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Why is My Aarke Carbonator Not Working? [5 Fixes]

Last updated on August 11th, 2021

why is my aarke carbonator not workingAarke carbonators are at the forefront of Soda Making carbonation technology.

While they bring all the best parts of the carbonation world straight to your home, they may be a bit confusing to maneuver for the first time and even more so if you don’t have previous experience with carbonation machines.

If you’re having trouble with your Aarke carbonation, don’t worry, the answer to your problem is likely easier than you believe.

So the questions that have no doubt brought you here.

Why is My Aarke Carbonator Not Working?

Your Aarke carbonator may not be working for 1 of the 5 following reasons. They include:

  • A bad connection
  • An empty Co2 bottle
  • A blockage in the nozzle
  • Issues with the nozzle or bottle itself
  • A gasket may have fallen out

Some of these issues are easier to fix than others. Issues such as a bad connection, an empty co2 bottle, or a blockage in the nozzle can easily be fixed by yourself.

Other issues such as a broken nozzle or bottle or a misplaced gasket will require a bit more effort on your part.

In some cases, you’ll need to send your Aarke carbonator back to the manufacturer for repair. However, these types of problems are few and far between.

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The best way to avoid dealing with one of these issues is to take great care of your Aarke carbonator. Ensure you always follow all recommended procedures when using it and don’t use any equipment with it that’s not recommended.

Commonly, the damage is done by using the wrong type of co2 canister.

Here is the list of all co2 canisters that are able to be used with your Aarke carbonator:
  • Sodastream – the recommended co2 canister
  • AGA
  • Linde
  • SodaMagic
  • Vikingsoda
  • Various other standard co2 canisters that are between 400-425g

Common Problems When Using an Arke Carbonator

common problems when using an aarke carbonator

Like with all things mechanical, issues will come and go throughout the lifespan of anything.

Here are a few common problems that people experience when using an Aarke carbonator.

Bad Connections

Bad connections are among the easiest problems to fix, but you’ll notice the issue immediately.

This is because if there is a bad connection, your Aarke carbonator will either produce poor carbonation or simply not work at all.

To ensure all your connections are solid, take a look at where the bottle screws into the Aarke carbonator and where the co2 canister connects to the machine itself.

They should be firmly in place and have little to no wiggle room when fully connected.

If one of these connections aren’t secure, you’ve found the source of the problem.

To solve a bad connection, remove the bottle or co2 canister and attempt to re-screw it into the machine.

This should solve the problem.

Empty Co2 Bottle

One of the most common problems people run into is an empty co2 bottle, but they aren’t aware of it.

If you have an empty co2 bottle, you’ll notice that your fizzy drinks become much less carbonated or not carbonated at all.

To check if your co2 canister is empty, unscrew it from the machine get the weight of the canister.

A full canister will weigh between 800 and 1200g, or between 1.7 and 2.6 pounds.

If you find that your co2 bottle is running extremely low or flat-out empty, you’ll need to replace the bottle or refill it.

Blockage in the Nozzle

Having a blockage in the nozzle will drastically affect the amount of carbonation that goes through your water.

To check if there is a blockage, follow these steps:
  • Attempt to unscrew the nozzle from the same direction that you would your bottle of water.
    • Use a piece of cloth and put it between the nozzle and the tong to avoid any scratches from occurring.
  • Once you’ve managed to get the nozzle out, gently push down on the handle to check if there’s any gas flow.
    • Make sure there isn’t a water bottle screwed in.
  • Hold the nozzle to a light to check for blockage.
    • You should see a hole that’s clear and without any obstructions.
  • If you find an obstruction, gently tap your nozzle on a table or other solid surface to remove it.
    • If it doesn’t dislodge, try blowing air through the whole.
      • This should clear any remaining debris.
  • Once the nozzle has been cleared, screw it back into place firmly.

Nozzle and Bottle Issues

Nozzle and bottle issues may occur over a long period or happen when there is a sudden break within the machine.

In this case, the nozzle or bottle connectors may be damaged.

When this happens, you’ll not be able to form a solid connection between whatever part is broken and your co2 canister or water bottle.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to get into contact with Aarke and send your machine in for repairs.

A Fallen Out Gasket

When a gasket has fallen out of your Aarke carbonator, a leak may occur within the cylinder compartment.

Don’t fret, the solution is simple.

To check your gasket, look for the serial number underneath the foot of the machine.

Take the serial number and check online to verify if you have either Carbonator 1 (the serial number starts with 18, 17, or 16) or Carbonator 2 (a serial number starting with 19).

If you find your gasket isn’t there, an extra gasket is included underneath the foot below the sticker. Use this to replace it.

If you don’t have an extra gasket, you’ll need to get ahold of Aarke’s customer support.

You can e-mail them at [email protected]

How Do You Use Aarke?

Using an Aarke is simple and easy, but may be intimating if you’ve never worked with a carbonation machine before.
Here are the steps you should follow when first using your Aarke carbonator:
  • Attach your co2 canister by screwing it into the bottom of the Aarke carbonator, you’ll need to remove the drip tray before you do this.
  • Re-attach the drip tray
  • Take your water bottle that was provided with the Aarke carbonator and fill it up to the fill line. Only use pure water.
  • Pop the cap off of your water bottle and screw it into the top of the machine. Make sure it’s attached firmly.
  • Pull the lever down until you hear a loud rattling sound.
  • Slowly release the lever.
  • Repeat the last two steps until you have the perfect amount of carbonation desired.
  • Once you’ve got the carbonation right, go ahead and unscrew your bottle from the machine and enjoy your fizzy drinks!

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