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Do All SodaStream Flavors Have Sucralose?

Do All SodaStream Flavors Have Sucralose

I’ve been learning about different Sodastream flavors, but I heard all of them have sucralose which is a controversial sweetener.

I did some research and here’s what I found.

So, do all sodastream flavors have sucralose? Not all Sodastream flavors have sucralose.

The flavors that have sucralose are the Classic and Diet/Zero flavors. The Organic Soda Press flavors are sweetened with raw sugar.

And the Fruit drop and Bubly drop flavors contain no sweeteners at all, according to the Sodastream website.

I still wondered whether Sodastream flavors are healthy, which ones are the healthiest, and whether Sodastream is cheaper than buying soda.

Read on, where I will answer all of these questions and other helpful information about Sodastream flavors.

What are the ingredients of Sodastream flavors?What are the ingredients of Sodastream flavors

The main ingredients in Sodastream flavors are raw sugar, water, fruit juice, natural flavors, and other natural flavors depending on the specific flavor.

But, some Sodastream flavors are unsweetened so they don’t contain any sugar or artificial sweetener.

Most of the fruit juice used in Sodastream flavors is reconstituted, which is less healthy than fresh juice.

A study published in a peer-reviewed journal showed that raw fruits and vegetables are healthier than processed fruits and vegetables.

Raw sugar is not ‘raw’

Raw sugar is made by extracting sugar crystals from a liquid made out of shredded sugar cane, or sugar beet, according to the book Optimising Sweet Taste in Food.

The least processed sugar that could be used in a Sodastream flavor is pure sugar beet or sugar cane juice. Which is made by crushing it to produce the juice.

It’s very weak, however, and you have to add a lot more of it to food or a drink to get the desired sweetness.

This makes raw sugar easier to use and means that you only need to add a tiny amount of Sodastream syrup to make the carbonated water.

And makes sense why Sodastream uses it.

Carbonated drinks make with raw sugar, have been shown to be bad for you, I’ll explain this in more detail later on in the article.

Interestingly using a Sodastream on fruit juice and other beverages can make a lot of foam.

And it can damage your Sodastream.

On the Sodastream, and in the manual Sodastream has written that you should only use your Sodastream on water.

I wrote about this, and why, in the article, I wrote titled Can you put cordial in sodastream?

Does Sodastream have unsweetened flavors?

Does Sodastream have unsweetened flavors

Sodastream sells unsweetened syrups in a range of flavors including strawberry, mango, and blackberry according to their website.

They contain no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, as listed in the ingredients list for each of their flavors.

 According to the website Daily Meal, the unsweetened Sodastream flavors taste like La Croix.

And La Croix isn’t sweet and has a bland but fruity flavor.

Is SodaStream water bad for you?

Is SodaStream water bad for you

Sodastream water is not bad for you. Sodastream water has the same nutrients as water.

But, carbonated water contains 0.22% of carbonic acid produced by the CO2’s reaction with water.

However, no studies to date have found any negative effects from drinking carbonated water.

Water and carbonated water both have virtually zero nutrients in them. And only contain H2O, hydrogen, and oxygen, as shown in data provided by the USDA.

Sometimes water can have a minor amount of Calcium and other nutrients, however, these are typically less than 1% of your daily intake per 100 mL (3.4 fl. oz).

And as a result, don’t make any meaningful change to your nutrient intake.

Carbonic acid is present, but it’s a weak acid and doesn’t cause any harm to your teeth, in the opinion of the American Dental Association.

It is similar in strength to citric acid, which occurs naturally in citrus fruit, such as lemon, limes, and oranges.

The amount of carbonic acid in soda water is about the same amount that’s found in citrus fruits, according to a peer reviewed study.

Therefore, in my opinion, because it’s such a small amount, it doesn’t have any negative effects.

The carbonic acid in carbonated water is what gives soda water it’s slightly bitter taste. I explain more about this in an [article, link: Why does sparkling water taste bitter?] I wrote.

Are SodaStream flavors healthy?

Are SodaStream flavors healthy

Sodastream flavors can contain sugar, whereas others contain no sweeteners.

Unsweetened Sodastream is healthy because it’s made from all natural ingredients.

However, drinking one sugar sweetened soda a day can lead to Type 2 diabetes according to this study.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition where your body has difficulty transporting sugar throughout your body and is caused by a lack of insulin.

People with this condition check their blood sugar levels regularly and give themselves an insulin shot when they need it.

Therefore, you should look to limit your consumption of sweetened soda.

And definitely drink less than one sweetened soda, Sodastream or otherwise, for optimum health.

Sodastream was asked this question on their support website, and they said that their flavors contain the following sweeteners:

Flavor Sweetener used
Fruit drop, bubly drop None. Made from all natural flavor essences
Classic flavors Sugar, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and/or stevia leaf extract.
Diet/Zero flavors Sucralose and/or stevia leaf extract and/or erythritol
Organic Soda Press flavors Sugar.

As you can see the healthiest are the fruit drop and bubly drops flavors. All of the other flavors contain sugar, or other sweeteners.

Based on the study quoted above drinking sugar sweetened soda correlated with developing Type 2 diabetes.

Artificially sweetened, and fruit juice sweetened were also correlated, but, the results involved bias and weren’t conclusive.

Therefore, it’s better for your health to drink the Fruit drop, and bubly drop Sodastream flavors.

You might also wonder whether drinking just Sodastream or just carbonated water made from a Sodastream is healthy, and it is.

You can also drink it in place of water.

I wrote about it in more detail in this article about whether San Pellegrino – one of the popular sparkling waters – is healthy.

Is SodaStream cheaper than buying soda?

Is SodaStream cheaper than buying soda

In a recent article by the Simple Dollar, they showed that Sodastream is slightly more expensive than buying store bought soda.

Store bought soda costs about $0.40 per liter for generic brand soda, and $0.50 for name brand soda.

Sodastream costs about $0.60 per liter.

This cost doesn’t take into account that the Sodastream machine itself costs a few bob.

But, the cost takes into account a CO2 canister, filling the CO2 canister, and the syrup.

The advantages of Sodastream though, are that you can make some up without having to buy it at the shop, and you can mix and match flavors to find your own personal favorite.

Also, because you make it yourself, you know exactly what’s in it. In the article they say that you can lower the cost, by using a different CO2 canister and using non-Sodastream syrups.

The reason is that to get a new CO2 canister – they make about 120 liters each – you need to swap it out for one at a local Target, Kmart, or similar store.

Or, send them back to Sodastream and order a replacement. As explained on the Sodastream website.

The price to fill a Sodastream canister is more than what it costs to fill a standard CO2 canister like those used in paintball guns.

This does mean, however, that you’ll void the warranty on your Sodastream. But, if you’re a tinkerer type of person, it might be a good option for you.


The Sodastream flavors that contain sucralose are the Classic and the Diet/Zero flavors.

The Organic Soda Press flavors use raw sugar. And the Fruit Drop and Bubly Drop contain no sugar at all.

Drinking one soda a day with sugar is shown to correlate with developing Type 2 diabetes, therefore you should drink as little of it as you can.

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