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What Is a Bottle of Ski drink?

What Is a Bottle of Ski

When you think of Ski, you would immediately think of the sport played worldwide, especially in the cooler climates.

But how could you put this downhill event into a bottled soda? A delicious citrus soda at that. Let us see bottle of ski meaning.

Ski is a soft drink, a citrus soda, made from the natural juices of lemons and oranges.

Ski was manufactured and sold by the Double Cola Company in the United States, introduced in 1956.

Ski is incredibly popular throughout the United States, especially through southern Kentucky, and is distributed in many states today.

It should not be compared with a bottle of skeet. What is a bottle of skeet is little unknown. 

So, now we know a little about Ski, let’s slalom our way to the bottom of this soft drink and find out what it’s all about.

Where is Ski Soda From?

Where is Ski Soda From

Ski soda was created in the HQ of the Double Cola Company, located in Chattanooga – Tennessee.

The Double Cola Company perfected the formula for Ski soda in August 1956, where it was registered two years later.

It launched to the public during the summer.

Ski received its name from the company asking the employees for ideas.

Ski’s name was chosen by a weekend-long trip to Chickamauga Lake, where the employee had gone skiing.

The employee submitted the names “Ski” and “Skee.” The name Ski was loved so much that management chose it, being its name ever since.

Does ski have caffeine?

Does Ski Soda Have Caffeine in it

There is 69.00 mg of caffeine present in a 12.00 oz can of Ski.

When you compare this against other similar sodas, you will find that this amount of caffeine is moderate.

It is also essential to know that Ski soda contains 46.50 grams of sugar per serving.

Even though the caffeine levels are moderate, what is good to remember is to drink Ski soda in moderation.

Moderation is the key to all foods and drinks, so the levels in Ski soda are safe, just don’t drink too much in a day.

Remember, the recommended limit for caffeine in a day is 400 mg.

What is a Slaw Burger, Fries, and a Bottle of Ski?

What is a Slaw Burger, Fries and a Bottle of Ski


The phrase a slaw burger, fries, and a 600ml bottle of Ski refer to a song by The Kentucky Headhunters.

The song called “Dumas Walker” was written and recorded by the headhunters in 1990 as a second single to their earlier song from the 1989’ album “Pickin’ on Nashville.”

The lyrics refer to the artists’ childhoods, who grew up in Kentucky, with Ski soda being a part of their everyday lives.

A “slaw burger” is common throughout the United States, particularly in the south, and is made from adding Coleslaw to a traditional burger.

What Does Ski Soda Taste Like?

What Does Ski Soda Taste Like

Ski soda is a unique blend of citrus juices, orange and lemon being the two main ingredients.

Ski is not too sweet or too sour compared to other sodas and has a flavor that is rarely found in sodas on the market today.

With Ski soda’s light carbonation, some would argue that it makes the soda feel a little flat, but this isn’t a bad thing when you drink Ski.

The closest thing you can find available on the market today is Mellow Yellow.

However, Ski still provides a unique drinking experience that is loved throughout the United States.

Where is ski soda made?

Where Can I Buy Ski Soda

Found throughout the United States, Ski soda is extremely popular amongst the people.

The Double Cola Company has many production plants producing Ski Soda across many different states.

These are:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Its availability to purchase definitely added fuel to the fire in public interest and reception, available at nearly all retailers, garages, and gas stations.

If you are not a resident of the United States of America, you may find Ski soda hard to come by, as it seems to be only marketed and sold in the States.

Now, you might be wondering to yourself how healthy this soda is if it is favored in many different states.

Can it really be as bad as they say?

Is Ski beverage Bad for You?

Is Ski Soda Bad for You

If you love a daily soda, then you may already know that drinking too much of this fizzy beverage isn’t particularly good for you.

It can even be dangerous if you drink too much and can be fatal.

The majority of sodas contain high sugar levels, leading to various illnesses such as diabetes, weight gain and problems with your heart.

The CDC or the Centre for Disease ( such as Kidney disease, and heart disease) Control and Prevention states that the leading risk factor in soda is how much sugar it contains.

When you look at a 12-ounce can of Ski, we find that it contains 45 grams of sugar in one can.

Imagine having two or three cans during a day to add up to 135 grams of sugar or 10 tablespoons.

There have also been many health conditions linked to consuming too much sugar

These sugar-related conditions can be:

  • Increase weight gain
  • Obesity
  • Having Type 2 diabetes
  • Increase in heart disease
  • Increase in Kidney disease
  • Gout
  • Non-alcoholic liver disease

We recommend that you should try to limit the number of sugary drinks you consume daily.

You can definitely still enjoy them, but in moderation, as many other alternatives to soda won’t harm your health as much.

Ski soda contains high sugar levels, so it isn’t a good match if you are drinking a lot of soda in a day.

Remember your daily dose of sugar; for an average adult, there would be no more than 30g of sugar every day.

The amount of sugar in one 12 oz can of Ski puts you over this recommended limit by around 15 g of sugar.

So, if you are seriously looking to cut down on how much soda you drink, what are your options?

What Are the Alternatives to Soda?

What Are the Alternatives to Soda

While we all love a Ski, there are alternatives that you can enjoy as well as the fizzy drinks or popular soda.


When you are thirsty, one of the best drinks you can reach for is water.

Water is excellent for your health, and your body needs it to function correctly.

Water helps:

  • Regulate your temperature
  • Lubricate our joints
  • Get rid of waste
  • The prevention of kidney stones

Now, you may think that water is a bit boring, but there are plenty of ways to make it tasty.

Adding lemon, lime or orange to your water helps add flavour and some vital vitamins, which most sodas lack.

Fruit Juice:

Another alternative to soda is fruit juice; however, they can contain a lot of sugar but benefit from adding flavour and more vitamins into your diet.

If you are craving the fizz from your daily soda, try adding sparkling water into your fruit juice.

Other choices for your afternoon drink could be coffee, tea, milk, sparkling water or any other low sugar beverage.

Everything thing, in the end, comes down to moderation.

You can enjoy the finer things in life, as long as you don’t overindulge every day or make it a habit, as we all know some habits are hard to break.

In Conclusion

So, instead of carving up the ski slopes, you are drinking a very refreshing citrus drink—a favourite due to its light and crisp flavour.

If you are not a fan of orange and lemon, there are many options to purchase.

Different flavors for different taste buds!

To Ski or not to Ski? That isn’t a question; we all love the flavor of this Kentucky favorite.  

Definitely to Ski!