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What Will Drinking Kombucha Do For Me?

what will drinking kombucha do for me

Kombucha has gained a reputation among so many health circles.  If you’re fairly new to it and the benefits are still unknown to you, I’m here to fill you in and hopefully help you build a healthier drinking habit with your kombucha. 

So, what will drinking Kombucha do for me?  

Detox, gut health, stomach healing, and prevention of ulcers and gastritis are only some of the things you can expect by drinking Kombucha.

Kombucha is usually made with green and/or black tea. So any benefits they have, you will also get in your brew.

Read on and I’ll cover off some other common booch related questions.

Depending on the ingredients used, quality and health benefits can rise or fall. But ultimately – it is a healthy drink used for the prevention of many aches and it comes with a great taste too!

What Exactly Is Kombucha?

what exactly is kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented drink that can contain a bit of caffeine, a bit (or more) of alcohol, and it is made with green and black tea with some added sugars or fruits.

Depending on the way it is made you may call it tea, soft drink, or in some cases even light beer.

There are many proven benefits that come with this bubbly crafted potion.

Let’s start at the very beginning with the most obvious one.

That is probiotics.

Probiotics are basically good bacteria for your gut.

If you have ever taken strong antibiotics your doctor has probably prescribed some probiotics in pills since antibiotics can eliminate both bad and good bacteria.

Probiotics help maintain healthy bacteria that live in your gut to prevent yeast infections since yeast can grow and spread when that good bacteria are missing.

Read more about how important probiotics really are here.

Kombucha is made with the process of fermentation which creates that healthy bacteria and yeast that are beneficial to your body.

Green tea is one of the components Kombucha is made of. Green tea is known for its beneficial properties when it comes to detox.

Your body needs a break from all the chemicals you have been consuming over the months or years. Some of them are medications, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and fatty foods.

Not only your body will prosper due to this detoxing, but you will feel better and be happier, and have more energy.

If you combine this with a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, and healthy habits) as well as relaxation techniques, your body and mind will thank you immensely.

Black tea is good for your gut as well.

It helps regulate your bowel movements and activity, promotes a healthy bowel habit, and helps with diarrhea.

Kombucha also contains unique properties such as polyphenols.

Polyphenols help your body fight inflammation due to their levels of antioxidants.

Kombucha contains some B vitamin which is important for your immune system and proper brain function.

Now if you prefer your Kombucha a bit more alcoholic, your drink still won’t be so unhealthy due to all the other properties.

It could get you tipsy but it does not necessarily mean it will leave you with other negative long-term consequences like other alcoholic beverages will.

Some researchers have been heavily questioning these benefits for a long time now due to it being difficult to prove their worth.

Kombucha is a natural drink.

Its benefits will not be as obvious after only a few days of consumption.

If you do have some side effects such as frequent runs to the toilet or the change in appetite they usually mean your body is trying to get used to the drink.

It happens with many natural remedies and this makes people give them up.

However, if you have some reactions that seem severe or last too long and are not a result of cleansing, maybe there is something your body just does not like about it.

It does not mean its benefits are a myth.

You could have some underlying medical conditions or disturbances that are not balanced and your body can have some unusual reactions.

Kombucha, especially if not overly consumed, can’t really make you sick. If it does, it is probably a result of some other process in your body that created this reaction and you should go and get it checked.

Not everything is for everyone, but the worst-case scenario is that Kombucha will just do nothing for you. It can help or not. But this is it. You should not be scared to try it but make sure to try the best possible version, a crafted Kombucha – not a store-bought one which usually contains higher percentages of alcohol.

How Much Kombucha Should I Drink per day?

How Much Kombucha Should I Drink per day

It is important to remember that natural remedies and drinks are not really magic potions made to fix your health in a single day. Even if it was, you would need to change other aspects of your life to get the best possible results, improved by this – not created by it.

Even though it is healthy, don’t overdo it. It is usually fizzy so maybe it is not the best option for your stomach lining if it is damaged, especially for everyday consumption.

Depending on the type of Kombucha, it can contain different levels of sugar and percentages of alcohol.

So if you are very sensitive to sugar and your drink is made with processed sugar, don’t drink it all the time.

Kombucha can also contain low doses of caffeine which are barely felt, but if you are one of those people who are sensitive to caffeine, make sure the type you drink is low in it. And don’t drink it if you already drank three cups of coffee when you can only tolerate two.

Here is one experience with drinking Kombucha every day.

The benefits are very clearly described, and some of them are improved bathroom habits, the lack of cravings for sugary drinks, and teeth health.

Kombucha can be a great substitute for fizzy drinks high in sugar.

Some of them contain a lot of processed sugar and caffeine, but the sugar high is what really hits you if you drink those beverages after 8 PM.

This won’t happen with Kombucha since the sugar levels are lower and some types can be made with fruits instead of regular white sugar you can buy for a dollar.

So you will still get your cravings satisfied but without the unhealthy effects.

If your double espresso is the only thing that helps you hit the bathroom in the morning before work, stop that. the negative effects will definitely come with that habit.

You might feel the high accompanied by tremors, jitters, anxiety symptoms such as nausea or nervousness, and heart palpitations. It is not worth it, coffee is ultimately not the healthiest option.

Especially for your stomach – and on an empty one! Coffee is death for a vulnerable stomach lining.

If you are healthy, drinking one to two glasses of Kombucha daily should be okay. But take a break every few weeks.

How Much Alcohol Is In Kombucha?

How Much Alcohol Is In Kombucha

Kombucha usually contains a low percentage of alcohol, but some of them are specifically made to have a higher level of alcohol. The usual percentage is pretty much the same in all homemade crafts, but if you are looking to buy, they will differ.

The usual amount is 0,5% which is not a lot.

However, some Kombuchas can even be sold as light beers and they are not sold to minors. If you never had a sip of alcohol, then yes, it can get you tipsy.

But again, don’t drink too much of it.

Depending on your body and metabolism, as well as experience with alcoholic beverages, too much is different for everybody.

There are special tips to get your homemade Kombucha more alcoholic.

If you follow those recipes, you can achieve 3% or even go up to 3,5%. in comparison, light beers usually have 4,2% which can be read on the label.

Boochcraft High Alcohol Kombucha is the type of this popular craft that has the highest percentage of alcohol which is even 8,7%. follow the recipe on the link to achieve this if you are looking for the healthiest buzz of your life.


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