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How to sweeten green tea?(15 Healthy Options)

best sweetener for green tea

Green tea is available at coffee shops, and can easily be made at home using hot water, green tea leaves, or green tea bags. Can you put sweetener in green tea?

Yes, the green tea taste is quite bitter taste but is somewhat pleasant and calming. 

In this article, I will explain how to add a bit of sweetness to green tea and explain what the best sweetener for green tea is.

The best sweetener is stevia.

The main reason is that it doesn’t change the calories or carbs of green tea.

But, it still adds as much sweetness as you like.

It is made from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, which has the nickname ‘candy leaf’.

Bottled green tea with stevia

there are several brands of bottled green tea that use stevia as a sweetener. Stevia is a natural, low-calorie sweetener derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It’s a popular

alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners because it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and has a negligible impact on calorie intake.

There is a range of simple ingredients that you can add to green tea, and they have their pros and their cons.

Below, I will go into more depth about why stevia is the best option, what the other options are, and how they compare based on taste, and nutrient content.

What Is the Healthiest Sweetener for Green Tea?

What Is the Healthiest Sweetener for Green Tea

A cup of tea is one of the most popular hot drinks made with hot water, and green tea is a well-known herbal tea with no caffeine, natural ingredients, and various medicinal properties.

It doesn’t, however, and it can be improved a lot by adding other flavors, as well as, sweeteners.

So, here’s what the healthiest green tea sweetener.

Overall, stevia is the healthiest sweetener for green tea. It is also the best sweetener for Matcha.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that has zero calories.

Other common sweeteners such as regular sugar, and raw honey contain carbs and calories.

The amounts are not in unhealthy quantities but stevia has no calories or carbs.

Added sugar contains about 16 calories per teaspoon and 4.2g of carbs.

For people trying to consume fewer calories for weight loss, need to keep the glycemic index of foods in check, or need to keep their blood sugar levels down, stevia is generally the best way to add a little bit or a lot of sweetness to green tea.

Interestingly the other herbal teas, oolong, white tea, and black tea are made from the same plant as green tea.

It can be made as a hot tea or an iced tea.

Once, a cup of green tea goes cold when it’s left out, and can be consumed as a cold tea.

But they differ based on how the leaves are prepared once they’re harvested.

Here’s a really good video that explains how green tea, oolong tea, and black tea differ:

Best sweetener for matcha latte


There is also what is called matcha tea, which is made using a bamboo whisk and matcha powder.

It’s a type of green tea powder that can be used in special ceremonies where the highest grade is used.

But, culinary-grade matcha is still very good and is specially made for various green tea flavored drinks.

Both matcha and tea are naturally anti-inflammatory according to the medical professionals at Healthline.

They also state that it has anti-cancer properties.

And is typically used to make a matcha latte, also sometimes called a green tea latte, and other matcha drinks.

People are always experimenting with different types of drinks, and you may be curious if it’s possible to carbonate tea.

I covered if you can in this article if tea can be carbonated.

It has a vibrant green color.

The easiest way to add a bit of sweetness to matcha.

What Can I Use to Sweeten Green Tea?

What Can I Use to Sweeten Green Tea

The flavor of green tea has a bitter aftertaste, and if you have a bit of a sweet tooth like me, you generally like a sweet taste to the tea.

A great way to do that is to add a sweetener with sugar being the most common, however, there is a range of different options for green tea with sweetener

Overall you can use the following 15 ingredients to sweeten your green tea

  1. white sugar
  2. brown sugar
  3. cane sugar
  4. licorice root
  5. raw honey
  6. agave nectar/agave sugar
  7. artificial sweeteners
  8. coconut sugar
  9. monk fruit sweeteners
  10. date sugar
  11. date syrup
  12. coconut milk
  13. coconut water
  14. maple syrup
  15. high fructose corn syrup 

Other types of milk add a milk amount of sweetness.

Although, they don’t make them taste traditionally sweet.

They do take away the bitter flavor and make green tea taste very pleasant.

Some that work well are:

These can add a fair amount of calories to green tea, which isn’t so good for weight loss.

Natural sugar such as table sugar/white sugar also is high in calories.

And adding a lot of them can increase blood pressure, your cholesterol levels, weaken your immune system, and increase the risk of heart disease.

But, provided you don’t consume more than 2 to 9 teaspoons of sugar per day according to Harvard Medical School (source), you will be in a safe range.

As you may know, sugar is a refined form of either sugarcane or sugar beets.

Many people wonder how natural sugar is.

A teaspoon of sugar also contains carbs and calories, both of which aren’t good for weight loss.

Therefore, rather than adding a bit of sugar, sugar substitutes like those listed above are a better option as they contain low calories.

Honey is incredibly delicious but it’s also high in calories and carbs.

The type of sweetener you use can also change the flavor of green tea, it can be much more appealing.

How to sweeten black tea without sugar or green tea without sugar

How Can I Sweeten My Green Tea Without Honey or Sugar

Consuming green tea without sweeteners gives you the health benefits of tea but doesn’t do much for your taste buds.

Experienced tea drinkers can prefer to drink tea as it is without any sweeteners but honey and sugar are some of the most commonly used.

However, if you’re looking to add a sweet flavor to green tea, here are some other options.

As a general rule, stevia is the best way to sweeten green tea without honey or sugar.

Other things you can use are milk from either a cow, or from nuts such as almost milk, or coconut milk.

These aren’t as sweet as honey or sugar but do make green tea not bitter or slightly sweet.

Tea is made of simple ingredients, and regardless of the type of tea, they have been enjoyed for a very long time.

The earliest record of tea being consumed is around 400 years BC.

Fruit teas can have a range of different flavors.

So, you may consider mixing green tea with a sweeter type of fruit tea.

Flavorwise, I think very few people would consider green tea the best tea.

But adding a few sweet herbs such as sweet basil, or tarragon can add another flavor dimension in a natural way.

And reduce how much sugar

Sweeteners do change the flavor of green tea, so adding fruit tea can give it an even more interesting flavor.

Other interesting flavors you may consider are adding lemon juice or blackstrap molasses.

These will change it from a sweet tea into more of a spicy sour tea in hot water.

But, it can be good to take away the bitter taste.