesn’t contain any nutritional value for an individual.