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Can I Add Cordial To Kombucha? [Flavoring TIPS]

Can I Add Cordial To Kombucha

Making Kombucha can be a difficult but rewarding process.

While getting the correct materials and perfecting your technique can be a bit of a hassle, you are rewarded with affordable Kombucha on a weekly basis that you get to flavor to your preferences.

However, you may be wondering how to flavour kombucha?

So, can you add Cordial to Kombucha

You can add cordial to the kombucha before starting the second fermentation (when you bottle the kombucha) in order to add your desired flavor.

You should not add cordial during the first fermentation.

If you want to know more about how to add cordial to your kombucha at the correct stage of fermentation, and how to get the best flavors in your homemade kombucha, keep on reading.

We are going to give you instructions on how to properly add cordial to kombucha and give you some flavor ideas to get you started.

How To Add Cordial To Kombucha

If you are new to making bubbly kombucha, you will first need to find a guide or book that goes over the full kombucha-making process. If you are familiar with this process, then you are good to go. We have given a short Kombucha flavoring guide in the article. 

Some of the terminologies we use in this article may not make sense if you are completely new to the process, so it might be better to do a test batch first before beginning to play with different flavorings.

When you are brewing kombucha, you do not want to add any type of flavoring to your tea during the first fermentation process.

All you want to use is your choice of sugar, brewed tea, and your mother (also known as the SCOBY) bacteria culture.

This is due to the fact that flavorings will introduce unknown variables to the brew which could grow bad bacteria or introduce unpleasant flavors during the fermentation process.

You want to make sure to stick to the same proportions and method for the first fermentation once you get it right.

You can start to experiment with flavors during the second fermentation. This is the step where you are bottling the kombucha and leaving it out of the fridge for a little bit of time in order to build up carbonation before you refrigerate it.

Depending on the strength of your cordial, you should add about 1 tablespoon to each standard 12-ounce bottle of Kombucha.

This will give you a nice flavor without overpowering the natural taste of the Kombucha. If it is not enough or too much, you can adjust the amounts.

If you want to try a few different flavor recipes on the same batch, simply write on each bottle using masking tape as a label the amounts and types of cordial you added.

Then, make sure to take tasting notes as you try each one once they are ready.

This will help you perfect your method so that you can have a homemade kombucha that is perfectly suited to your flavor preferences.

Troubleshooting – Adding Cordial To Kombucha

One of the reasons you add a sweetener during the second fermentation is that the original bit of sugar in sparkling water or carbonated beverage has been eaten up during the first fermentation. If you do not add sweetener, you will not be able to get good carbonation.

When it comes to cordials, you need to avoid sugar-free cordials or those that use fake types of sugar. These will not create the proper carbonation to have a true kombucha.

Instead, you will need to use high-quality cordials made from natural ingredients in order to get a good flavor with proper carbonation or a proper level of carbonation.

If you are finding your flavor too strong in delicious easy-to-make beverages and would like to use less cordial, be sure to add some more sugar to the second fermentation so that you can build more carbonation with a bit of sugar.

If you don’t want as much carbonation in your kombucha, you do not have to worry about adding more sugar.

In fact, you do not have to let your kombucha go through a second fermentation at all if you do not wish to have carbonation.

Simply for flavoring kombucha, bottle it, and put it in the fridge to stop the fermentation process. This will give you a flat kombucha that will be more similar to non-carbonated drinking vinegar.

The Best Cordials To Add To Kombucha

You can use any high-quality cordial made from natural ingredients in your kombucha fizzy drink.

We recommend trying kombucha cordial in flavors that appeal to your taste buds and even trying different combinations of cordials and syrups to get the perfect combination for you.

The Best Cordials To Add To Kombucha

A good place to start is with the elderflower cordial or elderflower water that is available at IKEA. 

This cordial has been used by kombucha homebrewers across the globe for years and is a tried and true method of getting a beautiful floral and sweet flavor in your kombucha while still getting a good amount of carbonation.

If you’re looking for a safe cordial to start with, this is your best bet, and it is affordable and delicious with elderflower syrup.

Here are some of the kombucha flavor ideas that we recommend trying out:

  • Thorncraft Rosehip

This floral and herbaceous cordial has a high vitamin content and was a favorite among housewives during the second world war. Thorncraft’s version is a beautiful take on the original.

This cordial is made using Morello cherries, giving you that perfect flavor of sweet and dark cherries.

  • Blossom cottage morello cherry cordial

Fruit-based cordial that is typically made from cherries, sugar, and other ingredients such as lemon juice and spices. Cordials are sweet syrup-like beverages that can be mixed with water or used as a sweetener in other drinks.

Morello cherry cordials are known for their tart, tangy flavor and are often used in cocktails, mocktails, and desserts. Blossom Cottage is a brand that specializes in producing high-quality cordials and other fruit-based syrups.

  • Britvic Lime Cordial

If you are looking for a refreshing kombucha, try out Britvic’s lime cordial. While beautiful on its own, it would also be wonderful paired with some floral or other citrus flavors.

  • Rocks Cranberry

If you’re looking for the perfect cordial to flavor a fall or wintertime kombucha in glass, Rocks cranberry is going to be your best bet.

Organic and made only from fresh fruit, this is the perfect cordial to use in your homebrew kombucha.

  • Tillman’s of Sweden Rhubarb

This cordial will make the perfect refreshing late summer kombucha you won’t be able to wait to share with your friends and family.

Rhubarb is loaded with natural vitamins and also aids in digestion, making it the perfect complement to the powers of kombucha.

This cordial is made using only fresh natural ginger, ensuring that your kombucha will have that spicy kick you’re looking for.

This classic British summertime cordial gets new life when blended with commercial kombucha. This nostalgic flavor will be perfect for cold kombucha after a sunny afternoon at the beach or park.

Considerations When Using Cordial To Flavor Kombucha

Using Cordial To Flavor Kombucha

If your kids like to drink kombucha with you, it is important to remember that cordials contain quite a bit amounts of alcohol, so cordial may not be the best flavoring to use for your kombucha in this instance.

Kombucha has a low amount of natural alcohol present, like many things, but it is at safe levels for a child or sober adult.

When it comes to adding cordial this may change things, so it is important to consider this (amounts of alcohol) before trying it for yourself.

We recommend using high-grade real-fruit non-alcoholic syrups or fresh fruit juice you have made yourself instead of using cordial if you are worried about the bit of alcohol content of the cordial you would like to use.