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What is the Best Gatorade to Drink When Sick?

Last updated on August 18th, 2021

what is the best gatorade to drink when sick

Ah there’s nothing worse than coming doing with a sickness bug, it sucks.   You’re hot, sweaty, yucky and more often than not dehydrated!  so what do you do, do you grab a water or a sports drinks?   

Maybe even a Gatorade.  If the latter is your thinking then let me get to the point..

What is the Best Gatorade to Drink When Sick?

When sick there are several options to drink, however in my opinion the best Gatorade options are the Thirst Quenchers and including the Zero Sugar option. Drinking Gatorade from powder form is also a good choice. 

People choose to drink Gatorade when sick because Gatorade can replace vitamins and other nutrients that are at risk of running low when you’re ill.

Depending on what kind of sickness you have, drinking Gatorade could be an easy and quick way to make sure that you stay hydrated and don’t lose on essential electrolytes.

Due to the amount of sugar in Gatorade, sticking with Gatorade when sick is not the best option. Drinking water and various teas when sick will keep you hydrated while also helping you feel better.

One of the most important things to remember when sick is to stay hydrated, if you have a choice about what to drink it is always the best bet to go for water.

Even Gatorade and other sports drinks without sugar are not the best first choice to have when sick.

The artificial ingredients and sweeteners can upset stomachs further.

There are better beverages to have when sick that will help you feel better and help treat the symptoms of your illness.

If you need to replace electrolytes quickly, drinking a sports drink replaces those electrolytes and will keep your energy up.

Lucozade is another sports drink that is very similar to Gatorade and works the same way when sick.

Since the two are so similar they also have the same drawbacks.

Powerade is another popular sports drink that is comparable to Gatorade. Since the two are so similar, using either when sick has the same results.

They can help you recover lost salt and electrolytes when running the risk of being dehydrated when sick, but they both also have a lot of sugar.

When sick, it is common to reach for anecdotal remedies.

Digging deeper though, it is easy to see that there are healthier alternatives to drink when sick.

Gatorade and other sports drinks can replace lost electrolytes and other valuable nutrients, but it comes at a cost of sugar.

Healthy Alternative to Gatorade When Sick

One of the simplest at home treatments for a sickness is to simply stay hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids.

Not all liquids are the same when it comes to helping you feel better and get better.

When sick it’s important to know what to drink so that you feel back to normal quicker.

The absolute best thing to drink while sick is water.

Water does the best job at keeping you hydrated and getting better when sick.

Water provides simple hydration without all of the extras that sports drinks have.

Water also helps manage fevers and recover from vomiting.

Another great drink to have on hand while sick is hot tea. Many different types of herbal teas are great for helping you manage your symptoms too.

Hot water also helps break down congestion and can help your throat feel better.

Depending on the illness you have, different teas can help treat the source as well.

Even plain hot water with lemon can help you feel better. Hot water helps break up congestion and the lemon provides your body with an immune boost.

Healthy Alternative to Gatorade When Sick

It will also reduce inflammations and cleanses your body of toxins. If there is no tea on hand, just hot water with lemon will help.

Pedialyte is a great choice when you think you need to replace any electrolytes you have lost while sick. It was designed for this purpose and does not have all the sugar that Gatorade and other sports drinks have.

It also comes in packet form so you can control how much Pedialyte you get in each drink if you’re concerned about keeping it down.

There are several healthy options to drink when sick. Staying hydrated is important all of the time but especially when you’re sick.

When cold and flu season starts to get underway, be sure to stock up on these drinks to feel better quicker.

Many of them are cheap, or even free, and will work better at helping you recover from an illness.

Gatorade vs Lucozade When Sick

Both Gatorade and Lucozade are sports drinks.

Lucozade is most commonly sold in Britain and advertises itself in two ways, as an energy drink, and as a sports drink.

The company boasts that this drink will help your energy up and replaces lost nutrients after working out.

The sports drink variation is the same kind of sports drink as Gatorade, and thus they have a lot of similarities.

Just like with Gatorade, many people will want to reach for Lucozade when sick. The benefits seem simple and straightforward at first, especially if you’re vomiting a lot.

Gatorade vs Lucozade When Sick

If you need to replace lost nutrients quickly, Lucozade can help with that just like they can help replenish lost nutrients after an intense workout session.

These similarities occur when used when sick.

Since both products list similar ingredients, they will have the same problems when people use them to treat an illness.

They both work to replace electrolytes and other nutrients, but with the cost of a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Drinking too much Gatorade or Lucozade can also cause upset stomachs when you drink too much at once.

While this may not happen while you’re sick and vomiting, an already upset stomach can react quicker than a non-upset stomach to something that can cause damage.

Getting your electrolytes replenished doesn’t mean too much if you vomit it back up.

Since Gatorade and Lucozade are so similar, drinking both has the same effects. Neither one will help you feel better quicker or will help you recover from vomiting any faster.

If one of these drinks is the only drink you can keep down, then it is fine to sip in moderation. But if you have a choice it is better to have water or hot tea.

Gatorade or Powerade When Vomiting

Gatorade and Powerade are two similar sports drinks.

The only major differences between the two are the flavors and the small differences in vitamins that Powerade has over Gatorade.

Similar to Lucozade, Powerade will be very similar to Gatorade when consumed when sick.

The additional B vitamins and other micronutrients might be beneficial, those benefits will be outweighed by the negative reactions your body can have when drinking a sports drink when sick.

Similar to Gatorade, Powerade does replenish electrolytes and other nutrients that your body can lose when you have something like a stomach flu.

Replacing these nutrients can help you from getting sicker and keep your energy up.

If you are vomiting a lot, then Powerade or another sports drink can help your body stay hydrated.

Overall though, drinking either sports drink is not as good as drinking water or tea when sick.

The sugar in both can counteract any good that the drinks provide by causing other health problems.

The benefits from either drink can be brought on by other drinks and supplements that don’t have as much sugar.

When sick, it is tempting to think that a drink designed to replace nutrients after a workout would be the best option.

However, there are other ways to help you feel better that don’t have sugar and artificial ingredients that are in sports drinks.

For staying healthy and for feeling better, water is always the best choice. Hot water drinks, like herbal teas, are good as well.