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Country Time

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– History:
– Country Time lemonade flavor drink mix introduced in 1975 by General Foods
– Various flavors added over the years, including pink, raspberry, and strawberry lemonade
– A&W acquired license in 1981 to produce bottled and canned ready-to-drink product
– General Foods merged with Kraft Foods in 1989, placing brand under Kraft’s ownership
– Country Time sponsored NASCAR cars since 1989, with notable drivers like Michael Waltrip and Neil Bonnett

– Lite Lemonade:
– Country Time Lite Lemonade and Lite Pink Lemonade introduced in 2007
– Lite versions have half the sugar of regular Country Time
– Advertised as 35 calories per serving
– Aimed at providing a lower-calorie option for consumers
– Expanded product line to cater to health-conscious individuals

Sodastream Partnership:
– In April 2012, Sodastream added several Country Time flavors to its Sodamix syrups
– Collaboration aimed at enhancing Sodastream’s flavor options
– Country Time flavors complemented Sodastream’s home soda makers
– Partnership expanded distribution channels for Country Time products
– Increased brand visibility through association with Sodastream

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– References:
– Country Time information from Dr Pepper Snapple, 2011
– Kraft and SodaStream collaboration for Kool-Aid, reported by Chicago Tribune
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Country Time (Wikipedia)

Country Time is a brand of non-carbonated lemon-flavored drink mix and soft drink. The powdered mix is produced by Kraft Foods.

Country Time
Product typeDrink mix
OwnerKraft Heinz
Produced byKraft Foods
Introduced1975; 49 years ago (1975)
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