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What is macro friendly coffee creamer? (Healthy Keto Options)

Macro Friendly Coffee Creamer

Hot or iced coffee is a very popular drink that has the added benefit of giving you an energy boost due to its caffeine content.

Studies have shown that only one-third of coffee drinkers drink their coffee black, but it’s also a good idea to choose something to make your coffee creamy that is very healthy for you.

Here are some macro-friendly coffee creamer options.

Overall, oat milk, almond milk, and soy milk are the most macro-friendly coffee creamers.

They contain the lowest amount of carbs, fat, and calories.

In general, store-bought coffee creamers have subpar macros and should be avoided to optimize your macro intake.

In this article, I will provide a list of the best coffee creamers and show the fat content, calories, and carbs in each.

And rank them from highest to lowest in each of these categories so you can make the best decision about what coffee creamer is right for you.

I’ll also cover some coffee creamer substitutes, and what coffee creamers are best for the keto diet.

What Is the Healthiest Coffee Creamer?

What Is the Healthiest Coffee Creamer

Each coffee creamer has a different amount of carbs, calories, and fat.

This makes some better than others for weight loss and for your overall health. This is the healthiest coffee creamer overall.

Overall, almond milk is the best healthy coffee creamer.

It contains the lowest carbs, fat, and calories out of any of the potential coffee creamer options.

Of the ‘coffee creamers’ that you buy in the store, Super Creamer is the best because it contains the lowest carbs, calories, and fat.

To be able to see this better here’s a table that shows the best creamer options for coffee.

It shows the fat content, calorie content, and carb content per 2 tablespoons.

Which is about how much you’re add to a typical serving size of coffee:

Coffee creamer Calories Carbs Fat
Whole milk 18 1.4 2
Nonfat milk 11 1.0 0.05
Heavy cream 60 0.4 6
Flavored Coffee mate 70 10 3
Coffee mate 70 2 2
International Delight 70 12 3
Dunkin’ creamer 80 12 3
Super creamer 16.6 1 1.6
Oat milk 14 2 0.4
Soy milk 16 2 0.6
Hemp milk 8 0 0.6
Almond milk 4 0 0.3
Coconut milk 70 2 7

Because they differ quite a bit in how much of each of these macros they contain, here are 3 tables that show the in order from lowest to the highest for fat, carbs, and calorie content:

Coffee creamer CARB content lowest to highest:

Coffee creamer Carbs
Hemp milk 0
Almond milk 0
Heavy cream 0.4
Super creamer 1
Nonfat milk 1
Whole milk 1.4
Soy milk 2
Oat milk 2
Coffee-mate 2
Flavored Coffee-mate 10
Coconut milk 2
International Delight 12
Dunkin’ creamer 12

Coffee creamer FAT content lowest to highest:

Coffee creamer Fat
Nonfat milk 0.05
Almond milk 0.3
Oat milk 0.4
Soy milk 0.6
Hemp milk 0.6
Super creamer 1.6
Coffee-mate 2
Whole milk 2
International Delight 3
Dunkin’ creamer 3
Flavored Coffee-mate 3
Heavy cream 6
Coconut milk 7


Coffee creamer CALORIE content lowest to highest:

Coffee creamer Calories
Almond milk 4
Hemp milk 8
Nonfat milk 11
Oat milk 14
Soy milk 16
Super creamer 16.6
Whole milk 18
Heavy cream 60
Flavored Coffee-mate 70
Coffee-mate 70
Coconut milk 70
International Delight 70
Dunkin’ creamer 80

These nutrition facts about the different coffee creamers are a little bit surprising because coffee creamers typically just look like powdered milk of natural flavor.

But, the nutritional information doesn’t lie.

And some coffee creamers are a better option to maintain good macros.

Nut milks are very interesting, and many people aren’t aware of how they’re made.

Here’s how almond milk is made:

All nut milks are made in the same way.

But, some nut milk and related milk like soy milk and coconut milk can be a bit of an issue for people with food allergies. If that’s the case then full cream is generally a good option.

Coffee can also be served as a cold brew which is popular at well-known cafes like Starbucks.

But, they typically contain high amounts of sugar and cream.

Although they taste amazing they can easily blow your macros out of whack.


Issues with store-bought premade coffee creamer powders

Generic coffee creamers that you buy at a grocery store don’t have the best macros but can be OK in small amounts.

The healthiest way to drink coffee is without too much sugar.

And some creamers you buy in stores are sugary creamers.

They not only make your coffee creamy but also make it sweet.

Excess sugar in your diet can lead to heart disease, and diabetes according to medical experts.

Some of the best options are soy milk, oat milk, and almost milk, and are also some of the healthiest coffee creamers.

Hot cocoa made from cocoa powder is another popular caffeinated drink to add to coffee.

Some coffee creamers are sweetened, whereas others are sugar-free creamers.

They can be sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Added sugar can lead to weight gain.

They can also contain xanthan gum, acacia gum, sunflower lecithin, dipotassium phosphate, gellan gum, vegetable oil, and hydrogenated oils.

These are food additives used in coffee creamers.

As well as, in other food products.

Coffee creamers can have different flavors such as french vanilla.

But, these typically have sugar or artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors added.

Interestingly, the amount of grams of sugar adds the same amount of carbs in grams.

For example, if a coffee creamer has 1g of sugar, it will add 1g of carbs.

And non-fat milk contains a lower amount of fat, with only 0.05 grams of fat.

Milk can be left warm up to room temperature which makes a coffee stay hotter for longer.

The best coffee creamer for a keto coffee has low carbs and high fat.

Based on these requirements heavy cream is the best.

Coconut cream can also be good but tends to have quite a savory flavor similar to a popular choice on the ketogenic diet, butter.

Best coffee creamer for weight loss

What Coffee Creamer Has the Least Carbs

Limiting the number of carbs you consume is good for burning fat.

Using a coffee creamer that is low in carbs can free up space in your diet for other foods that you may not be able to consume otherwise, and can make sure you remain under a specific carb intake for the day.

So, here’s the coffee creamer that has the least amount of carbs.

Super creamer is the lowest-carb coffee creamer, with 1 g of carbs per 2 tablespoons.

Almond milk, hemp milk, and heavy cream are the lowest-carb ingredients to make your coffee creamy.

Hemp milk (milk frother) and almond milk contain zero carbs, and heavy cream contains 0.4g of carbs per 2 tablespoons.

Unsweetened almond milk has zero grams of carbs and is a very healthy coffee creamer.

Sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, and organic cane sugar are really nice to add to coffee.

But, they come at the cost of limiting some of the health benefits of coffee.

This is due to the fact that they add carbs, and calories.

What Can I Substitute for Creamer in Coffee?

What Can I Substitute for Creamer in Coffee

For most people, a cup of coffee tastes best with added creamer.

Some creamers can be high in sugar and carbs which can be bad if you consume too much of them.

The good news is there are a lot of creamer substitutes for coffee that have much better macros, these are some of them.

Almond milk, hemp milk, heavy cream, low-fat milk, and regular milk make great substitutes for creamer in coffee.

They contain very low carbs and calories.

Heavy cream contains a lot of fat, which makes it good for a paleo/keto diet.

There are a few simple ingredients that can be used as sugar substitutes to add the sweet taste that some coffee creamers provide.

Examples are vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Sugar can often lead to a sugar crash which can affect your energy levels.

This makes these natural coffee flavor enhancers/sweeteners a better option.

These also add natural flavors that make a coffee even more delicious.

The extra flavor provided by natural ingredients like nutmeg, or cinnamon can also be quite healthy, as these naturally contain antioxidants. free radicals

Monk fruit sweetener is a good option to sweeten your coffee without adding the extra carbs that are in sugar to your coffee.

Sweet coffee tends to be much more delicious because it balances out the bitterness of the coffee.

But, creamers can also make a coffee ‘taste’ sweeter because they aren’t as bitter, even though creamy liquids like milk and cream, aren’t technically sweet.

What Is the Healthiest Non Dairy Coffee Creamer?

What Is the Healthiest Non Dairy Coffee Creamer

A cup of joe first thing or before the afternoon is very nice on a break, or with breakfast.

But, for most people’s taste a cup of coffee is much improved by adding something to make it more creamy.

Some people have a dairy intolerance or prefer not to consume dairy products so here’s the best non-dairy coffee creamer.

Overall, almond milk is the best non dairy coffee creamer.

It’s made by juicing almonds, and contains one of the lower carbs, fat, and calories of any coffee creamer. Other good options are soy milk, and oat milk.

A great way to make a non dairy coffee creamer is with almond milk and some other ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.

This makes it more similar to a cup of chai, or a chai latte.

I recently became interested in what a chai latte is.

So I looked into how it’s made. I summarized what I found in this article about whether a chai latte is a coffee or a tea .

Are Coffee Creamers Keto Friendly?

Are Coffee Creamers Keto Friendly

Morning coffee is one of the best ways to start the day, and interestingly black coffee has zero carbs which makes it great on the keto diet.

A keto diet is a low carb, and high fat, so based on these two parameters here’s whether coffee creamers are keto friendly.

In general keto-friendly coffee, creamers do not exist. 

They contain a high amount of carbs, which makes them unsuitable for a keto diet.

But, there are some specially made coffee creamers that are designed for a keto diet, which are called keto coffee creamers. Let us talk about the best keto coffee creamer. 

There is also a well-known type of coffee called bulletproof coffee.

It’s made by using grass-fed butter, or grass-fed ghee.

As well as, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil.

Medium-chain triglycerides are the scientific name for pure fat.

Fat is considered healthy on the keto diet and adding it to foods is seen as very healthy.

Coconut oil is another keto-friendly option.

I explained in detail how to make keto coffee in this article that covers some of the most popular keto coffee recipes.

All of these are considered healthy fats and are recommended on a paleo or ketogenic diet.

There are also specially-made keto coffee creamers and keto-friendly sweeteners, that are low in carbs.

Interestingly, a cup of black coffee contains zero net carbs and zero calories.

On the ketogenic diet, the idea is to limit the number of carbs you consume.

The creamy texture provided by coffee creamers can sometimes come at the cost of having a lot of added sugar.

Therefore, care needs to be taken to choose ones that are sugar-free, or are sweetened with low-calorie sweeteners such as stevia or artificial sweeteners.