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– History:
– Owned by Armour Trust before A.G. Barr plc
– Recipe not public, ingredients on packaging
– Introduced other-flavored versions in 2003
– Stylized as T!zer from 1996 to 2007
– Rebranded in 2011 as “The Great British Pop”

– Tizer Ice:
– Launched in late 1990s with menthol
– Later rebranded as Ice by Tizer
– Poor sales led to removal from market
– Criticized 1999 advertisement for inappropriateness
– Featured Ed the Tizer Head mascot

– Tizer Diet:
– Low-calorie alternative
– Originally Sugar Free Tizer in late 1980s
– Reintroduced as Tizer Diet from 1997 to 2001
– 2001 ad campaign featured funhouse mirror
– Designed to make viewer appear thinner

– Promotion:
– Advertised under various slogans
– Notable 1982 TV ad with David Rappaport
– Early 1990s campaign featured word fragments
– Rebranded in 1996 with mascot Ed the Head
– 2004 campaign with red chameleon

– Rebranded in 1996 with new logo and mascot
– Successful 2001 campaign with blue lunchboxes
– 2003 rebranding to red cans and smiley Ed
– Ads featured battles with lobster and gorillas
– Aired campaign with red chameleon in 2004

– Branding and packaging:
– Launched UK fan club in 1991
– Advertised in teenage magazines
– Sponsored rave event Rezerection/Rez in 1997
– Sponsored The Chart Show and CD:UK
– Sponsored roller coaster Traumatizer in Southport

– In store and incentives:
– Known for distributing drink fridges
– Offered hi-tech prizes competition in 1995
– Sold at Pizzaland with special promotions
– Distributed mobile can coolers and vending machines
– Full-sized fridges were blue from 1997 to 2003

– Slogans:
– “You Can Tell Its Tizer When Your Eyes Are Shut” (1980, 1982)
– “Ise Got The Ize” (1986)
– “Refresh Your Head” (1996–2003)
– “!tz a Red Thing” (2003–2007)
– “The Great British Pop” (2011–present)

– Musical references:
– Forgotten recipe puts the fizz back into Tizer

Tizer (Wikipedia)

Tizer is a red-coloured, citrus-flavoured soft drink bottled in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, and sold in the United Kingdom. The name originally comes from the phrase "Tizer the Appetizer". It was launched in 1924 by Fred and Tom Pickup of Pudsey when it was known as "Pickup's Appetizer".

TypeCarbonated soft drink
ManufacturerA.G. Barr plc (since 1972)
Country of origin United Kingdom
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