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What’s the Best Organic Soda? [Healthy Carbonated Drinks]

What’s the Best Organic Soda

I love Soda, but we know many of them are loaded with many grams of sugar and artificial sweeteners and are generally not that healthy. 

So, I started looking into organic sodas and what brands were the best, and here’s what I found

So, what’s the best organic soda available today?

Blue sky and Oogavé are, in my experience, the best organic sodas available, mostly because they have the widest range of natural and artificial flavors and are sweetened without natural sugar.

Other good organic soda options are Bionade, Galvanina, Wewi, and Simple Organic.

Remember, the term ‘Best’ can be subjective and will come back to which one you personally think tastes the best.

There are around 10 organic sodas and organic soft drinks, and they have various pros and cons.

Below, I’ll explain the main pros and cons of each, as well as some important health information about drinking organic sodas.

Pros and Cons Of The Top Organic Soda Brands

organic soft drinks

1. Blue sky

About the brand:

Blue sky started in 1971 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

According to Blue Sky’s official website, their founders started the company by making deliveries by van around town.


They have a wide range of flavors, including cane sugar flavors, artificial colors, and sweetened without sugar flavors.

Their unsweetened flavors are made with stevia leaf extract.

And their unsweetened flavors contain zero calories, which is great for weight loss.

Cane sugar flavors include:

Stevia sweetened flavors include:


All of their soda comes in 12 fl. oz (354 mL) cans.

So, you can’t buy large bottles.

Also, they don’t come in glass bottles

Canned beverages and soft drinks are known to leach chemicals into the drink, which can cause health issues, as I showed in Canned Kidney Beans. Good for You?

2. Oogavé

About the brand:

Oogavé sweetens their drinks with an Agave extract known as aguamiel in Spanish, which translates as ‘honey water.’

Agave is native to the Americas and looks similar to a pineapple plant, but it grows differently.


According to Oogavé, the agave nectar is processed more slowly in the body, which means you don’t get the sugar high and subsequent crash that you get from raw sugar.

It’s also kosher-certified.

Additionally, they have a wide range of flavors, and many unique and interesting flavors, including:


They only sell their soda’s in packs of 12 bottles, which are 12 fl. oz (354 mL) each.

This means you have to buy in bulk.

Not a bad thing if you love soda, carbonated water, or sparkling water.

It makes it more difficult to try the different flavors to see which one you like.

3. Bionade

About the brand:

Bionade is a German brand invented by Dieter Leipold in the 1960s.

They make 5 different flavors of certified organic soda. It is an all natural soda brand.


According to their website, it’s flavored with sugar but contains on average 30% less sugar or fructose corn syrup than similar sodas.


They don’t have a wide range of flavors, and all of their sodas are fruit flavors.

This means they don’t make cola and root beer.

Their flavors include:

  • Elderberry
  • Cloudy Lemon 
  • Cloudy Orange
  • Lemon Bergamot
  • Ginger Orange

4. Galvanina

About the brand:

Galvanina is an Italian-based company that has won various soda awards.

Including the London Bellavita Award in 2019 for their Ginger Beer, where they won best overall soda.

And they won the best flavor of the year in the 2018 French Saveur de l’Année awards.

They have been around since the early 1900s, mostly specializing in mineral water.

But, in the 1980s, they began producing flavored sodas.


Their mineral water is sourced from a spring that was well known since the Roman era.

They make a wide range of products, including flavored mineral waters and tonics – which, as you may be aware, are used in cocktails.

They have over 17 flavors of organic soda pop, including cola and fruit juice flavors such as orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, and ginger ale


I couldn’t find any bad points about this brand of organic soda.

However, they don’t provide an ingredient list for their sodas, so I couldn’t find what sweetener they use in their sodas.

5. Wewi

About the brand:

Wewi is a Brazilian-based company that started in 2014.

They were born out of a desire to drink soda with pizza and burgers, but the creators didn’t want to consume standard sodas with a lot of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

They focused more on natural ingredients and natural soda which is the healthiest soda.


They offer a unique drink that is guarana flavored.

As you may be aware, guarana is a natural stimulant that increases energy and focus.

So, it is a healthier soda with organic ingredients.


They currently only offer three flavors of soft drinks:

However, they make sparkling tea, organic soda pops, and tonic water.

They are quite a new company, so their distribution isn’t as widespread as some other sodas on this list.

6. Simple Organic

About the brand:

Simple Organic is made by Greenstone Drinks Co., an Australian beverage company or carbonated beverage company.

They make a range of sodas, smoothies, superfood juices, sparkling waters, and ice teas.


The company is part of the 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of its revenue to environmental non-profits.

According to their website, they have 35% less sugar than other similar sodas.


They don’t have as many flavors as some other organic sodas.

And currently make:

They are also only available in Australia, and parts of Asia

What Is The Healthiest Soda?

What is the healthiest soda

Healthy soda doesn’t use sugar as a sweetener.

As shown in this study, carbonated beverages containing sugar are correlated with developing Type 2 Diabetes.

The results were based on comparing people who drink one soda a day compared to those who didn’t drink soda. 

Artificially sweetened and fruit juice-sweetened sodas or fizzy drinks showed a correlation with developing Type 2 diabetes.

Still, the researchers said that the results had a bias, and therefore the results for artificially sweetened and fruit juice-sweetened sodas aren’t conclusive.

 This study also shows that diet sodas aren’t better for you than sodas made with sugar

The organic sodas on this list that AREN’T sweetened with sugar, or artificial sweeteners are Blue Sky and Ooogavé.

What Is A Good Replacement For Soda?

What is a good replacement for soda

Sparkling water flavored with sweet fruit juice is a good alternative to soda.

They have the same mouth as regular soda but don’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

You can also drink fruit juice, iced tea, soda water, or regular water instead. 

As you may be aware, humans are habit-forming creatures.

There have been many interesting books about this subject, such as Habit and Atomic Habits’ Power.

This reveals that habits form the large majority of our daily actions.

So, in my opinion, once you replace soda for a few weeks with another drink, you won’t miss soda and won’t have any desire to drink it.

I personally found this to be the case, when I quit drinking soda.

Natural Soda Brands

To sum it up, Blue Sky is the best organic soda, followed in close second by Oogavé.

They have the biggest range and don’t sweeten their sodas with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

All of the brands on this list are certified organic with health benefits in their respective countries and include Bionade, Galvanina, Wewi, and Simple Organic.

Some of them are sweetened with sugar, though, and you don’t want to drink them too regularly because it can lead to health issues.