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Is Kool aid Cordial? [Is it BAD? for you]

is kool-aid a cordial

A cordial is a fruit-based drink, but so is Kool-Aid, so are they the same thing? Whats kool aid? Is kool aid a juice? Is kool aid good for you?

So, Is Kool-Aid a Cordial?

A cordial is a drink that is similar to fruit juice, and although Kool-Aid is similar, it is not cordial and Root beer.

Kool-Aid is made from a powder(base ingredients) that you mix with cold water and not a liquid beverage like a cordial that can be drunk on its own. 

So is koolaid juice?

Though these two beverages might seem similar, they are not the same thing. So, what makes them different? Find out by reading below!

What is Kool aid?

Is kool aid juice? The name Kool-Aid refers to the powder that is packaged and sold to mix with water and sugar as a fruit drink. This is a fruit-flavored powder that, when mixed, dissolves into the water, creating the final beverage.

Kool-Aid is not pre-sweetened but it does contain sugar, though many people add more sugar to this fruity beverage to give it a sweeter flavor.

It is often poured over ice or kept in the refrigerator to cool off for hot days and is a more popular drink and favorite drink among young kids than other Popular beverages.

However, this is still a popular option for adults too. The sweet flavors can be watered down or mixed with alcohol to make fruity cocktails for the hot summer months for adults.

Which is Healthier Soda or Kool-Aid?

Which is Healthier Soda or Kool-Aid

One question that people will have when it comes to Kool-Aid is: is it healthier than soda? Soda has lots of sugar and calories, so how does Kool-Aid compare?

Well, the brown sugar content is one thing that will separate the two drinks, but we will discuss that in great detail later. So, we wanted to see if soda or Kool-Aid had other factors that make one healthier than the other.

Both drinks have lots of sugar and fruit syrup, but soda doesn’t come with any other health benefits other than giving you energy.

It does give you some hydrating effects, but too much soda can end up making you more thirsty for water.

Kool-Aid, however, comes with added vitamin C that can help you fight off colds. This can be one of the benefits, especially if you keep the added sugar to a minimum.

Castor Sugar is also good for a boost of energy at times when a kid will play a sport or has a performance to ensure that they have the energy they need.

Though this can be good in some instances, the white sugar high that comes from Kool-Aid (summer drink) will give you a crash after a while, so this might not be the best drink to have often.

So, although it is tough to say that Kool-Aid is a healthy drink, it does seem that it is healthier than bottled sodas or soft drink.

What Has More Sugar Soda or Kool-Aid?

What Has More Sugar Soda or Kool-Aid

Well, soda contains around 39 grams of white sugar in every 12-ounce can. However, it depends on which soda you choose to drink.

Pepsi, for instance, has 41 grams of sugar, which is more than Coke’s sweet drink which has an average of 39 grams. However, Fanta Orange has a whopping 44 grams in each can.

Kool-Aid or fruity beverage on the other hand has sugar in the powder itself that adds up to 16 grams, but you also add the sugar yourself.

This allows you to add as much or as little as you’d like, which makes it difficult to account for.

However, if you add the suggested amount of one cup per package, then you will have 25 grams of sugar in the drink product total. This is a bit less, but not by much.

Also, if you tend to add more than a cup of sugar to a pitcher, then you will a higher sugar content.

And, if you don’t add enough sugar, many children will not like it.

Many parents end up adding more than they would like to simply because the kids like it better. So, although it is better than soda, you don’t want to serve or drink it too often.

How Much Sugar is in a Glass of Kool-Aid?

When you make Kool-Aid, you don’t do it one glass at a time, at least not usually. So, the amount of sugar is measured by the powder in each package, the size of the pitcher, and the amount of water that you use.

Measuring the amount of sugar in each cup should be divided by the total number of grams of sugar.

Depending on the size of the pitcher and the amount of water you use, you will find that your amount will differ with different batches.

However, on average, the amount of sugar in an 8-ounce glass of Kool-Aid is about 25 grams.

This is a lot of sugar to take in with one iced drink, and you will want to have lots of cold water afterward.

Having this amount of sugar can be harmful in children and adults, but it can be particularly in children.

Having abnormally high sugar levels can affect children’s moods, which could lead to anxiety in young children.

Sugar levels in drinks for summer also affect the body’s resistance to insulin, which can affect brain functions relating to the control of blood sugar levels.

This can be a precursor to type II diabetes as an adult and can lead to being overweight.

Is Kool aid bad for you?

Is kool aid healthy? Well, with all of the information that we have gone over so far, we have mentioned all the positives and negatives of Kool-Aid. So is koolaid bad for you or not?

So, the final verdict is that Kool-Aid is not cordial, and it is not particularly good for you either.

Although it does have fewer grams of sugar than many different sodas, there are still loads of sugar in every cup that you consume.

This can be harmful to children and adults if not drunk in careful moderation and can lead to health issues if had in large amounts.

Not only does Kool-Aid have lots of sugar, but it also contains a lot of artificial coloring. This is something that is not necessary for cordials as they are often colored by the fruit juice in them.

So, Kool-Aid comes with two main ingredients that are bad for you.

However, if you put more water in the mixture and keep the added sugar to a small amount, it can be made a bit better overall.

But the fact remains that Kool-Aid is not a nutritious option and comes with many more negatives than positives.

Because cordials come with more nutritional value and are used for the specific purpose of helping the digestive system after eating a large meal, there seems to be more positivity for this type of drink.

So, although you might consider Kool-Aid to be close to cordial, it is not one.

Cordials Vs Kool-Aid

Cordials are meant to be a healthy alternative to fruit juices, which can contain much more sugar, and they might seem similar to Kool-Aid, but it isn’t.

Cordials are made to have health concerns in mind and are used to aid digestion, neither is the purpose of Kool-Aid.

Also, because Kool-Aid is not made from real fruit juice, there are mostly artificial ingredients in the making of this product.

This is not true for cordials (peach cordial) and having these beverages and soft drinks give you more health benefits, unlike Kool-Aid.

Cordials are more popular in the UK, especially in England, and there is a good reason for that. The more natural ingredients and health benefits were made popular many years ago and still hold weight today.

Kool-Aid is more popular in the United States, which is not surprising because of the high levels of sugar in their food.

It is also a popular choice because it is much cheaper than buying fresh fruit juice, which makes it an option that many low-income families choose when they go shopping.


Having a cordial or mixing it with another beverage can be a good way to settle your stomach after having a big meal, and adding a cordial to your diet offers some positive health benefits that just having water doesn’t.

However, because Kool-Aid is not considered cordial and has a few negative effects on the body, it is not an ideal choice of beverage.

From its high level of sugar to the artificial coloring that is put into the powder, this drink offers more negatives than positives.

It does offer a boost of energy, but with the energy stemming from the high amounts of sugar, there is a crash that comes after that small boost that might make it not worth drinking it in the first place.

So, Kool-Aid is not cordial, and it isn’t a healthy option either. It would be better to find a cordial that is similar in taste since it would have more natural flavors and a significantly lower amount of sugar in the grape brandy beverage.

However, it can be difficult for parents to get their kids to drink a cordial, so it might be a good alternative. Just ensure that the intake of this sugary drink is in moderation and it isn’t taken in all the time.