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Craft beer

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Producer Definitions:
– Microbrewery reflects brewing flexibility, adaptability, and experimentation.
– Term spread from the UK to the US in the 1980s.
– Designation for breweries producing fewer than 15,000 U.S. beer barrels annually.
– In 1995, there were 205 microbreweries nationwide.
– By 2000, the number more than doubled to 420 microbreweries.

– Defined as a scaled-down microbrewery run by a solo entrepreneur.
– Operates in small spaces like garages.
– Small batches sold to local bars or customers.
– U.S. Department of the Treasury defines nanobreweries as very small brewery operations.
– In 2013, there were over 200 nanos in the United States.

Craft Brewery:
– Craft brewing encompasses developments succeeding the microbrewing movement.
– Typically applies to small, independently owned commercial breweries.
– Emphasizes traditional brewing methods, flavor, and quality.
– Brewers Association defines craft breweries as small, independent, and traditional.
– Craft brewing process is considered an art by brewmasters.

Farm Brewery:
– Farm brewery or farmhouse brewery has been around for centuries.
– Several beer styles considered farmhouse originated from farmers brewing low ABV beer.
– Farm breweries had unique brewing and fermenting methods.
– They were smaller scale compared to larger breweries.
– Farm breweries aimed to provide incentives for field workers.

Craft beer (Wikipedia)

Craft beer is a beer that has been made by craft breweries, which typically produce smaller amounts of beer, than larger "macro" breweries, and are often independently owned. Such breweries are generally perceived and marketed as emphasising enthusiasm, new flavours, and varied brewing techniques.

Bergenhus microbrewery, Bergen, Norway
Craft brewing at Allagash in Portland, Maine

The microbrewery movement began in both the United States and United Kingdom in the 1970s, although traditional artisanal brewing existed in Europe for centuries and subsequently spread to other countries. As the movement grew, and some breweries expanded their production and distribution, the more encompassing concept of craft brewing emerged. A brewpub is a pub that brews its own beer for sale on the premises.

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