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What are Alkaline Water Ionizers?

What are Alkaline Water Ionizers

Since natural alkaline is gathering momentum as something that could be good for you to drink, you might be thinking of getting an alkaline water ionizer and alkaline water machines for your home

So you may be wondering.

What are alkaline water ionizers and how exactly do they work?

Essentially, you use a water ionizer to raise the pH of the drinking water quality or normal tap water.

Electrolysis is going to break apart the water into acidic and alkaline components. In turn, the portion of the water that contains alkaline is called alkaline water.

Drinking a lot of alkaline water is reported to have positive effects on your body.

The increased mineral intake is essentially understood to act like you are consuming extra vitamins.

While no water alone is going to prevent disease or cure an existing disease, consuming alkaline water could indeed help contribute towards a healthier lifestyle.

One of the best ways to get alkaline water is to use an alkaline water ionizer.

The increased pH in the water makes it alkaline and not acidic. Acidic water does not have as many benefits for our bodies as alkaline water.

What are Alkaline Water Filters?

To put it simply, an alkaline water filter helps raise the pH content and natural minerals in natural water.

The filter can connect directly to your faucet and alter the pH level of bottled water, which is what tells you how acidic or how alkaline is in cold water or plain water.

The higher the pH content, the more alkaline the water has potential health benefits and the less acidic it is. An alkaline water filter is what separates the acidic water from the alkaline clean water.

Ideally, you would not consume any acidic water, and all of your water intake would come from alkaline water as it has the most minerals.

Electrolysis helps separate the acidic and alkaline components so that you can drink alkaline water, which is going to more positively affect your body than if you drank tap water or acidic water.

Use an alkaline water filter when you are trying to replace the toxins in your body with the minerals that alkaline water has to offer.

To know about the best portable alkaline water ionizers keep reading the article.

How does an Alkaline water filter work?

An Alkaline water filter works by using a combination of ion exchange resin and activated carbon to remove impurities and increase the pH level of the water. The ion exchange resin is responsible for removing positively charged ions such as sodium and calcium, and replacing them with positively charged minerals such as magnesium and potassium. The activated carbon removes chlorine, pesticides, and organic contaminants. The water then passes through a mineral chamber which adds back minerals such as calcium and magnesium to increase the alkalinity of the water. The pH level of the water is then adjusted to the desired level of alkalinity by controlling the amount of minerals added back. This process results in clean, mineral-rich water that is alkaline, with a pH level ranging from 7 to 9. Alkaline water is believed to have a range of health benefits such as reducing acidity levels in the body and improving hydration.

Are Alkaline Water Filters Safe?

Yes, they are considered safe to use.

Using an alkaline water filter is going to result in you drinking more minerals in your alkaline drinking water, but they are considered safe and healthy minerals that will not harm you unless drunk in large quantities every single day.

If you replace your recommend 64 ounces of tap water or hot water a day with the same amount of alkaline water with alkaline minerals, you will likely feel better and have even clearer skin

Alkaline water filters are a safe way to make this alkaline water, and you have nothing to worry about in using water that was filtered in an alkaline water filter.

In fact, alkaline water filters in your own home and your own kitchen are considered safer options than if you were to buy alkaline water at the store.

This is because you can control exactly what alkaline minerals are produced and exactly how high the pH content is.

Whereas, if you buy a bottle of alkaline water, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer and must trust that the label on the bottle is indeed accurate.

Consumption of Alkaline filtered water

stay hydrated with alkaline water

You can drink alkaline filtered water daily. As with anything in life, moderation is key.

Since you are consuming minerals, you do not want to drink gallons and gallons every day of alkaline filtered water (healthy water).

However, drink it like you would regular water or hot water, around 64 ounces a day, and it is safe. Your body will benefit from the minerals and heavy metals in that amount of consumption.

While drinking alkaline water probably feels good, do not overdo it and consume more than 80 ounces a day.

Give your body a chance to adapt to the new found minerals that it is consuming.

If you need to, when you are first introducing alkaline water to your body, begin drinking half tap water and have alkaline water until your body acclimates. Then you can increase the ratio and eventually drink all alkaline water.

Alkaline-filtered Water Effects on the Body

Here is Dr. Nick Zyrowski giving a great overview video on the benefits of drinking more alkaline water.

Drinking alkaline filtered water that has been filtered by either an alkaline water ionizer or an alkaline water filter with alkaline minerals is going to help towards a detox.

Toxins will leave your human body and be replaced by hydrating regular drinking water that adds alkaline minerals that will help your body fight disease.

You might see improved skin, and if you’ve had previous gastrointestinal issues, those might begin to dissipate.

If you have suffered from puffiness and joint pain, your body will benefit by drinking more water.

If you are used to primarily consuming carbs, sweets, and sodas, your body will benefit from drinking more regular tap water.

After your body adjusts to the water intake and you start to feel better, you can introduce alkaline water to increase the positive effects even more than regular tap water or regular drinking water.

Alkaline water is also known to stimulate weight loss.

While there is no set formula, and drinking a gallon a day will not automatically mean you will lose 10 pounds, alkaline water’s health benefits are, alkaline water is known to help you feel full, feel hydrated, and add minerals and nutrients to your body.

This should make you consume less food overall, especially less junk food, which will also contribute to weight loss.

Difference between Alkaline Ionized Water and Ionized Water

You might be wondering on what it means to have the word “alkaline” in the description of the water.

Can you have ionized water that is the same as alkaline ionized water?

Ionized water can either be acidic or alkaline, it depends on how it was filtered, so pay attention to the filtration system and instructions.

Alkaline water can only have alkaline and no acidic minerals. When you are ionizing your water through molecular hydrogen gas, you want to make sure that you are making it alkaline, as that is the better water to consume.

How to Shop for an Alkaline Water Ionizer

What are you looking for when you are purchasing an alkaline water ionizer or an alkaline water filter?

How do you know what is the best product for your needs?

Here are a few things to consider when you are shopping:
  • How high will the unit raise the pH levels – you do not want the levels to rise above 10-14 pH.
    • If a machine is advertising higher than that, it is probably not a good option.
    • Anything higher than that could end up having the opposite effect.
  • Price – while price should not be the end all be all, you can price compare, and if you find two similar models f alkaline ionizer that differ greatly, go with the cheaper unit.
  • Maintenance – research how often the machine will need to be maintained and cleaned. Some ionizers you might be able to forget you even have. Fix it and forget about it, and enjoy your alkaline water. Some others might require additional TLC to ensure they are working effectively.

How does an Alkaline Water Ionizer Work?

I’ve created a post that details how alkaline water ionizer machines work.  Check that out for a bit more depth.

In summary, though it’s done through electrolysis, an alkaline water ionizer is going to get rid of the acidic parts of the water and increase the alkalinity in the plain water.

This is going to make the water purer and ensure you are consuming mineral-rich water while getting rid of unnecessary toxins.

Electrolysis works by essentially actually passing electricity and electric current through the alkalized water, which affects the oxidation in the water and changes the chemicals accordingly.

This oxidation is what will produce alkaline water.

Using an Alkaline Water Ionizer in your Home

When you use an alkaline water ionizer in your own home, you are in more control of the regular water than if you drink alkaline water outside the home.

For that reason alone, an alkaline water ionizer is a good idea.

While they might be expensive upfront, an alkaline water ionizer in your home is going to save you from buying plastic bottle water and it also might save you in healthcare costs if you are able to prevent diseases by consuming alkalinized water regularly.

Portable Alkaline Water Ionizers

If you travel a lot, you might be interested in bringing an alkaline water ionizer with you on the road.

They actually make portable alkaline water ionizer sticks that you can place right into a bottle of water or a thermos and it will create a similar effect in that it will increase the pH of your water and give you an alkalinized product versus drinking acidic water.

One of the best portable water ionizer are Ionizer sticks which you can get at Ionizer Sticks for a reasonable price on amazon

This is a great option for camping and hiking, as you can actually use this on a freshwater stream.

Fill up your water bottle with the local water from the stream, add a portable ionizing water filter, and in not much time at all you will have alkaline water.

Consider this option as well if you do a lot of traveling. You can bring an empty alkalized water bottle through airport security, fill it at a water fountain on the other side, and then add the ionizer strip.

Hydration is even more important than normal when you are traveling, especially by air, so this could be a great option for you.