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How to Use SodaStream: The Ultimate 7-Step Guide with Videos

how to use any sodastream guide

When you first get your Soda Stream machine, you may not know how to use it properly.

It can seem daunting even with your manual. 

This guide will show you how to use any Soda Stream.

The first thing you should realize is that there are different models of SodaStream currently in circulation. They are:
Fizzi Source Splash
One-Touch Fountain Play
AquaFizz Power Revolution
Penguin Genesis Crystal
Your instructions for usage, loading, and cleaning may be different based on the model of the SodaStream machine that you currently own.

These differences are highlighted in this guide but always double-check with your manual.

If you’re still uncertain after reading your user’s manual and this guide, feel free to contact the SodaStream Sparkle Support Team with any questions.

But, by following the instructions in your user’s manual and those found in this guide, you should be able to make delicious, carbonated drinks before you know it.

We’ve broken the process down into seven easy-to-follow steps.

These steps are in-depth and will help you on your carbonation journey.

Additionally, we’ve included the cleaning process for your machine and carbonation bottles and have answered some of the frequently asked questions the SodaStream community has put forth.

 This guide is meant to teach you to use your soda-making machine properly and inform you of other crucial information to ensure you craft the best-flavored sodas or sparkling waters. 


The Step-by-Step Guide On How to Use a SodaStream

how to use soda stream

How to use soda stream?

When you first get your SodaStream, it may be your first time using such a device.

You might be excited or nervous, though there’s no reason to be nervous. Using your SodaStream is incredibly simple.

1. Machine and Water Preparation

Preparing is key to using any product, especially for the first time.

For starters, you’ll want to begin chilling your water ahead of time. The colder your water, without ice, the better your drink will carbonate.

This is because CO2 reacts best when combined with colder water temperatures.

While your cold water chills in the refrigerator, set up your soda machine. It should be placed on a sturdy, flat, level surface.

You want your machine to sit perfectly upright, or you may face complications.

2. Prepare Your Carbonator

The next step of your preparation will be to load the carbonator into the SodaStream machine.

Your carbonator is the metal canister that says “SodaStream CO2” on it.

While you want to always refer to your user manual for your specific machine before setting it up, they are pretty straightforward.

Remove the plastic seal from the top of your carbonator and throw it away.

If it says it is safe to recycle, then you can do that instead. Once the seal is removed, unscrew the carbonator’s cap.

Once your canister is prepped, remove the back cover of your SodaStream machine.

If you’re using a compact, smaller machine model, such as the SodaStream Genesis, you will remove the top of your soda machine instead.

Place the cover or top to the side.

3. Insert Your Carbonator Canister

With the top or back cover of your machine out of the way, brace it with one hand to keep it steady.

Insert the carbonator canister into the holding area where the cover was on your machine.

Now you’ll need to screw the carbonator’s top into the machine. Fully turn the carbonation clockwise position until it is screwed into place, about three times. Make sure that it is firmly in place. It should not wiggle or move at all.

Some smaller models of SodaStream machines will not require you to screw your canister into place, so be sure to check your manual.

Regardless of what model machine you’re using, you will need to put the back cover or top back on once the canister is in place.

The cover should click into place, indicating that it has been securely returned to position.

If your machine has a CO2 indicator, make sure that you reset the meter when you refill or replace the CO2 canister.

You can do this by holding the reset button down for 5 seconds.

4. Loading Your Water Into the Machine

By now, your water should be perfectly chilled. Double-check that it is only full up to the fill line, as overfilling your water bottle can lead to incomplete seals, leaks, and more.

The best water to use is either spring or filtered water, but tap water also works fine.

Again, the insertion method will depend on your model of the SodaStream machine.

On larger models, you must screw your water bottle into place with about three clockwise turns.

Smaller models will allow you to snap the water bottle into the bottle lock by pushing the top of the bottle into place.

Once the bottle is locked, you must ensure it is upright in the same position as the machine.

Do this by gently pushing the bottle into a vertical position. There should be a gap between the bottle’s bottom and the base of your machine.

5. Carbonation

Once your machine, carbonator canister, and bottle of water are in place, you’re ready to begin carbonation.

Depending on your SodaStream model, you will press down on the carbonating button.

Press down in short succession to achieve your optimal level of carbonization.

When you’re just beginning, it’s best to press the button or block once, let the water rest for 30 to 45 seconds, then press again until you achieve your optimal carbonation level.

The resting period between each press is important because it allows the CO2 to activate in the water fully.

This will give you the best indication of how carbonated you like your drink to be and will help prevent over-carbonation, leaking, and other problems.

Doing one press at a time will help you determine, in the future, how many presses you need to make to achieve your preferred fizz level.

The LED lights on your machine will indicate how carbonated your drink is. The lights have three levels: light fizz, moderate fizz, and strong fizz. The more you carbonate your drink, the more the LED lights will indicate.

6. Resting and Removing the Water

soda stream directions

soda stream directions

Once your drink has been carbonated, let the water bottle rest in the machine unbothered for 45 seconds.

This allows a final resting period so the CO2 can become fully infused with your water, optimizing carbonation.

Otherwise, you may be opening your bottle too soon and allowing a large amount of CO2, which hasn’t mixed with the water, to escape.

Once the water has had time to rest, you can remove the bottle from the lock mechanism of your SodaStream machine.

Again, depending on your model, you will gently pull the bottle toward you to unlock it or twist it counterclockwise to unlock it.

7. Adding Flavor to Your Carbonated Water

The final step, should you choose to do it, is to add flavor to your carbonated water. You can add any flavor or syrup that you’d like, and you can even add honey, sugar, or another sweetener if you don’t think the flavor is sweet enough.

Hold your carbonated water bottle at an angle of approximately 15 degrees and pour in your choice of flavoring or syrup.

You can purchase flavoring and syrups online or at any store where you can buy other SodaStream and soda maker products.

Holding the bottle at an angle will make overflow less likely.

Screw the bottle’s cap on and gently shake it for 10 seconds. Shake the bottle side to side, or slowly turn the bottle upside down and back again to mix in your chosen flavor fully.

Remember not to shake the bottle too quickly or too vigorously, as this could cause your drink to overflow with liquid and carbonation when you open it afterward.

  If you want the rundown on the best flavors for your soda maker, then   check out my post here.


Your soft drink is now ready for you to enjoy! Since the water was chilled before being carbonated, you may not have to refrigerate it before drinking.

enjoy your homemade soda

You can pour it over ice if you’d like to or drink it right from the bottle, or however else you might choose to enjoy a freshly-made soda.

Make sure that once the soda has been opened, it is stored in the fridge with the cap on. If the bottle has been sealed correctly, you can keep it like this for up to two weeks without losing any carbonation.

Regular Machine Maintenance With SodaStream Instructions

First and foremost, plastic SodaStream bottles are not dishwasher safe.

That’s because plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET.

PET is easily broken down when exposed to heat or high temperatures. Most dishwashers use hot water to wash dishes and heat or steam for drying, even when indicated otherwise by any external controls.

This intense heat, especially in enclosed spaces, will damage your plastic SodaStream bottles.

If you prefer a dishwasher-safe option, SodaStream bottles made of glass can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

Steps to Cleaning Your SodaStream Bottle

When it’s time to clean out your SodaStream bottle, you’ll want to know what temperature water you will use.

You will need to use lukewarm waterdo not use hot or high-temperature water on your SodaStream bottle.

Rinse your bottle with lukewarm water and add some dish soap to the bottle once the water has been removed.

Once the detergent is in your bottle, you will add lukewarm water.

Then, shake the bottle vigorously and rapidly. Doing this will help to agitate the soap and cause soap suds. Once the bottle has been shaken thoroughly and is full of suds, let it sit for approximately 15 minutes.

Ensure that the bottle is kept from any source of heat or direct, intense light during this time.

When the 15 minutes have passed, you will need to thoroughly rinse the bottle out three or four times or until all traces of soap have been removed.

Remember to use lukewarm water throughout this process, not hot water.

With all the soap rinsed out of the bottle, you should leave it to dry in a warm, not hot, area. Additionally, this area should not have intense lighting.

It would be best if you cleaned your SodaStream bottle after every use. This will help keep bacterial growth to a minimum and ensure your drink tastes as perfect as possible.

How to Properly Clean Your SodaStream Machine

Maintaining your machine is key to keeping your SodaStream running properly and avoiding clogging issues.

sodastream bottles cleaning setIf your SodaStream machine is an electric model, you’ll want to start cleaning by unplugging the unit from its power source and waiting for about two minutes.

Battery-operated units should be fine to clean without removal, so long as the housing near the battery does not get wet.

Wipe your SodaStream machine with a soft cloth with mild detergent or soap.

Liquid dish detergent works well and is safe to use. Make sure that you wipe between each aperture and mechanism.

This will ensure you get all the dirt and dust that may have built up within your machine.

Once it is thoroughly wiped down, use a different cloth to wipe it down again.

This cloth should be damp with warm or lukewarm water but should have no trace of detergent or soap on it.

Make sure that the cloth is damp, not dripping, or overly saturated.

With all the soap cleaned from your machine, allow it to dry in a warm, dark area. Confirm that your machine is completely free of soap and dry before using it. It would be best if you cleaned your SodaStream machine once every five days or so.

Lemons and Lemon Juice Help Inhibit Bacterial Growth and Musty Odors

soda stream instructions

soda stream instructions

Musty odors or tastes may increase when using your bottle if you do not clean it after each use.

This taste and odor indicate that you may have to clean the bottle differently. The musty smell and taste come from bacterial build-ups within the bottle.

Thankfully, this is an easy problem to clear up.

First, you should fill the bottle with lukewarm water.

Only fill it to the fill line, no higher.

Squeeze an entire lemon juice into the bottle with the essential water still inside. Alternatively, you can use concentrated lemon juice found in most grocery stores.

Shake the bottle to ensure that it is thoroughly agitated with the lemon juice and water. After that, allow the bottle to sit undisturbed for about 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes have passed, rinse the bottle about three times. Then, allow the bottle to dry in a dark, warm area.

The lemon juice will remove the musty smell or taste from your bottle.

Additionally, if your bottle is stained, the lemon juice will help to remove the stains.

You may have noticed that this method uses lemon juice instead of detergent.

This is because lemon juice kills bacteria without damaging your bottle. Allowing the bottle to dry in a warm, dark area after cleaning removes the moisture from the bottle.

Combined, these two factors will help inhibit future bacterial growth and eliminate current growth.

Additional Cleaning Tips

  1. Bleach or other harsh chemicals should not be used to clean your bottles, as bleach and other chemicals will react to the plastic. This will cause bad odours and weaken the bottle’s overall integrity.
  2. Never use hot water to wash your plastic bottles or heat them to dry. The heat you may try to use while cleaning will compromise the structural integrity of your bottle. This will eventually weaken it to the point of being unable to handle the pressure of the CO2 gas.
  3. Please do your best to avoid scratching the inside of your bottle while cleaning it.
    1. This is because bacteria will lodge in the scratches and begin to populate, causing an unpleasant musty smell and taste.
    2. The bacterial growth will also increase your potential for illness.
  4. If you have to scrub your bottle due to staining or other reasons, use a specialized bottle scrubber. Using the special scrubber will minimize the risk of scratches or other damage to your bottle.
  5. Clean your SodaStream bottle after each use. It will minimize the risks of bacterial growth.
    1. For regular maintenance and to eliminate the risks of bacteria, use the lemon juice method every three days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep the soda from going flat?

Your carbonated drink should not go flat if it is sealed properly and wholly. This is because of the hermetic seal on your water bottle’s cap.

This seal will keep your carbonated drink from going flat as quickly as ordinary store-bought beverages tend to.

As long as the cap is closed tightly every time it’s returned to the refrigerator, the contents of the bottle should stay fresh and fizzy for up to two weeks.

Additionally, the colder your water is first carbonated, the better the CO2 will react.

When allowed to rest after carbonation, the CO2 will have a chance to fully become infused with the water, which will also increase the carbonation factor of your drink.

As a result, starting with the coldest possible water is important to the carbonation process and the shelf life of your beverage.

Allowing your drink to rest properly between CO2 infusions and after carbonation is also important to know how long the carbonation will last.

Again, the most critical factor is ensuring that the bottle is always properly sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

Can you re-carbonate a drink that’s gone flat?

If your drink was plain sparkling water, you could re-carbonate the drink as long as the water reaches the fill line on your carbonating bottle. If the water does not reach this line, you can add additional cold water until it reaches the line.

You cannot, however, re-carbonate a drink that has flavors added to it.

The sugars and syrup could cause build-up in the carbonation nozzle and cause clogging or may react negatively to the CO2 as it is added to the bottle.

This can result in an overflow. I’ve done another post on re-carbonating flat sodas here, which is worth a read.

What do you do when your CO2 cylinder is empty?

Several indicators will alert you when your CO2 canister is empty.

If you press the carbonator block or button and no CO2 enters your water bottle, that’s usually a strong indicator that your canister is empty and needs to be refilled or replaced.

SodaStream recommends keeping a spare CO2 canister on-hand if the one in your machine runs out.

You don’t have to run to the store or wait for the package to arrive to enjoy carbonated beverages.

When your canister is empty, it’s important not to panic and think the worst has happened to your machine. Contact SodaStream.

They will deliver your exchange CO2 cylinders and remove the empty ones for refilling or recycling.

You can, of course, exchange your empty canisters in-store. Just be sure your store has the proper SodaStream replacements for your model ahead of time, so you don’t waste a trip.

Why is there an expiration date on my water bottle?

Because plastic will degrade over time, and because the SodaStream bottle has to endure repeated use and recurring pressure from carbonization, your bottle cannot be used forever.

The expiration date printed on your SodaStream bottle must be checked and adhered to.

New bottles should be purchased as the expiration date on your current bottle approaches.

Additionally, if you mistakenly put the bottle in the dishwasher or wash it with hot water, you should immediately get new bottles.

You should also replace scratched or otherwise damaged bottles.

This is because exposure to heat and damage will lower the structural integrity of your bottle.

Most SodaStream products are completely recyclable once they have outlived their intended purpose and usefulness.

In the bottles, the only component that is not recyclable is the inner cap seal. The water bottles are reusable for up to three years as long as they are well-maintained and taken care of.

The glass carafes can be used indefinitely so long as they are not cracked, broken, or damaged.

Each raw material of the SodaStream bottles has a recycling code to make it easier for you to separate and accurately recycle. Always check with your municipality’s recycling authority to find the best and safest way to recycle your SodaStream products.   

For more info on SodaStream bottles, have a look at this post.

Are the SodaStream plastic carbonating bottles BPA-free?

multi colored sodastream bottlesAll of the SodaStream plastic carbonating bottles with water are BPA-free.

SodaStream has high, demanding standards for its material providers. The suppliers and subcontractors must adhere to international beverage and container quality standards.

Specific concerns that these suppliers have to consider are phthalates and PCBs.

No materials used in the production process of the SodaStream bottles produce PCBs or phthalates.

They also do not use polycarbonate materials, where BPA can be produced and introduced to the bottle. Therefore, all their plastic bottles avoid exposing you to these harmful chemicals.

Are SodaStream products and flavors vegan or kosher, and are they allergen-free?


SodaStream does offer vegan options for customers with a vegan lifestyle.

The Fruit Drops are all-natural, unsweetened flavors that are great for sparkling water. They taste great and are 100 per cent vegan!

Kosher Certified

All sparkling water makers besides the One-Touch model can be used on the Sabbath.

SodaStream sparkling water is kosher for Passover, and they have an OUP certification to prove as much. Additionally, the SodaStream products and flavors are kosher certified, and you can view their OU and OUP certifications on their website.

Allergen-Free Products

SodaStream defines allergens that include gluten cereals, seafood, shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts, soy, milk, tree nuts, celery, mustard, and sesame seeds.

With this in mind, the SodaStream products are completely allergen-free and safe for most people to use!

If you have a specific allergen that you’d like to ask about that isn’t on their list of allergens, feel free to contact the Sparkle Support Team with your questions.

They will be more than happy to answer your questions and suggest what flavors you can use safely.

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