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How Much Is A Large Sweet Tea At Mcdonald’s?

How Much Is A Large Sweet Tea At McDonalds

Have you ever been to Mcdonald’s and wanted a large sweet tea?

It’s an incredibly refreshing drink, especially during the summer months.

But have you ever stopped to wonder how much it costs?

Let me tell you – it may surprise you!

In this article, I will explore exactly how much a large sweet tea is at Mcdonald’s.

You won’t want to miss out on this informative read!

First, let’s talk about what makes up a ”large sweet tea” from Mcdonald’s.

It usually contains 32 ounces of freshly-brewed iced black tea mixed with sugar and a lemon flavoring for enhanced taste.

This combination creates a delicious beverage perfect for quenching your thirst on hot days.

But now, onto the big question: just how much does it cost?

Finally, we answer our original query: ‘how much is a large sweet tea at McDonald’s?

The answer will depend on your location, as prices vary by region.

However, most places generally charge around $1 to $1.79 depending on the size or promotional offers. 

So there you have it – when you go into Mcdonald’s, you know exactly what price tag comes with their large sweet teas!

What Size Is A Large Sweet Tea At Mcdonald’s?

What size is a large sweet tea at McDonalds

The large sweet tea at Mcdonald’s symbolizes refreshment and indulgence.

It’s the perfect balance of sweetness, with just enough sugar to make it delightful without overpowering.

This beverage is 32 ounces, containing about 141 grams of sugar – approximately six teaspoons per serving!

While many people enjoy drinking McDonald’s’ sweet tea on its own, some also add flavor boosts or other mix-ins like lemonade or syrup

No matter how you choose to drink your large sweet tea from Mcdonald’s, you can be sure it will be refreshingly delicious every time.

So if you’re looking for a satisfying pick-me-up treat on a hot summer day, look no further than the classic large sweet tea at Mcdonald’s!

Is Mcdonald’s Sweet Tea Made With Real Sugar?

Is McDonald's sweet tea made with real sugar

McDonald’s sweet tea has been a favorite for years, but many wonders if it is made with real sugar.

The answer to this question depends on where you are located.

In some locations, McDonald’s’ sweet tea does contain regular sugar in its ingredients list.

However, the company uses high fructose corn syrup instead of regular sugar in other areas.

To determine what kind of sweetener is used in your area, you need to check out the nutrition facts label that can be found on the cup or container that holds the beverage.

Many customers say they prefer the taste when their local McDonald’s uses regular sugar rather than alternative sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup.

No matter where you live. However, one thing remains true – a large McDonald’s sweet tea costs around  $ 1.50 and provides a refreshing pick-me-up any time of day!

What Brand Is Mcdonald’s Sweet Tea?

What brand is McDonald's sweet tea

Transitioning from the previous section, let’s discuss the McDonald’s sweet tea brand. 

As many know, McDonald’s sweet tea is made with real sugar and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

But what about the actual brand?

Well, it turns out that McDonald’s uses an orange pekoe blend for their sweet tea.

This blend comes from various sources and has a subtle citrus flavor, giving it its signature taste.

When discussing allergens, it is important to note that McDonald’s’ sweet tea does not contain any tree nuts, so those with nut allergies can safely enjoy this beverage without worrying about reactions.

However, if you have other allergies, such as gluten or dairy, check the allergy information provided by your local store before ordering a cup of this delicious drink!

No matter what kind of allergies you may have, double-checking allergen information is always the best practice when consuming anything outside your home.

That being said, McDonald’s’ makes their allergen information easily accessible on their website and in-store so everyone can make informed decisions when deciding to enjoy some refreshingly cold Mcdonald’s Sweet Tea!

Is Mcdonald’s Sweet Tea Healthier Than Soda?

Is McDonald's sweet tea healthier than soda

I’m often asked if McDonald’s sweet tea is healthier than soda.

The answer depends on your diet regimen and sugar levels.

Generally speaking, it can be a better option than some sugary sodas, but it may not always be the healthiest option.

McDonald’s’ sweet tea contains around 170 calories per large cup, with approximately 40g of total carbohydrates.

So while the calorie count isn’t too bad, you get a lot of added sugars in each serving.

For those trying to watch their sugar intake or avoid certain allergens, it’s important to note that McDonald’s’ sweet tea does contain corn syrup and natural flavors as well as other ingredients, which could trigger an allergic reaction for some people.

If you opt for McDonald’s sweet tea over soda, ensure you don’t consume too much in one sitting and watch what else you drink.

Sweet teas like this should be enjoyed in moderation, just like any other beverage or food item!

Is Mcdonald’s Sweet Tea Made In A Mop Bucket?

Is McDonald's sweet tea made in a mop bucket

No, McDonald’s sweet tea is not made in a mop bucket.

The company uses a special blend of teas – typically Lipton but sometimes other brands – brewed using hot water and then cooled to room temperature before being served.

The main sweetener used for their signature drink is table sugaralthough some locations may also use sugar syrup or artificial sweeteners like Splenda.

The tea involves filling a large container with cold water and adding the desired tea leaves.

Then, depending on the recipe, either table sugar or sugar syrup will be added along with any flavoring, such as lemon juice or mint extract.

Once everything has been mixed, it’s’ heated until boiling and left to steep for several minutes before being poured into individual cups to serve.

McDonald’s sweet tea is one of the most popular drinks offered by the fast food chain due to its deliciousness and affordability. 

It can be enjoyed both hot or cold and pairs perfectly with many menu items, from burgers and fries to salads and wraps.


In conclusion, a large sweet tea at Mcdonald’s is worth every penny.

You get a delicious beverage made with real sugar, quality ingredients, and healthier than soda.

Plus, the sweetness of their tea isn’t overwhelming; instead, it has just enough to make it enjoyable without being too sugary or artificial tasting.

When I ordered my first cup of sweet tea from Mcdonald’s, I was amazed by how perfect the taste was.

It was like sipping summertime in a glass—the sweetness wasn’t overpowering but comforting and inviting.

And while there are rumors that they steep the tea in mop buckets, I can confidently say this isn’t true.

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink on the go and want something more exciting than plain old water, ordering a large sweet tea from Mcdonald’s will hit the spot!