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What are sprecher root beer ingredients?

Sprecher Root Beer

Sprechen sie Sprecher? Sprecher Root Beer might not exactly have you speaking German.

Still, this craft root beer will most certainly have you talking about it – in whatever language you prefer.

Sprecher root beer is a craft root beer made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sprecher Brewing Co. is a microbrewery and fire brew their root beer which gives it a sweet, creamy, and rich taste with some complexity from natural botanicals.

Root beer has become somewhat of a fashion over the years.

If you are a lover of root beer, you would have heard the name somewhere before.

Whether you have or you haven’t, the overall verdict seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

This fire-brewed root definitely has something to it.

Where Is Sprecher Root Beer Made?

Where Is Sprecher Root Beer Made

Just off the shores of Lake Michigan, you’ll find a brewing company called Sprecher Brewing Co. 701 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI 53209 – to be exact.

But you can’t ask the question of making Sprecher root beer without knowing a bit more about how it got there.

Where Did It All Begin?

Esteemed as the first craft brewery in Brew City, Sprecher Brewing Co. fired off its first craft beer in 1985.

The founder, Randy Sprecher, discovered his passion for a good beer while he was on 18-month military service in Augsburg, Germany.

Upon returning to the US, Randy discovered that the imported beer was too expensive for his budget.

On top of that, the quality was not as he experienced in Bavaria. An enthusiastic and resourceful Randy didn’t put up with this and started brewing his own beer at home.

This brewing ambition led him to study brewing – specifically fermentation science – at The University of California, Davis, in 1972.

He excelled at his studies and was offered Supervisor of Brewing Operations at Pabst in Milwaukee.

In 1984 Randy was let go by Pabst.

What could have been seen as a complication, Randy took it as an opportunity.

He took his savings and started working on his dream: a brewery of his own making top-class German lagers and well-balanced beers with good flavor.

Sprecher Brewing Co. bubbled onto the scene in 1985.

Only a year after putting beer into barrels, founder Randy added sodas to the menu.

Sprecher root beer instantly became a hit and turned out to be a staple for the brewery.

You’ve got to ask yourself: What makes this root beer so good?

The root beer features distinct honey-vanilla flavors, which leaves you with an unexpectedly smooth aftertaste.

Sprecher’s use of aromatic botanicals gives the root beer a complex flavor profile that will complement the richness of the beverage.

What Are The Ingredients In Sprecher Root Beer?

What Are The Ingredients In Sprecher Root Beer

On the label, Sprecher root beer has the following ingredients:

These seem pretty similar to other root beers. What makes it stand out? What is it that gives it the edge, the slightly different flavor profile?

Sprecher Brewery Co. feels that three things are unique to them.

Their soda is handcrafted, they use pure raw Wisconsin honey, and fire-brew their root beer.

Sprecher root beer is made in the same brewhouse and with the same system as its beer.

Where other breweries use kettles with steam as a heat source, Sprecher uses fire.

Sprecher Brewery boasts a handmade gas-fired brew kettle. Fire-brewed, they proudly call it.

The typical method of adding ingredients to a tank, mixing, and bottling the root beer isn’t followed.

Sprecher root beer is made by brewing the ingredients for hours and slowly letting the sugar caramelize from the heat.

The whole process of brewing the root beer takes about a day.

The most important part of the process is the caramelization which is responsible for blending the flavors and creating a complex yet silky smooth finish.

The complete secret of Sprecher root beer will naturally not be commonly known.

Still, there is one specific detail that Sprecher eagerly shares: their honey is sourced directly from Indian Summer Honey Farm in nearby Germantown.

Does sprecher soda have caffeine?

Is sprecher root beer caffeine free?

It depends on the specific type of Sprecher soda. Some Sprecher sodas contain caffeine, while others do not.

For example, Sprecher’s popular Root Beer and Orange Dream flavors are caffeine-free. On the other hand, Sprecher’s Cherry Cola and Black Cherry sodas contain caffeine, which is a naturally occurring stimulant found in some plants and commonly added to energy drinks and colas.

The exact amount of caffeine in Sprecher’s caffeinated sodas may vary, as the company does not disclose the specific amount on its website or packaging. If you are concerned about your caffeine intake or have a sensitivity to caffeine, it is best to check the ingredient list or contact Sprecher directly to confirm whether a specific flavor contains caffeine.

Is Sprecher Root Beer Caffeine Free

Is sprecher root beer gluten free?

Sprecher sodas are all without caffeine. An added bonus is that Sprecher root beer gluten free too.

As with most things in life, there is the exception of their recently added caffeinated line.

The root beer varieties with caffeine consist of the Caffeinated Root Beer, Caffeinated Citrus Splash, and the Energy Root Beer.

The addition of caffeinated root beer just confirms the popularity of the beverage.

People want to enjoy the root beer and enjoy the root beer as an added energy kick for the day.

To stay current, Sprecher Brewing Co. released an Energy Root Beer in September of 2020.

This modern packaged and designed caffeinated version of the famous root beer contains 70mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz.

Not really sure of how that compares to other caffeinated/energy drinks? Here are a few examples:

Clearly, Sprecher Energy Root Beer does not compete with the big boys of energy drinks or even just a regular cup of joe.

It does, however, bring a trusty old favorite some new oomph.

Root beer lovers will enjoy the familiar taste with the additional alertness benefits of caffeine.

How Many Calories Are In Sprecher Root Beer?

How Many Calories Are In Sprecher Root Beer

Sprecher’s root beer will not be for you if you’re into lightweight drinks with not much body to them.

Randy was quoted by the Journal’s Tom Strini in December 1985, saying: “If you want low calories and no aftertaste, we’re not the people to buy from.”.

However, society has become all the more health-focused.

Sprecher Brewery Co. noticed and expanded their root beer collection to include:

In addition to the lower calorie root beer alternatives, Sprecher also developed caffeinated root beer:

Sprecher Root Beer nutrition facts (per serving of 8 fl oz):

  • 120 calories
  • 45mg of sodium
  • 28g total carbohydrates, of which 26g is sugars

Sprecher Lo-cal Root Beer nutrition facts (per serving of 8 fl oz):

  • 25 calories
  • 50mg sodium
  • 5g total carbohydrates, of which 4g is sugars
  • 1g protein
  • 2g fiber

Sprecher Caffeinated Root Beer nutrition facts (per serving of 16 fl oz):

  • 260 calories
  • 75mg sodium
  • 65g total carbohydrates, of which 51g is sugars

Sprecher Energy Root Beer nutrition facts (per serving of 12 fl oz):

  • 195 calories
  • 56mg sodium
  • 49g total carbohydrates, of which 38g is sugars

Suppose you are saving your calories for something else.

In that case, Sprecher Lo-cal root beer is a decent alternative to their original root beer.

This reduced-calorie beverage still offers decadent and creamy refreshment with only 25 calories per 8 fl oz serving.

Guilt-free enjoyment to make the most of your controlled calorie intake.


Sprecher root beer has been celebrated for decades.

Proudly brewed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sprecher Brewing Co. was the first microbrewery of Brew City.

Following barrels of successfully brewed beer, founder Randy Sprecher decided to make a line of sodas, too, including root beer.

The root beer Sprecher made became the daily bread of the brewery and has maintained the popularity throughout the decades.

The lengthy process of brewing in their handcrafted fire-brew kettle gives Sprecher root beer a very smooth finish.

On top of that, the brewery only uses raw Wisconsin honey as the sweetener in their products, sourced from a nearby town.

If you are a root beer enthusiast, be sure to make your way to Sprecher Brewing Co. for a slight twist on a regular root beer.

The honey-vanilla flavor will have you coming back for more.